Frightening Aspect of Dolphins’ Upcoming 2017 Schedule

In the past few months, we’ve already covered the logistical nightmare that the Dolphins schedule poses for the team.   Examples include having only 7 home games instead of 8, a brutal travel schedule, backloaded home games (so that Bills and Patriots visit Florida during perfect December weather, instead of muggy September), etc.

But now it’s time to dig into the REAL nightmare.   Never mind the travel and scheduling.   It’s now time to look at the power of our opponents.  And there is no good news.

We studied the Top Scoring offenses last year.  For the record, the Dolphins were at the low-middle side at #17.

But of the Top 10 teams, the Dolphins have 8 games against such opponents this upcoming season.  It’s shocking.  We get Atlanta (#1) , New Orleans (#2), and New England (#3), all on the road.  Not to mention we get New England again at home.

The math sounds insane, but we play 4 times against the league’s Top 3 teams.   Think about that.  4 games against the three most potent offenses out there.

It doesn’t get much easier.  We also play Oakland (#7), the Chargers (9), and Buffalo (10) twice!   That makes EIGHT GAMES (half of our season) against those high-powered scoring machines.

If you want to expand it further, we also get KC (13), Titans, (14), and Carolina (15).   That makes 11 games vs. Top-15 teams.   That leaves only 5 games against others.   2 of those 5 are the Jets (who we have to consider a poor offense).   But the other 3 non-top-15 offenses are Denver, Tampa, and Baltimore.  I don’t call any of those offenses poor.  Plus, no matter what you think of their offenses, they are teams that always always beat the Dolphins.

Most of this is just the luck of the NFL’s ridiculous rotating schedule, where the AFC East plays the NFC South this year, and all 4 NFC South teams are extremely strong.   Compare that to the AFC North teams like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincy, who all get to feast on the NFC North’s weak teams.  Other than the Packers, no one in that division scares you.  I bring this up each year, because in all reality, the Dolphins are battling for a wild card spot, as we have to assume New England will win our division.  Therefore, New England is not a wild card competitor for us.   Pitt/Cincy/Baltimore ARE.   Denver/Oakland/KC ARE.   The unbalanced schedule kills teams every year.

The NFL is the only sport that actively (tries to) give the weaker teams and easier schedule and the championship teams a harder schedule.  However, the rotating divisions each year counteract the parity that the NFL is trying to establish.

Our defense could be much improved.  And it needs to be.  Our offense MUST be improved.  I can’t see our defense shutting down Top 10 offenses consistently.  Do you think Drew Brees or Tom Brady fear Bobby McCain?  No.  We cannot rely on the D.

We need to rely on the offense to gel and click.   Being ranked 17 in points just can’t cut it.


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    1. Author

      Yes, another season pre-begins. First Preseason game coming soon.
      I HATE this tie of year, because you just know someone is going to blow out a knee at a meaningless practice game.
      Remember when Dustin Keller joined the Dolphins ?

      1. Keller was set to make a huge contribution.

        1. Author

          I agree. Then DJ Swearinger cheap-shotted him in a pre-season game and ruined his knee for life.

  1. Yeah that POS Swearinger. Unfortunately he’s still in the league; now with the Redskins.

    Have any of you guys been to the practice facility in Davie? Last time I was there Shula and Marino were still on the team. I did get to meet Bryan Cox. Very polite guy when he’s not in kill mode.

    1. Author

      Never been myself. Did Cox just come over and speak with fans? Or did you pay extra for a meet-and-greet thing?

      1. After the practice was over he came over to the fan area and signed autographs, as well as a few other players but I only remember he came by. There is a fence between the field and stands but he was nice enough to stay for a while.

  2. Author

    Today, the Miami Herald had an article on Mike Pouncey that began by them calling him the anchor of the offense. Yeah, he slows the team down so it can’t progress, just like an anchor. Constantly needs the team to prop him up and set him down, just like an anchor. I could keep going….
    Seriously, the injuries are never his fault, But come on! Give us 16 games, man!

  3. Just read the article on Pouncey and they are going to limit his practice time in order to reduce his risk of injury. Obviously the team doesn’t want him to get hurt again but damn it is always something with him. From getting hurt, to fighting at the club, limited practice time…

    1. Author

      “From getting hurt, to fighting at the club, limited practice time…”
      Don’t forget his crusade to free Aaron Hernandez.

      1. Not to mention doing ecstasy at the strip clubs…

        1. Author

          LOL, although I don’t know if that allegation was ever factually proven!

          1. It was on his texts…….doubt he would text about it if he wasn’t doing it!

  4. Yes it’s that Russian roulette time of year so far they’ve been lucky heard the chargers have over 20 in the injured list right now. I’d play it safe with Pouncey he knows his job so not worth tempting fate.

    Can’t wait for the real season but I’ll take getting a peek at the rookies…

  5. Welcome to a schedule that follows a playoff berth last year…. You want to be the best you have to beat the good teams. So screw the schedule and go out and win. We won 10 games last year, anything less this year is a failure in my opinion.

  6. Nate Davis of USA Today projects the Dolphins to finish the regular season 7-9 and finish second in the AFC East division.

    1. Author

      I hope Nate is wrong, but 7-9 is realistic. For the past 10 years or so, at this same time of year, all these “experts” pick a new AFC East team to unseat the Patriots. “This is the year that the Bills/Dolphins/Jets finally get to the next level. Brady is getting older and won’t be so effective.” Blah blah blah, same old. After a decade of these predictions, the media is finally getting smart and going the opposite direction: “New England will win it all again. Miami/Buffalo/NYJ simply not ready yet.”

      My main hope for the Dolphins winning 11+ games this year is if the offense becomes lethal. If we put up 40 points on opening day, then that will be a very good sign. But if we only score 20, even if we win 20-0, then we’ll know it’s the same old.

      1. Fins are only 1 pt favorite in the home opener vs Tampa.

  7. Tampa is a decent team it won’t be a walk in the park but they should win.

    I think that the offence will be better how much depending on the oline. I personally would have drafted another one in the draft later on. Eventually the depth will improve and you may find a diamond later on….

    The D should also be better it looks better anyway so I hope so. Another year under the same system for D as well as O should help too.

    Go Fins!!!!

  8. I’m sure Mrs. Grimes will have some flavorful comments on her twitter feed on the days leading up to the games. Never a dull moment with her around.

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