Game Day, Playoffs Edition

The Dolphins face an uphill, but winnable, game in Pittsburgh today.   On Saturday, both road teams were blown out, so let’s hope the Dolphins reverse that trend.

The game will come down to the Dolphins’ offensive playmakers.   Can Landry, Ajayi, and Stills all put something together?  Can Matt Moore even get the ball to them?    A lot of that will depend on the O-line, but even more will depend on Adam Gase learning his lessons.   Will he continue to call pass plays every single time we have 3rd and one?     A lot will come into play.

So far, I’ve been studying the NFL Network team, and their coverage is 99% in favor of Pittsburgh.   That’s okay.   The lack of respect might just work in our favor.   But seriously, do we really need a segment on what Antonio Brown is wearing to the game on the bus?

As expected, Byron Maxwell will not play today.   So we only have one healthy starter in our secondary in Tony Lippet.   Could be a long long day, especially if our D line gets no pressure on Big Ben.

We’ll have the chatroom open today.   As always, it’s a little funky with cookies and logging in.  Best bet is to log in, ignore the first set-up screen, and go to       See you there.

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  1. Used your link-same steps as before:You need to be logged in to participate in the chatroom.
     Click here to register for the chat
    Then you get the registration link-same as every week.

    1. Author

      Use the LOG IN link on the right…NOT the register link,.

      1. @admin

        I do use the log in link it just takes me to my profile page when I “log in” and there is no option to go anywhere after that

        FYI I try every week and have only been able to get on the chat twice this year

  2. 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


  3. Every attempt gets this response:
    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


  4. Every attempt gets this response:
    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


  5. Howard may be better than Maxwell in coverage so don’t forget about him.

    You know I’m a big fan of the run game but the Fins may have to pass to start the game. Give them something to think about. Then pound Ajayi all day. Tough to run when the other team is hell bent to stop it with 8-9 guys in the box. Moore will have some opportunities down field especially at the start. If anything give Moore the option to check out of it…

  6. The defense doesn’t really look like it showed up

  7. Please improve the game day chat. Ive tried 5 times and cant log in.

  8. Defense might as well not even line up just let the steelers walk into the endzone every time.

  9. Clearly, we are not a playoff team just lucky to squeak out a few wins against pathetic teams.

  10. @Admin

    I am almost always sent to my profile page. I have only been able to log in twice this season. For next year I would love an easier chat page for dolphinstruth PLEASE!

    1. Yes please there must be a better way.

  11. Thats twice matts blindside wasnt picked up and caused a fumble.

    1. Oh come on man this is the playoffs as much as we have heard about “pocket presence” Moore needs a little more of it but if it’s possible he has less then tannehill!

  12. Matt Moore handing the game away….. I guess not every talent evaluator in the NFL was wrong not to make him a starter!

    Damm it would have been nice to get a few points off these drives

  13. Moore has done an admirable job and is one of the better back-ups in the league. With that said his ball security is the probably the reason he has not been poached by another team. The pass protection today is silimar to the previous three seasons. So it’s probably indicative of how he would have looked if he had been the starter the past few seasons.

    1. Yes he is a career .500 guy and he has enough starts that the average doesn’t lie. He is streaky though so I was hopping for better then this.

      1. Exactly a great back up but he’s still a back up. I hate the empty backfield but he should have seen those guys coming. Jay would have been all over Tanny…

  14. And now the D won’t tackle… except their own guys

  15. But oh well. At least the defense tightened up somewhat after a terrible first quarter.

  16. Problem with Matt Moore is not his ceiling. Problem with him is his floor.

  17. I’ve seen enough of Moore put the 3D string guy in there

  18. He’s lucky he didn’t fumble…no breaks today.

  19. So why is that a personal foul on the Pitt player this week but wasn’t a penalty when the Patriot player did the same thing to Lippett last week? I’ll answer my own question. Because NFL refs are horrid.

    1. Because they favor NE even more than Pitt…. It’s atrocious.

  20. @MattMoore

    Gave up on the play to soon and ran! Count that as another Moore turnover

  21. So we do we target in the draft and free agency? Serious inquiries only. Trolls hold your comments please.

    1. 2 olinemen and the rest all on D.

      1. Hopefully the Bills will hire Vance for HC and he will take Moore as his QB and Jay can go troll buffalo chats!

        You got your franchise QB Jay and despite my warning about turnovers in bunches which is Moores history you berated me for weeks. Moore is a career .500 QB and he is YOUR FRANCHISE QB don’t leave him now loser!

        1. Linebackers or whoever can stop a running play.

  22. 5 straight turnovers and again empty backfield otherwise he could have dumped it off.

  23. Matt Moore hitting over 80% despite the pressure!!

    Ajayi sux averaging 1.8yds/carry!

    1. Shut the hell up Jay I’m so sick of you. You tied the last two years of comments to Matt Moore so choke on your puke and crawl back into your hole


    Pittsburgh is a 2.5-point road favorite at Kansas City at the Westgate; Caesars has Pittsburgh -1.5.

  25. Draft a tight-end. This is a deep tight-end draft by the way. Draft a few linebackers. Zach Cunningham, Reuben Foster, Raekwon McMillan are all interesting draft prospects. As far as free agency goes should the Dolphins spend big on another big ticket free agent. Kawann Short, Eric Berry, and K.J. Wright are just a few guys that would be available this offseason. Or maybe sign a less heralded guy like Kevin Zeitler at guard to shore up the o-line. After they cut Mario Williams, Jordan Cameron, Koa Misi, and maybe a few other they should have plenty of cap space to work with.

  26. If Moore hadn’t fumbled and threw the game away we would be challenging right now!

    I don’t blame Moore because he is what he is

    1. Exactly he played to his ability which is all that you can ask for. The D basically lost this game as they couldn’t stop the run and tackle but at the same time they were decimated with injuries. Get guys back and shore up the depth…. They’ll be fine.

  27. When I stated no troll comments. I meant Jay. And only Jay. Go play in traffic.

    1. @Rick

      Everyone. It named Jay knew what you meant!!!!! Lol

      1. Not named Jay…. damm auto correct

    1. But he couldn’t hang onto the ball and see a blitz coming. He wasn’t horrible but definitely not a complete QB. Give it up its like the guys hanging onto philbin when he couldn’t pull a flag out of his sock.

      I wouldn’t be afraid to draft a QB or TE but later on otherwise they need oline and D.

  28. Draft all linebackers and defensive backs. The teams lack of depth defensively was obvious as the year went on. In free agency target a veteran tight end, and a better change of pace running back. Wouldn’t mind to see a center taken in the draft or in free agency, getting tired of pouncey getting hurt every year.

  29. @Draft

    Get us a starting cornerback and center in FA and move pouncey to guard. Then draft one guard, one corner and all the rest of the picks should be LB’s none of the ones we have should be starting on any team. Hell they don’t even make good backups

    1. I’m OK with Alonso but the rest can go. Hulls not bad as a backup. Otherwise between FA and the draft they can do this. Add S to your list as they’re all hurt and who knows how long they’ll be here. Jones already whining…

      1. You’re Ok with always out of position Alonso? Yeah, keep him and Miami will never be able to stop the run.

  30. Between the draft and free agency we need about three new rotational players on defense. Two new linebackersto pair with Kiko and another interior d-lineman or defensive end. I’ve seen enough from Howard and Lippett to not warrant a high pick on another corner. Those two can play. Another starting lineman at guard and another for depth purposes. Pouncey getting hurt all the time is concerning also. Hate to waste a pick on his replacement but the front office might have to. Hard to trade him with that contract also.

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