Highs and Lows of Dolphins Win Over the New England Patriots

First the Highs

  • Cameron Wake.  His sacks were crucial to the comeback win.
  • Knowshon Moreno.  We can only hope that Philbin drastically reduces Lamar Miller’s playing time.  Moreno earned his keep today.

    Miami Dolphin Knowshon Moreno
  • Offensive line. Anchored by Samson Satele, the line showed up today.  While they didn’t dominate every phase throughout the entire game, they played great ball.  The run blocking was strong, and the pass blocking held up.  These 5 guys can only get better as they gel.

Gator Hoskins had a fine debut.

Chris McCain‘s was even better.

Come to think of it, let’s give our props to the entire linebacking crew.  A bunch of 2nd and third stringers miraculously held Tom Brady to no points in the second half.  What guts and grit these guys have.   Trusnik, above everyone else, earned our respect today.

Caleb Strurgis wasn’t tested on lengthy field goals, but he did his job and added 12 important points.

Now the lows, which we hope can be overcome with a thorough week of practice.

  • Empty seats in the stadium.  Too much orange in the stands.  Come on, folks.   Show up!
  • Rishard Matthews.  Last time we saw Matthews was last year in Week 17.   We led the Jets 7-0 with the playoffs on the way.  Tannehill threw a perfect pass to Matthews for an easy touchdown, and we would have led 14-0.  Except Matthews dropped the ball.   Now jump ahead to today when we blocked a punt.   The ball sat there in front of Matthews.  All he had to do was pick it up for an easy touchdown.   There was no Patriot with 15 yards of him.  Instead, Matthews bobbled it, twice.  He fell down.    Gift touchdowns in the NFL are a very very rare commodity.   But Rishard was given two of them, and he blew them both.  Hello, Practice Squad!    Seriously, this kid can’t cut it as a pro.
  • Lamar Miller. He’s had two years to prove himself, and he simply cannot do it.   Time to limit his playing time.   Why keep Darqua and Williams on the bench when Miller either gains 2 yards maximum, or worse, gives the ball to the opponent?  Why on earth is he a starter?
  • Will Davis.  Burned on his first play.   He made a decent recovery as time went by, but mostly because Brady had no time to find anyone.  We’re simply not that thrilled with Davis and Taylor. But they have a lot of upside.
  • Ryan Tannehill.   The kid is tough as nails, but at least half his passes were behind his intended receivers.  The almost-TD pass to Wallace was atrocious.   Wallace had smoked Revis and had the entire field open to his left.  Tannehill threw it to his right.  Stop that nonsense, Ryan.  Get better.   You do not have to finesse the ball when your guy is open by 15 yards in the clear.
  • Jarvis Landry.   Live up to the hype, son.   Don’t drop balls that are right in your hands.
  • Referees.  If Tom Brady IS NOT down when a Dolphin is dragging him down by his shirt, why IS Tannehill down when a Patriot grabs his ankle?  Why is New England allowed to clothesline Hartline…from behind while the ball is still in the air?
  • Playcalling.   How about a sweep to the left?   Let’s use Brandon Albert, not ignore him.  What about the no-huddle we expected to see?   Actually, the playcalling wasn’t really a low this week.  It will be exciting to see the faster pace…when we need it.  It could be a fun season as this offense gets better.
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  1. I don’t think Matthews and Davis should be in the lows, but everything else is pretty fair. i thought Dolphins Truth would find a lot of negatives even though we won. So it was nice to see Dolphins Truth finally say some nice things.

  2. So glad we made the trip down to Miami to see this game. Just discovered your site. Keep it up. I’ll tell all my friends. A site like this MUST get more publicity.

    1. Orlando, I totally agree with you. I found this site by accident and I love that the writers here tell it like it is. I disagree with a lot of the stuff, but at least they do their research.

  3. One game down, let’s keep it going.

  4. Nice to see some new comments and also compliments about this site. I have to admit Im too much of a supporter of my favorite team and not enough of a critic. I find this site a great way to keep my opinion balanced and informed. Maturity is needed to accept that not everything you read here you will agree with. On the other hand, in the simplistic way many controversial points of view are expressed here, Ive reconsidered and sometimes changed my mind.

    Sunday’s win was inspiring and such a great way to quench my NFL dehydration. And though I completely and with every fiber of my being HATE HATE HATE TO DEATH the Patriots. I respect the classy fans and even players for giving us such a great game. Expect no hate comments from me, I save that for Sunday and speak through my team not immaturity. Sunday my statement was made and the next time these two teams meet, I will be waiting for NE’s reply and my rebuttal.

    Lastly I have seen what Dolphins Truth has been mentioning about T-Hills accuracy. It worries me but I think hes still a little shell shocked from last season and isnt planting firmly and confidently when he throws. And how about the 2nd and 3rd string linebackers? Now time for some Dolphins style revenge at Buffalo.

    PhinsUp Out!

    1. I agree with PhinsUp about the Pats and their fans being a little classy this time around. We all love to hate Brady, but he had a lot of praise for Miami after the loss, so you gotta respect that.

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