How Chan Gailey was Hired…and Other Tidbits

I’m sure you all read the reports (it’s been in all the papers and online this week).  It seems that the Dolphins fired OC Chad O’Shea because his offense was too complicated.  More specifically, the players had a hard time adapting and learning it.

I’m sure there’s a lot of truth to that, but there must be something more.  The Dolphins had a J.V. roster, and in all honesty, they should have lost 17 games last year.  What gained them 5 wins was some innovative offense.  In each win, there was some well-timed trickery, plus some outstanding effort by the WR corps.   And don’t forget, in the Redskins game, we went for 2 points at the end.  If we made that conversion, then Tua would not be a Dolphin right now.

Anyway, my point is that O’Shea’s offense was good enough.  I was looking forward to year two.  No matter how difficult the offensive scheme was, it would have been easier in year two.  Now, all players are back to square one.  Another year of learning.  A huge disadvantage for teams with new coordinators, and made worse because Cody19 is not allowing practice or learning.   If you’re having a hard time with your math homework, guess what?  The school isn’t going to fire the teacher and bring in a new one.  Try harder, LOL.

My biggest concern is that the Dolphins have an inconsistent history of treating player complaints.  I’d rather have a bad policy than an inconsistent policy.

Minkah complains about how they use him?  They send him packing.

Daniel Kilgore complains about O’Shea’s system?   They send the coach packing.

Kenyan Drake wants to play on third down?  They send the player packing.

Other notes:

In my last column, I came across a bit tough on Tua for being a little too outgoing with his fame and fortune.  However, I give him all the credit in the world for signing his deal.  No whining.  No holding out.  No drama.  The kid is ready to go!

I’ll be the first to say this:  The Dolphins will have a better record this season than the Texans.   Why does that matter?  Remember, we own their 1st round pick next year.   Most pundits have us picking 7th or 8th next year, while they have the Texans choosing around 25 again.  I don’t see that.  The Texans have peaked.  They play in a weak division, which is now getting stronger.  The Titans and Colts are not pushovers anymore.  Houston barely escaped the Bills in the playoffs, and then blew an enormous lead at Kansas City.  They’re not recovering from that.  I see them as a .500 team.  If we’re lucky, they might go to 7-9 or even 6-10.  The Dolphins could easily hit 6-10 themselves, and who knows how much more.

Also saw reports on the Dolphins refusing to trade Josh Rosen.  This is a very interesting occurrence.  We’ll surely have Fitz and Tua on the roster, and it seems they’re keeping Rosen as well.   I like this.   He probably won’t dress on Sundays, but he’ll be part of the 53 active roster (NOT the taxi squad, so no other team can claim him)  We’ve invested a lot in Rosen without really giving him a chance.

If the season turns into a bust (say we open up at 1-5 or 2-6), AND assuming Fitzpatrick is the starter,  then I would give the reins to Rosen, not Tua.  If Tua is going to redshirt, then let him do that.  Or else have him start week 1.  But “let’s see what happens” is not a strong plan.  Because of youth and money and other considerations, the Dolphins have to slowly realize that Ryan Fitzpatrick should be considered the odd man out.   We love the guy, but it’s a business also.  And he certainly played well enough in 2o19 to earn this job…so let’s not kick him to the curb yet.

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  1. I agree on not trading Rosen right now. His value is probably too low to get anything of worth from him. Keep him and he might possibly get a game or two in. If he does and plays well then his value might increase. Just my thoughts.

  2. My big problem with the excuse that the offense was too complicated is the unwillingness to strive for perfection. Teams are very close in this league so why not learn a complicated but effective offense. The Pats owned this league for more than a decade due to innovation why not strive for this type of dominance?

  3. Yeah, if our crappy O-line and old QB and zero running game can produce 5 wins, just imagine the improvement if we would have upgraded all those positions and yet kept the same offense…striving for perfection and effectiveness like WestCoast said. Instead of striving for simplicity because the players couldn’t remember their X’s and O’s.

  4. Another reason to like keeping Rosen…. IF there is a resurgence of covid19 in the fall teams are going to need more depth than ever before (I really hope the NFL recognizes this and finds an innovative way to allow for an extended roster)… so unless you get a REALLY good deal for Rosen, why not keep him as insurance in case you lost Fitz and Tua for a couple weeks. Maybe in a simplified system and a better OL he can show something and at the worst be better trade bait for the 2021 draft.

    1. Author

      Yeah, the rosters will be interesting. You gotta remember that these owners are multi-multi BILLIONAIRES. They can easily afford to pay for all their players, plus extra roster additions, even if they get no revenue from paid fans this season. The NFL TV contract gives them billions. Even if the TV money goes away (it won’t), then they can still afford to pay out of pocket. There’s no reason that the 53-man roster can’t be 60 or 70 this year.
      The real problem is if one single NFL player gets sick, what will the rules state? The whole team can’t practice? The whole team must quarantine themselves and forfeit the next game? Gonna be a real tricky situation.

      1. Agreed, it’s going to be real tricky. The NFL seems determined to still have a full season and I’m praying they do but there is no such thing as “social distancing” in football… so one player that is asymptomatic for a week or two could not only impact his own team but any teams they have played in that span. How do you possibly prevent that?

  5. Let’s go see a movie at The Dolphins Drive In Theater! LOL!

    1. Hey I would do it just for the novelty of it, how often can you say you drove your car to the 50 yard line of Hard Rock stadium and watched a movie?

  6. Author

    Only if they play Ace Ventura.

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