Jay Ajayi has a Concussion

It’s not looking very good either.  Add that to the fact that the NFL babies these guys nowadays and REQUIRES them to sit out games if they the league wants them to, it could be a long season with no seasoned RB.

Time to step it up, Mr. Kenyan Drake.

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  1. There’s still around a month and a half until the regular season starts so hopefully he comes back by then.

  2. • Ryan Tannehill has thrown at least four interceptions in full team drills through five days of training camp, but Adam Gase isn’t concerned.

    “I think every one (of them) has a different story behind it. He had a tipped ball one time,” Gase said. “(Andre) Branch did a good job of getting a hand up. Maybe he could have went somewhere else on a couple of them. I’m alright with it. If we throw a pick, I have a lot of confidence in our defense to walk out there, go three-and-out and we’ll get the ball back.”


    1. Author

      I agree with your YIKES. “If we throw a pick, our defense will just get the ball back.” I can’t even begin to dissect that flawed logic.
      Although, this is the same head coach who said he will allow his players to do excessive celebrations and get flagged 15 yards. “It’s only 15 yards. We’ll make up for it later in the game.”

      1. Gase’s “everything is ok” attitude may be initially refreshing for the players but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t come back to haunt him big time. He really has no control of the players. Time will tell.

        1. Author

          I won’t agree that he has no control of his players, but he certainly is more lax than other coaches. I am always leery when the players talk about how cool a coach is or what a player’s coach he is.
          If you think of the most successful coaches, in any sport, they weren’t so buddy buddy with their players.

          1. Well, he doesn’t exercise any control of his players. They can say and do whatever they like and its fine w/him. When I think of top coaches they were all pretty strict. This is the opposite of the Belichick/Saban mold.

            I’ll give him a slight pass since he had a good 1st season but I do question whether his style can be successful longer term.

            1. Sure he’s nice but he also had no trouble disciplining players either. Remember he left Ajayi home….

              1. True. I don’t recall the reason if it was ever disclosed.

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