Julian Edelman and the Dolphins Skipping Practice

The good news:  It looks like Julian Edelman will be suspended for up to four games for violating PED standards.  It’s not rare for players to get caught these days, but it IS rare for a Patriot to get caught.

The bad news:   Adam Gase cancelled the team’s final workout day today.   Perhaps Gase thinks his team won the Super Bowl last year and doesn’t need to practice.  Perhaps he thinks the Dolphins are perfect in every way.  Perhaps….who knows?

I think it’s a disgusting and totally unprofessional thing to do.  Gase continues to send the wrong message to his team.     Finish in third place?  It’s fine, take the day off.  With pay.

Just wondering if anyone saw Miami Herald Armando’s piece last week that said our secondary was the weakest part of the defense.   Not making this up, folks.  He truly thinks that.   The D-line couldn’t stop the run, and the linebackers were a j.v. squad of nobodies who couldn’t tackle and who couldn’t cover.   But Armando thinks the blossoming pair of Xavien Howard and Cordrea Tankersley, along with the return of Tony Lippett and Pro Bowler Reshad Jones, PLUS the additions of Minkah Fitzpatrick…is our WEAKEST squad?   L. O. f’n L.

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  1. Yeah, I was not happy with the decision to skip a practice! That’s just stupid!

  2. Really Admin, “Gase continues to send the wrong message to his team.”

    In the immortals words of Alan Iverson, “we’re talking about OTA’s, OTA’s!.. not mandatory training camp where these players risk injury every day, we’re talking about the last day of OTA’s!!!”

    By the way Admin, SPORT ILLUSTRATED predicted that the Dolphins will win only 3 games this 2018 season.

    Gee Admin, even you and karmatourer have more faith (not by much though) in the Dolphins than that.

  3. I think that anything can happen but would still be surprised with only 3 wins. They have a lot of youth but some now have a few seasons under their belt.

    Surprised with Landry he set nfl records in Miami. Agreed cutler wasn’t great… but man shut it that’s classless. Obviously some sour grapes…

    Nice to see edelman caught probably been doing it for years though.

    Secondary is young but they should improve it just may take some time. Hopefully not long!

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