Kansas City Chiefs are a Dangerous 0-2 Team

Sometimes records can be deceiving.  The 0-2 Saints and 0-2 Kansas City Chiefs are both much better teams that the 2-0 Texans and 2-0 Bills,  for example.  It all depends on how the schedule unfolds and how long it takes a team to get in stride.

So we can’t take the upcoming Chiefs game lightly.   Alex Smith is a great QB.  He lost a lot of his tools from last year (luckily Brandon Albert is now a Dolphin) but he still causes problems for defenses.

Garo Tepremian, Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs
Garo Yepremian ends the longest game in NFL history. The Dolphins and Chiefs have had quite a few memorable games.

I don’t foresee the Chiefs defensive line being as stout as Buffalo’s was.  Plus, our O-line has a lot to prove.  I think Brandon Albert will also have a personal thing to prove, and that all adds up to a big advantage for the Dolphins.

Our running game may suffer without Knowshon Moreno, but I think that can be overcome.  If the line gives Tannehill time, then he should find receivers open all day.   The Chiefs secondary is good, but we have too many weapons.  Tannehill wants to prove he belongs.   Bill Lazor wants to prove he can coach in this league.  Mike Wallace just wants the ball.   It adds up to a very hungry offense with a chip on their shoulder and a very bad taste in their mouth from last week.

Jamaal Charles may not play for KC, but the Dolphins cannot fall into that trap.  Backups always seem to have career-best games against us.  Remember Thad Lewis?

Journeyman 5th-string QB Thad Lewis won two career games, both against Joe Philbin's Miami Dolphins
Joe Philbin never beat Thad Lewis. Can he defeat Alex Smith?

Miami must make a statement Sunday.   They have a chance to drop a team to 0-3, or to join them at 1-2.  That makes a big difference in the standings, and also in their confidence.  We want to roll into London on Sep 28 with a win under our belts.   We can accept nothing less.   Let’s hope Joe Philbin makes that point crystal clear.

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  1. I re-watched the Bills game today. And I’m glad I did. I noticed the game though poor wasnt as bad as it felt on game day. There were many positives that a second watch with clear vision revealed.

    I wont waste too much words but Lamar Miller is running better and the O-Line is definitely a step up from last year. It wasn’t enough to overcome our bullet riddled feet from so many self aimed shots but still an upside.
    T-Hill’s poise is better than I thought and some passes he threw in the 2nd half were very encouraging. Our D held off many red zone situations keeping the scores to a FG.

    Saving the biggest positive for last from Sunday’s disappointing loss is this. We could have been full of false confidence had we beaten the Bills last Sunday. Instead we got our wake up call very early this season and its married with the hope represented by our excellent victory over the Pats 1 week earlier. I cant think of a better scenario or road map to success in the order of inspiration and humility from games 1 and 2. Imagine if this wake up call came later in the season or the the humility came first and our inspiration came by beating a lesser recognized team in the Bills?

    This is an excellent scenario as the best teams emerge from the toughest of challenges usually even tougher. We needed this loss and the Bills really needed this win. It was a special day for both teams for different reasons and both got exactly what they needed to persevere. Im glad our loss served to kick off the enthusiasm for the Bills organization and fanbase. And Im even more excited to see the Phins emerge from this adversity stronger, humble, and hopefully with team leaders. I just wish we didnt have to part with Knowshon . Now lets show KC that Miami aint Kansas , and make them wish they could just click their heals and escape the onslaught! Redemption is this Sunday.

    PhinsUp! Out

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