Kathleen Gallagher Baty — Dolphin Wife Lives through Stalking Nightmare

We saw an interesting TV special recently on stalking and how dangerous and frightening it is for a victim to be followed around and threatened by creepy obsessives who just don’t get it when they are told “no.”

Greg Baty, Dolphins tight end

How does this relate to the Dolphins? Well, the victim on this show was Kathleen Gallagher Baty, the ex-wide of former Dolphin Greg Baty. Baty was never a star, but he was a gritty tight end who caught a handful of touchdown passes from Dan Marino.

There’s a lot of talk about bullying these days, especially concerning the Miami Dolphins. But stalking is a far more serious situation, and it affected the Baty family as a real-life horror story. A high school acquaintance–not even a friend–of Mrs. Baty began calling her and following her. She never led the guy on or anything, and she made it clear she was not interested. But he persisted. For many years. Years! He showed up with a gun one day. Went to jail, got out, and immediately started up again. He broke into her parents home in order to find out Kathleen’s personal information. He even tried to kidnap her while Greg was in Dolphins camp.

It’s a terrible thing for anyone to have to live through. It took a lot of heart and bravery for her to she persevere.

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