I kept reading all the “good news” headlines about Armstead’s injury, and I got suckered into thinking that the good news is that he will be ready to play on Sunday vs. the 49ers.

But no. The good news is that it’s not a season-ending injury. That’s not good news in the short run. We need him back and healthy. Desperately.

We won plenty of games without Austin Jackson, but without Armstead, we looked lost. It was ugly. Can one man make THAT much of a difference? Apparently so.

The easy part of our schedule is over. It feels great to win 5 straight, but let’s remember it was against doormat teams like the Lions, Bears, Steelers, Texans, and Browns. Three brutal games await us. Let’s hope the backup linemen step up!


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    The worst part of the next 3 games are that they will be late in the day. I hate sitting around waiting!

  2. All I can say about this article on Armstead and the Dolphins true test from here on is yes, yes, and yes!

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      Giving both of our backup QBs a full week of practice while Tua was hurt did not solve anything. Hopefully the backup O linemen will take advantage of their chance to play more. Shell did well at RT, but as a LT he did not shine. And that is against the Texans. Imagine Nick Bosa…

  3. It was very discouraging to see how bad the line became, against a 1 and 7 team, when Terron went down.

    Did you see that one sack where Tua was bent in half?

    Tua will get hurt again unless they plug the whole left by Teron’s absence. And 2nd string QB won’t fare any better.

    1. Now there saying he may start on Sunday!

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        He’s listed as doubtful, but I keep reading that he himself is telling people he’s playing.
        I hope the 49ers are just as confused and wondering as us fans are!

  4. One thing I’ll add to this discussion is that Tua has the ability to beat the pass rush and make the Oline better with quick throws. McDanials has the opportunity to make Tua and the Oline better by calling plays that move the QB and / or the pocket. We saw little of this in the demolishing of the Texans especially as the game went on. Tua at the end of the half and beginning of the 3rd was holding the ball and standing still until he had to run for his life. Yes Armstead is really good there’s no doubt but we have a week to overcome some of his loss and some guys will have to raise their game. If we win 2 of 3 that would be great if we win 1 of three that would be ok assuming we handle GB at home which I think we will. Remember also we can run off the right side and center of the Oline now so that can help balance it out. Let’s see how much magic Mike can conger up!

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      Yes, good points. Even McDaniel himself after the game took some of the blame for calling those plays. Some plays are clearly designed where the QB needs a little extra time. Those are the plays he was calling in the second half. As opposed to the plays Brian mentioned where Tua fires those quick crossers to Waddle or Hill. I don’t see how any pass rusher can get to Tua in time when he’s throwing it so fast. Defenses will catch up eventually and take away his routes. That’s why I think guys like Cracraft and Sherfield will start putting up some numbers. Defenses will take away Hill and Waddle.

      1. Perhaps McDaniel was testing the OL to see how they would hold up (without Terron’s presence) with different play calls that required more pocket time. An obvious visual fail. So this result implies this week’s game prep shall focus on the quick crossers.

        Or…maybe McDaniel is baiting the Niners for upcoming match?

        1. That’s a good point, he very well may have been.

          1. I am super concerned about Tua getting injured again in the upcoming game. If he goes down, we are toast without a stronger OL.

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              Do you normally write you name in? Is my site being wonky again?

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