Little-Used Leon Orr is Cut in the Middle of Practice!

Apparently, the Dolphins have a very inconsistent policy on players’ involvement with drugs.   Just ask Leon Orr and Dion Jordan.

Orr was cut today, in the middle of practice, when the team learned he was arrested for a marijuana offense.   Meanwhile Dion Jordan, whose drug problems seemingly go back years, is still on the team.  Both players have zero accomplishments and zero production to be proud of in their Dolphins’ career, but somehow Jordan’s career continues.  He still makes money from a team that he hasn’t played for in forever.   He’s one of those rare trivia answers:   Which Miami Dolphin was suspended for drug usage while already serving a suspension for other drug usage?

It’s like Ice Cube in Friday, getting fired on his day off.   It’s nearly impossible to get a drug suspension while already serving a drug suspension, but that’s exactly the kind of shame Dion brought to the team.   And still the team won’t cut him, LOL.

What was Joe Philbin doing while Dion Jordan kept getting suspended all the time?

And then there’s Laremy “Honest, I only smoked one time and it was so many years ago” Tunsil.

Oh, well.   As long as we keep winning, then I say keep up the same old policies.   I’ll have a new blog soon previewing the upcoming Ravens game, which is shaping up to be among the most important Dolphin games in years.

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  1. Maybe Dion will take note and realize his job is on the line if he picks up the pipe again. And Tunsil, maybe…

  2. Orr maybe he was already on the bubble and that was an easier excuse to cut him to make room for someone else.

    What I am surprised about is you didnt cover the TMZ video of the fight in the stands during the San Fran game. Even though there are literally 100’s of videos showing fans fighting at games on youtube, only the Miami Dolphins fans are publicly shamed for it. Im not condoning it what so ever buy media fairness please? Ross just spent 1/2 a billion dollars renovating the stadium and needs revenues from home and visiting fans. This type of unfair coverage alienates both . And tarnishes our brand.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Author

      Great point about the fight in the stands. I never thought of media fairness, but you are right…fights happen at every single game, and now this is big news because it was in Miami? I don’t get it.
      That being said… You know how when they come back from commercial break, the TV broadcast always shows South Beach? Or for a road game, they always show a blimp view of NYC at a Jets games or Niagara Falls near Buffalo. And then they show some douche fans in makeup or holding up CBS or ESPN, signs etc. Well I remember about 20 years ago, they showed a Dolphins home game, and they cut to two old men in the stands playing parcheesi. Playing F’ing Parcheesi in the middle of a tight Dolphins game!! At that point, I decided that the Dolphins had the worst home fans. Maybe not the worst, but the least passionate. In San Diego, those Samoans will kill you for wearing an opponent jersey. In Oakland, the gangstas break your legs. In Buffalo, they throw hot-sauce bottles at you. I do NOT condone those barbaric habits…but it shows you the fans have passion! Fans in Green Bay do not play parcheesi in the stands during a home game. So last Sunday, some Dolfans were passionate enough to take on a 49er fan. I don’t condone the punching, but I was proud to see the passion for once.

      1. Just speculating here but I think the media bias towards our beloved Dolphins stems from the whole bully-gate fiasco. Then we had Miko Grimes getting arrested for assault before a game, and nle this. I just think it’s vogue right now now on behalf of the media to bash the Dolphins. Just my $0.02. Nice segueway Phinsup.

    2. Disrespecting our national anthem and country alienates fans too but Ross doesn’t seem to mind that. And he doesn’t need revenue from fans as the tv revenues alone make the team a profit without one fan attending one game or buying one food item.

      1. @Jay

        TV revenues might not be as big a cut after this season. I think the networks are going to have to demand a re-evaluation of those contracts and I could see a sliding scale implemented based on how many consumers the NFL brings the networks.

        Taking some of that TV money off the table would make the owners rely on the fan base a little more and I think that would be great.

  3. @Admin

    Again you got it wrong when you said,

    “Both players have zero accomplishments and zero production to be proud of in their Dolphins’ career, but somehow Jordan’s career continues.”

    Orr had three tackles this year………..

    1. @Admin

      I’m just busting on you but orr has more accomplishments this year then Jordan!

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