Monday Morning Review

Given Ryan Fitzpatrick’s awful game yesterday, I saw several articles questioning if it’s time for Tua.  My own opinion is it’s not time to start him Sunday against Buffalo.  However, it was time to use him yesterday.

Like watching a pitcher struggle, a strong manager must know when it’s time to bring in some relief.  A spark.  Even simply a change of pace.  That time was yesterday.  Just for a few series to see.   Flores should have brought him Tua in, just like Nick Saban brought him in when Jalen Hurts was playing poorly in Alabama.  Same exact scenario:  A rookie/freshman with all the skills in the world, but everyone is worried if he knows the plays yet.

Well, two things:  1) They said the same at Alabama when Saban benched his starting QB in the middle of the game and gave Tua a chance.

and 2) Ryan Fitzpatrick DOES know the playbook, and he was awful.  Could it be any worse to give Tua a series?  Let him hand off three times or something conservative.  Whatever it takes.

I think Fitz should start Sunday.  Another week of practice, a lot more reps, and a fresh start to the week with consistency at QB.  I’m all for that.  But if he keeps airmailing all his passes and throws it to the wrong team, THEN you bring in Tua.  I wish Flores had the guts to do that yesterday.

So, I was pretty harsh in my critique of the new players, but I will give credit to the new offensive line.  The rookies were great.  Solomon Kindley at right guard and Austin Jackson at left tackle weren’t perfect, but their pass blocking was outstanding.  Their first NFL game ever (including lack of preseason) against a stout NE defense, and they held up.  That is encouraging.  The run blocking was not as good, but that was Chan Gailey’s fault.

Have you ever seen such basic, vanilla plays?  Every single run was up the gut.  Zero misdirection.  No sweeps.  Nothing to confuse the defense.  I’m going to give Gailey time to settle in, but like I said for months…this was not the time to get rid of both your offense and your defense coordinators.   With a limited training camp, the teams with continuity have an enormous advantage over us.  Cam Newton had to learn the Pats offense, but 10 other Pats did not.  It’s already second nature to them.  Same with the defense.

I hope the Dolphins break their cycle of new coordinators every 2 or 3 years.  It destroys continuity, and virtually turns seasoned pros into amateur students.  We need coordinators good enough to stick around for a decade or so.  Chain Gailey is already 68 years old, and he would not have been my choice.  However, I’ll give him a break for this one game, since he was feeling out his men to see who could do what.  But if he doesn’t start doing something creative, we’ll soon be in Tank for Trevor mode.



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  1. That’s always been my idea, when you are on the road, (not as bad this year- no fans) AND you are the clear underdogs. You HAVE to at least try something – that can give your team a spark. How many deep passes did they even try ? – Jakeem Grant can at least stretch a defense some, if you TRY a few bombs his way. When will Albert Wilson be back ? (I haven’t heard)
    There were WAY too many stubborn, stupid runs called that never had any chance.
    I’m guessing that maybe Fitz’s unusual poor play might have been because of his mom’s recent death, which might have affected his mind set and play.
    They are Definitely going to be underdogs vs. Barfalo, lets see if Chan has ANY imagination, creativity, etc. in his game plan, because they WILL NEED IT !

    1. Author

      Wilson opted out on his own and will not play this season at all.
      The only long pass I remember them trying was on 4th and short. We got a very very lucky pass interference penalty, or else the final would have been 21-3 or so.
      We got a good look at Jordan Howard, but not enough looks at Matt Brieda. Myles Gaskin got plenty of snaps, but just a few for Patrick Laird. But you are right…no matter which RB we had in the game, the play calls were all the same old predictable, boring mess.

  2. Author


    So Cam Newton wants us to believe that he was innocently walking off the field, minding his own business, and then several Dolphin multi-millionaires tried to steal his necklace. All on their own, without provocation, on national TV with millions of witnesses, the Dolphins tried to rob him…all while Cam innocently did nothing to provoke it.
    Hmmmm, is there something wrong with Cam’s version of events?

    1. Yeah that was all nonsense…. I’m sure maybe a hand went to up to push him back when he was trash talking but it is a big leap to think they really care about his chains or about anything other than a “get out of my face man” kind of reaction. Get over yourself Cam.

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