As my long-time readers know, I am not a fan of Stephen Ross. I feel his meddling hurts the Dolphins far more than any positives he has brought to the team.

For years, I’ve pointed out Ross mistakes like REMOVING +/- 17,000 seats from Hard Rock Stadium and offering the Dolphins on a silver platter to play “home” games in Europe. I understand if folks disagree on those points. You might think of those as subjective.

But when Ross costs us a FIRST-ROUND draft choice because of his meddling, it’s no longer opinion. It becomes fact. Ross hurts the Miami Dolphins with his actions. Period. And he’s done it for years.

And sadly, I’m learning that the city of Miami is bidding to host Super Bowl 61 in a few years…which means, again, that Ross will be doing all he can to host that game. And by doing all he can, that means he’ll once again be offering the Dolphins to go to Europe.

Anyway, what does this have to do with the new QB rule, which allows teams to dress 3 QBs? Well first of all, due to injuries, Miami dressed 3 QBs multiple times last season, including being forced to use a roster spot on Mike Glennon toward the end of the year.

As I said at the time, the NFL should allow 3 QBs. The Dolphins would have benefitted from this.

I have no pull with the NFL. I can’t pick up the phone and ask for a rule change. But you know who can? Stephen Ross.

The NFL took no action to change anything when the Dolphins needed it most…because, I’m sure, Ross never brought this up. Instead, the NFL waited until the 49ers got their backup hurt in a playoff game. And then the backup’s backup.

So now the NFL is stepping in to correct this. Now teams will be allowed to have 3 QBs without sacrificing another position player. Not because Stephen Ross pointed this out while it was happening to the Dolphins. But because others pointed it out.


  1. Well, he’s an idiot…no doubt we hit the lottery for the worst NFL team owner. It’s not about the team ever-it’s always without doubt to benefit him in any way it works. Say what you want about Jerry Jones, the man loves his Dallas Cowboys and one never doubts it. A game in Germany, really? C’mon man!
    The UK at least is somewhat understanding of the game but Germany not so much. How did the Dolphins get the lucky Black Friday game? Did they spin the wheel and OMG, it just landed on the Miami Dolphins and they are the lucky winner? It feels like we get bird crapped on more than other teams.

    1. Author

      Lots of hype this off-season about how good the team can be, but–to be honest–it’s the same crap we always hear!
      For example, Chosen Anderson signed as a new receiver, and fans and media are gushing about him. Me? I feel he won’t be on the team in September. He’s the latest Mohammad Sanuu or Preston Williams or Erik Ezekima or Will Fuller. Remember how excited the media was about those fellas? We have 500 WRs, so God knows why we signed Anderson.

    2. Not trying to defend the guy but ex rat HC Flo had more to do with this than anyone. Everyone chats although Ross should have been smart enough not to share it with a rat.

  2. So why is there all this Dalvin Cook discussion all over the place? It’s either Cook himself or the media darlings. I predict the Jets will have a better season than the Dolphins…that will hurt big time.

    1. Author

      Great question. I don’t see the need for him at all. I don’t think we needed to draft Achane either. How many RBs can be on one roster, and now talk of adding Cook as well? I don’t understand it.

      1. Highly doubt they go after Cook unless he takes a big discount which it doesn’t sound like he will. He would be their best back next season they’d likely release Gaskin. I didn’t mind Achane as he can return kicks and punts can be a special weapon. Berrios as well so no need to put a good guy back there. They need to find a way to get rid of WR Wilson spend the money elsewhere.

        On another note I’m finally making it to Miami seeing the Giants game. If anyone is there would be cool to meet up before or after. Go Fins! Oh ya jets suck they’ll find a way to screw up their season.

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