Poll: Who Should be the Miami Dolphins’ Next Offensive Coordinator

So far, the names of potential offensive coordinators have been less than inspiring, but it is still early.

Here at Dolphins Truth, we’d prefer a new GM in place first, and then let that GM hire the OC. Last time we let Joe Philbin hire his own OC, you see where that got us. Philbin simply is not a good judge of talent, plus he hired a good friend of his.  Then he let his friend hire his son-in-law.  Enough of that nonsense.  Enough.

Gary Kubiak wants to be a head coach and won’t accept an OC position. Head coaches who are “demoted” to coordinators never seem to succeed. They concentrate on their next HC job instead of their present coordinating job.

Bill Lazor coached a QB for one year in Philly. We are skeptical if that gives him enough experience.

Joe Philbin acting as his own OC? Joe has never called a play in his life, and now is not the time to start.

There are others. Time will tell. But we are hoping for someone with original ideas. A proven track record. An exciting playbook. Someone who will call a QB sneak on 3rd-and-inches. It’s not much to ask.

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