Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater: Why does the nfl allow the allow the patriots to cheat throughout the years And why did the hire Ted Wells again

No words needed for this post.

You mean you need to spy on Mark Sanchez?


By rule, you must have 5 men on one side of the ball and 6 on the other.   Unless you're New England.
By rule, you must have 5 men on one side of the ball and 6 on the other. Unless you’re New England.


Caught cheating again. Just imagine how many times they cheated and weren’t busted.

And by the way, the NFL just hired Ted Wells to investigate this!    The same Ted Wells who wrote a one-sided opinion (and then claimed he was unbiased) that believed every single word Jonathan Martin said while dismissing the word of 52+ Dolphins who supported Richie Incognito’s side of the story.

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  1. LOL……

    I can’t stand the Patriots but man they are one hell of a team! As all of us Dolphins Fans can probably attest to I would rather the Phins be the leader of the division for the last decade and have a little controversy once in a while.

    Honestly if Belicheck said to Ross after the superbowl that he wanted to come and coach in Miami for the next five years would any of you guys say, “NO we would rather have Philbin then a cheating Belicheck”?


    We did that with Jimmy Johnson and c’mon he stretched the rules as far as they would go and until he gave up and stuck us with the stach man we would have supported him even if he went to far and got in trouble.

    Also, you can say its a competitive advantage to have a soft ball but i was a receiver in high school and believe me those balls could be rock solid one game and soft as hell the next and it didn’t make much difference some guys liked them hard and some not so its really whatever I don’t buy the competitive advantage noise

  2. Author

    LOL, yes, I would welcome Belichick in a second over Philbin. I was studying Belichick’s press conference this morning, and he mentioned something about when players complained about the ball in practices (too hard, or too soft, or too scuffed) he would work them harder and make them shut up. Shula probably did the same. I can imagine Joe Philbin stopping practice in the middle and giving the guys an hour break so that he could personally make sure everything was to his players’ liking. After all, Philbin doesn’t think his job is to win games; he thinks his job is to raise and coddle a bunch of young men to become fine community members.

  3. This is from today’s Herald. It’s hilarious and points out everything you need to know about our accountant…I mean head coach:

    “Senior Bowl security reportedly stopped Dolphins coach Joe Philbin today when he went down to the sideline to get a closer look at Washington defensive tackle Danny Shelton. The security guard backed off when Philbin said he’s the head coach of the Dolphins.”

    Always encouraging when your head coach looks more like a computer programmer who couldn’t lead rats to a shithouse much less grown men on a football field.

  4. Author

    That’s pretty funny, Moonbear. Some coaches look nerdy, but they make up for it with tenacity and command respect. Joe Philbin is not one of them.

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