Patriots’ Victory Prolongs Worst-kept Secret in the NFL…

So Brain Flores remains the assistant Linebackers Coach for the Patriots, meaning while other teams and their new coaches are already preparing their staffs, the Dolphins wait.

Welcome to the logic of Chris Grier and Stephen Ross.

Flores, an old friend of Grier from their days as scouting assistants together, is the likely man to take over as Dolphins’ head coach, despite his utter lack of credentials.  Despite better candidates.

I’m not saying we should rush to a decision. I don’t think we needed to hire a coach the moment we got rid of Gase.   But if we ARE going to wait, we certainly have time to beg McCarthy or Ryan to come in for an interview.  You know them, right?   Winning head coaches.   Not assistant scouts.

I couldn’t see the Charger game today…did Tony Romo and Jim Nantz address the rumors of Flores coming to Miami?   Did he mention the black GM-HC connection?

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  1. I did watch the game but much of it with the volume off since I was also working. I can say this 1. Brady doesn’t look like hes at the end of his career and 2. Flores doesn’t look like a guy who will be clueless on the sidelines sitting on the bench by himself trying to figure out a play!

    Also I read somewhere that Flores would be bringing one of Belichick’s assistant HC with him and apparently that guy has game day preparation and was a college head coach for some time.

    As you know I would have much prefered REX or another HC with a winning record but that dream is over.

    For the record I do not like this move but I don’t think it’s as bad as Gase because I think that Floris can get some decent guys to come and coach for him and I’ve read he is already spending some time putting those guys together.

    I get your point about getting a coach that can go get some assistant coaches but Miami may well be prepared to keep a lot of the core guys they have and just play next year out. It makes sense to reset the cap and we need a year on the cheap to do that and get out from what? 40-50mil in dead money?

    I guess I can stomach it but if we had a proven HC I would fell WAAAAYYYYY better about it then another clown show with no experience.

    The staff he brings will tell a lot

  2. Dallas lost-Richard is available now. Rex was never an option-nobody interviewed him for a reason. I say sign Bilgewater for 1 season and hope we are bad enough next season to have a top 3 pick in 2020.

    1. I would rather have Richard than Flores by a long shot! I would also love to have a top 3 pick in 2020! I vote Karma for GM!

      1. LOL,B! All my wishes have come true so far-getting Richard would be the final wish.

  3. It’s not most likely that most coaches don’t want to wait a year for their QB so they are passing. They also want control which the Fins don’t want to give up. For better or worse this has probably cut the list down. Could also be some misinformation out there if they are waiting on someone else so I wouldn’t get too excited.

  4. Even if we get a to QB, what is Brian Flores’s experience in developing QBs? crickets

    1. We could rehire Gase,the supposed QB whisperer! I understand admin would do a meet and greet for him at the airport.

  5. Sounds like we’re getting Caldwell as a senior advisor (aka Assistant HC) not OC.

  6. And Grier has hired Marvin Allen as assistant GM. And with Flores hiring,we have stolen the name from New Zealand’s world champion rugby team,the All Blacks,which I referenced earlier! Ross will be ecstatic with our political correctness and of course another 1st on that front,3 persons of color in those positions in the NFL.

    1. I swear Stephen Ross reads all those reports (they come out every single year at this time) about how 95% of the NFL is black players, but only 1% are coaches, let alone GMs.
      In his mind, THAT is a flaw that needs to be corrected. A lousy team? We’ll get to that one day. But for now, it’s more important to be diverse and make sure our anti-bullying campaign is doing well in an urban high school in Flint, Michigan

      1. Yep,its all about priorities,the wrong ones!

  7. On another note the teams that ran the ball and stopped the run had success this weekend. Something that Gase couldn’t recognize. He would never run any of our RB’s more than 24 times if it was working never mind two of them like the rams did. He would also never dump the ball off to Drake 15 times even if he was always open like the patsies did with white. No matter who the Fins hire it can’t get any worse…

    1. I agree completely. And “throwing shade” will have a new meaning starting in July in Miami. Both Rams RBs had over 100,right?

      1. Author

        The Rams stuck with the running game because the running game was working. It’s such an extremely basic strategy that Gase never got.

  8. So Flores is rumored to be bringing Caldwell a former head coach as OC and Brett Bielimean a former college head coach (was really good with Wisconsin) as potential DC. That sounds like a great coaching staff to me.

    1. Sounds like Caldwell is going to be a senior advisor and they want a younger OC.

      1. Great,another “advisor”. Just like our OC has been since Gase arrived,an advisor.

  9. Author

    If you bring in Caldwell, then make him run our offense. These “advisory” assistants are useless in my book.
    He’s a guy with some pretty good credentials at designing offenses. Let him do it for the Dolphins.
    Anything less, such as a sideline adviser, and you’re admitting that Brian Flores needs a babysitter.
    Wade Phillips is about 90 years old, and he’s working for a 32-year-old coach in L.A. and has them poised to go to the Super Bowl. You don’t ask Wade to come in and advise/inspire the kid coach. You ask him to come in and run that defense.

    1. I’m with you admin…buy it’s not all bad having him on the staff… I’m anxious to see who the DC is going to be!!

      1. I doubt anyone with solid DC credentials wants to come here. The defense is a shambles.

  10. And admin,I want 1 year of credit on this forum for coining the phrase,” throwing shade” when referencing us throwing the ball OR when referencing the racial makeup of our front office or HC. Gawd,imagine if we signed a black QB! Ross would go crazy and be a hero in the PC universe.

  11. Author

    Hey, did you guys see Alshon Jeffery blow the Eagles game? I swear, when i saw the ball go right through his hands, I thought it was DeVante Parker out there.

    I know the concept of “when we lose it’s a team loss,” but that one man on that one play destroyed his team’s season. First and goal was coming up. What a horrible time to botch a routine pass.

    1. I saw he played with broken ribs but did that affect that drop-no. I think he only had 3 drops all season.

  12. What up Admin?Did you happen to catch the jets presser?First things first…gase should NEVER go in public without a cap on again…2)As I have posted here before..this dude is a straight COKEHEAD…if only the jets knew what they were getting into..

    1. I heard about the awkward press introduction! LOL!

      1. Author

        In 3 years in Miami, how many articles or Tweets did you see about Gase’s clothes/ appearance/ mannerisms? Zero!
        But he’s in NY City for one day, and the media is destroying him already!! He’s going to have a miserable time.

        Actually, to toot my own horn, I have critiqued Gase’s appearance over the years. Showing up on game day in a track suit simply wreaks of unprofessionalism.

    2. I think he got dressed without consulting a mirror. I tied a tie better as a teen in the ’60s. And a few of Garo’s ties in the ’70s.

        1. I really liked his ties. They were wide back in the day. Nice link.Thanks for sharing.

    1. He looks like he’s tripping balls!!!

  13. “Who could take Murray in the first round? Well, there’s no dumber owner of a bad team in the NFL than Stephen Ross,” Cherepinsky wrote. “I’m sure he’s smart in real life, but when it comes to managing his football team, Ross has made countless blunders. Ross also loves hype. He constantly invites celebrities no one cares about to games to try to draw a crowd. This would be another instance of Ross trying to draw attention to the Dolphins. He may demand for his next regime to draft Murray because he thinks a 5-foot-9, 190-pound quarterback, who thrived in a conference where zero defense is played, won’t get half of his passes batted at the line of scrimmage somehow.”

    1. Author

      Yes, more and more people see the same things that I point out to you guys. Only I notice it right away, and it takes others years. “Ross also loves hype. He constantly invites celebrities no one cares about to games to try to draw a crowd” That, plus he is always out there promoting soccer, concerts, tennis, Formula One, and other non-Dolphin events that he invests in.
      You cannot sum it up any better than what I discovered years ago: The Dolphins are a small little hobby for him.
      Choosing this inexperienced new head coach is clearly a step in getting some hype.

  14. Admin, I see to align myself with your thinking and perceptions of the Dolphins, Ross and the rest of the organization. Ross is the ship’s anchor around the neck of this organization…Ross is a typical NY liberal, loves the PC culture that he must lead by what he perceives as an example. All the other owners have other successful businesses as well that keep them busy and wealthy, after all, that’s a criteria. Ross loves that he’s part of the NFL boys club bec. well, look at the dude…he probably was bullied, no luck with the women and goofy looking didn’t help. But now as an owner, he’s only one of 32 big kahuna’s with big bucks that can be an owner. That doesn’t make him a knowledgable, dedicated one. Sell team to Marino or a group.

    1. Author

      All true. Unfortunately, however, as I point out often, “Sell the team” does NOT help us. Ross has a binding contract with one of his real estate partners named Bruce Beal. Ross can ONLY sell the team to Beal. The deal is already in place.
      Bruce Beal is our next owner…another NY City guy.
      This downward spiral began when that idiot Tim Robbie received the team for free, and decided to spit on the Robbie family by selling it off.
      Tim had Dolphins in his blood his entire life, but he wanted money.
      Huizenga had money, and some Dolphins love.
      Ross had money.

  15. Well, you have enlightened me on that-I heard there was an heir apparent but didn’t who and the deal. It’s gonna be a long, long time for us fans.

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