Mr. Ross Will Not Tolerate a Weak Offense; Let’s Hope Philbin Learns His Lesson

The loss of Mike Sherman is a good start, but we’re unconvinced that Joe Philbin has learned any kind of lesson whatsoever.

Miami Dolphins fire offensive coordinator Mike Sherman
Mike Sherman now has all the time in the world to sleep at home, instead of sleeping on the job,

Let’s face it: Mike Sherman called terrible plays for the last two years and clearly deserved to lose his job. The Dolphins need a firey young play caller who can utilize the players much better. We need a play caller who will call a QB sneak now and then. Or a bootleg. Or a pitchout. Or a dozen other plays that were not in Mike Sherman’s book.

So yes, it’s good that he is gone.

But what remains truly TROUBLING is that Sherman’s friend Joe Philbin does NOT think it’s good. Philbin has done nothing but defend Mike Sherman for two years, and he still does to this day. Mr. Ross (rightfully) wanted Sherman gone, and he had to order Philbin to do it. It worries us that Philbin refused to do this on his own. He had to be coaxed and threatened.

Also scary is the fact that Mike Sherman was hired in the first place. Obviously, his friend Philbin got him the job, because Sherman had zero accomplishments on his resume that should have landed him such an important position as OC.

You might say Sherman was the head coach of the Packers, and that gave him some qualification. Maybe. But he was fired in shame after leading Green Bay to a 4-12 season. That year, Sherman had BOTH Aaron Rodgers AND Brett Favre on the same team, and only managed to win 4 times. Impossible but true! Sherman had 2 of the NFL’s best QBs on his team, and still lost 12 games.

Then he went onto Texas A & M, where he promptly lost every single Bowl game he ever coached in.

Fired in disgrace again. 31 NFL teams had a chance to hire Mike Sherman, and 31 teams said “Uhhhh, no thank you. Goodbye” But then his pal Joe Philbin came to town. Sherman was hired. Two years later, two more years of zero accomplishments on his resume.

Sherman loved to call pass plays (which turned into sack-fumble-lost game) when he should have run out the clock. He called for draw plays when the defense where sitting there expecting it. He never got Tannehill to alter his cadence. “Go” means a pass is coming. “Go Go” means it’s a run. If we can figure that out so simply, the defense can figure it out simply too. Mike Sherman could not figure it out. And his buddy Joe Phiolbin allowed him to not figure it out.

When Sherman handed the Bills a free victory by refusing to run out the clock in the first Bills game, he ignorantly and defiantly said he made the right call. His pal Joe Philbin defended him. Philbin also said it was the right call. A call that costs you a game is NEVER EVER right. But the stubborness of Philbin blinded him to the incompetence of Mike Sherman.

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