Philbin Ranked as the WORST coach in the entire NFL…and that isn’t the sad part

Thanks to reader Rik for pointing out Yahoo Sports’ recent rankings of all the coaches in the NFL…a list on which Joe Philbin finished dead last.

Philbin in last place is not a surprise.  It’s accurate and fair.  And a little bit sad.

But the saddest part is not that Philbin is ranked last.  The saddest part is that us Dolphin fans cannot argue the point.  That is depressing.

Joe Philbin hard at work at the combines.

Imagine if someone said that the Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL.  Or Cam Wake is the worst defensive end in the league.  Or someone said that Ryan Tannehill is the worst QB in the league.

We could defend those men with our pride and with statistics.  We would WANT to defend them.  We could argue and get into comment wars and everything else to make our point that these guys are NOT the worst.

But when NFL experts say that Philbin is the worst coach in the league, all we can do is out our heads down in shame and say, “Yes, I know.”

The ranking of coaches was fair and accurate and objective.  It cited the same Philbin flaws that we at Dolphins Truth bring up weekly:

  • Philbin gives victories to other teams;
  • He is consistently outsmarted by other coaches;
  • He calls timeouts when the opponent is struggling and hurrying;
  • He gets rid of Pro Bowl players but keeps worthless undrafted benchwarmers and expensive journeymen;
  • He calls for field goals far too often (especially on 4th and inches from inside opponents’ territory).

These were only the negatives as noted in Philbin’s last-place ranking;  just imagine how many more negatives there were that the article didn’t have time to cover.  For more of these, check out our Dolphins Truth archives; there is no shortage of articles pointing out Philbin Phlaws.

Philbin’s employee Mike Sherman hard at work at the combines a few years ago.

Perhaps the most damning tidbit from the coaches rankings is that the article said Philbin is unloved by his players, and we cannot argue.  The players speak politely, but not passionately, about their coach.

On the day when the Dolphins were eliminated from the playoffs, Stephen Ross decided to bring Philbin back for another year.  A reporter told Cameron Wake the “good news” about Philbin returning.  I’ll never forget Wake’s reaction.   A polite smile, followed by a generic quote like, “Really?  I hadn’t heard that yet.  That’s nice.”

Despite his canned reply, You could almost see the life sucked out of Wake as the reporter told him Philbin would be back.  Wake is smart enough to know that “Philbin will be back” is the same as saying “You will never have a winning season as a Dolphin.”

There is no shame in being named a worse coach than someone like Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin.  These are champions, and you have to fall in line behind them.

But what about some of these other bums?  Guys like Gus Bradley, Mike McCoy, Mike Pettine, and Lovie Smith.    Lovie Smith is a perennial loser, and the other guys are names that no one has ever heard of, except for fans of their teams.  And still, after you take all these jokers and their losing records and their lack of experience and all of that….they are still better coaches than Philbin.

And as we said at the beginning.  The sad part isn’t that the rankings are lying.  The sad part is that we can’t dispute it.

Thank you, Stephen Ross, for not only hiring the worst coach in the NFL, but for foisting him upon us for another year.


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  1. Great recap I can’t understand how anyone can argue the point either unless they are on Ross’s payroll (which I often wonder about) or are Jets fans fanning the flames it makes no sense to me.

    Philbin is terrible and Ross is equally bad

    Horrible time to be a Dolphins fan

    The only soloce would be to say it can only get better but that isn’t true…. with Ross ic Can and probably will get worse

    Thanks for keeping the truth alive here

    1. Author

      I was just wondering…what if Ross saw the photo of Philbin falling asleep at the combine and decided to fire him on the spot. Wouldn’t that be nice? But then I said, “no.” All the good coaches are snatched up already, and we can’t get Rex or Bowles so why bother. But then I also said, “I guess it would be good because ANYONE is better than Philbin.” Let Lazor lead. Or even Coyle. Can it get worse? Our coach falls asleep (literally) while on the job, and he gets an extension from Ross? Insane logic.

      1. I have thought if Ross has any nack for this he will give Philbin 4 games and if he blows it he will promote Lazer

        That’s a big IF (referring to Ross having any nack for the nfl yet)

        But really if he hasn’t fired him for the ineptitude he’s already shown Philbin sleeping on the job won’t get him fired

        look at the bright side if he’s sleeping on the job it may be better then having him awake

        Imagen if he had fallen asleep at the 2 minute stoppage in the 4th of the green bay game

        We would have won

  2. Author

    Best line ever:
    Imagen if he had fallen asleep at the 2 minute stoppage in the 4th of the green bay game. We would have won.”

    1. Yeah I saw when you posted this the other day. I read the article and then simply walked away from the computer screen.

      I don’t know if he’s actually the worst coach in the NFL, but we may as well say he is.

      No inspiration, horrible play calling, bad clock management, plus whatever else = not a good coach.

      I wonder why HE thinks it’s worth it FOR HIM to stay on as coach???

    2. Author

      And a lot of people have pointed out that Philbin never seems to coach his players during the game. In the Super Bowl, you saw Belichick over at the bench, talking to his defense about what Seattle was doing. Brady was on the field playing, but Bill wasn’t even watching. Instead he was coaching his D. Philbin NEVER does this. He’s always talking in his headset, which is strange because Lazor and Coyle are on the field next to him, so who is Philbin talking to?

      1. Never thought about that headset thing until now! Yeah – who is he talking to? Maybe he actually is talking to his coordinators without having to speak to them face to face? But why would he do that if they’re right there?

        1. Author

          A lot of other coaches wear the headsets, even if the coordinators are on the field next to them, so it’s not just Joe P doing this.
          Then again, do we really want Joe Philbin coachig his players in the middle of a game? I mean, what can he possibly tell his defense while the offense is on the field. Who’s going to listen to him?

  3. He has 2 or 3 million reasons to think it’s worth it for him to stay.

    1. Author

      Floridan, how much do you think Philbin earns per year?

  4. If he makes over 200k a year Ross is as dumb as we think

    1. Author

      Philbin should get noi salary and be required to purchase a ticket like us fans.
      According to several sources, Philbin makes 3 and a half million a year. That is among the league lows. He is at the bottom of every list.

  5. There is very little we as fans can do, other than the local fans not renewing season tix and people not attend home games. How else to show disapproval? Fly banners? Protest signs at training camp? Email the organization? Those aren’t hitting the bottom line. Don’t fill seats is only way to show hey we aren’t paying our hard earned money to watch this crap you throw out there while Ross racks in his millions. The problem starts at the top with the Univ of Mich SB Ross School of Business mega donor himself….gave so much $$$ they named the school after him…. And now with Harbough the UMich coach, well, it’s the one that got away but now back! Philbin is just flat out wrong for this team. Nothing left to add. He should never EVER have been handed the keys for contract but, but, but -here is where I will put some hope on-with Tannenbaum in Ross’s Alfred E Newman ears, Philbin will be scrutinized a whole bunch more. If anything, Tannenbaum is probably the only legitimate football brains in the organization, besides Marino, who we aren’t sure how much he contributes. So my fans, it will be another tortuous season to watch. And that’s just in our AFC East!

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous

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