Thanks to the Bills’ utter choke vs. Denver, the Dolphins inched a little bit closer to possibly winning the AFC East. We do not want a wild card. We want the division and a home playoff game for once. We’re now 2 losses ahead of the Bills in the loss column, but they’ve played more games and they beat us head-to-head. We unofficially, we’re up by one game. A lot of football is yet to come.

Luckily, we can make up more ground with 3 easy games coming up, before we get into a tough December. The goal is to be 2 full games ahead of Buffalo going into Week 18.

The Raiders are playing well for their new coach, but they had a few doormat teams so far. I don’t think the Dolphins will fall victim to the Raiders like the Jets did.

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  1. This game was way too close for comfort.

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