Rookie Mini Camp Notes

A few random thoughts as rookie training camp got underway….

Jaylen Waddle signed his contract.   I probably care about that stuff more than most people, but this is big news.  Too many times, players hold out, gripe about their deals, or simply delay the signing until much later in the season.  I’m glad our #1 pick is set in stone now.

Historically, the Dolphins have been fairly lucky with their holdouts.  There have been a few, but none of the holdouts devastated the team.  I think Reshad Jones was one, but his holdout came and went under the radar and didn’t affect the Dolphins.  Compare that to what Aaron Rodgers is doing to the Packers now.  Compare that to how LaVeon Bell took the Steelers from a perennial Super Bowl contender to an also ran.  I remember Emmitt Smith holding out in the 90s, and he missed the early part of one season.  It happens a lot.

Technically, Rodgers is not holding out, but it’s just semantics.   He is causing a massive distraction.

On that topic, we’re not out of the woods.  Rumors of Xavien Howard holding out continue to circulate.  He is on the A-list of defensive backs, but he is not the highest paid.  He definitely deserves a raise.   BUT…he signed a contract.  He put his signature on the line that said “We will pay you $___.”   Let’s see how this turns out.

Also, we don’t have any DeShaun Watson drama either.  No steroid suspensions to worry about (that we know of).  No one facing criminal charges.  Those types of “unknowns” can really disarm a team.   Game planning is impossible if you don’t know who will be available to you.

On a side note, thus far, for nearly two full seasons, Stephen Ross has kept away.  The Dolphins have improved dramatically this time.   THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE.

Ross is the King of distraction.  But without Ross’s numerous distractions, the team has prospered and grown.   No foisting anti-bullying campaigns on the team because a couple of players teased each other.  No arguing about  the national anthem.   No photo ops with his favorite players (Tom Brady and Jim Harbaugh).   No more removing of thousands of stadium seats to make room for billionaire luxury boxes. (He reduced the possible attendance at Hard Rock Stadium from about 78,000 to 65,000…that’s 13,000 loud Dolphin fanatics Ross tossed aside in order to sell boxes that hold 4 fans each.  13,000 home-field advantages tossed aside by Ross)

I’m sure I’m missing many things.  The man was a walking distraction, and with him out of the picture, it’s been a blessing.  Again, this cannot be a coincidence.


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  1. Never thought of the attendance situation but good point. The rich never tend to cheer either just sit there sipping on a cognac.

    I’m sure they have a plan for X. He’s still making good coin. They’ll figure it out.

  2. He’s still the 6th highest paid corner in the league… (ironically Byron Jones is 5th)… Not sure how Darius Slay cracked the top 5 but people get desperate in free agency…. still, having said all that… it’s not like he is being grossly underpaid. If he demands a bigger contract than Jalen Ramsey…. that would be a tough salary to swallow without being in cap hell in a couple years.

    1. I love X but this stuff drives me crazy… I can “somewhat” get it if you took a “home town” discount to stick around but he didn’t. At the signing it was signing the highest CB contract in the league. You have to know that won’t stay that way… but you signed a contract, the team shouldn’t be obligated to “up the value” every other season if he slips out of the top 5. It’s not like they can force the player to take less if he has a crap year and isn’t one of the top 5 corners for a year.

  3. A real slow period. Not much news out there huh? I saw that Tua admitted he didn’t know the playbook last year, LOL

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