Some More Bad, But Some Good Things From the Dolphins’ Loss

There isn’t much good to discuss here today as I sat down to torture myself by re-watching the game for my analysis. Atlanta has Matty Ice, and the Dolphins have Icy Matt, because Matt Moore played like he had icy hands, legs, and brains.

However, I will say that the one area where we outplayed the Steelers was on special teams.   We kept pinning them back inside their own 10 or 15-yardline consistently.   We pulled off a fake punt for the first time since I can remember.   Kenyan Drake had some outstanding returns.

The brightest spot of the day belonged to Andrew Franks.  After I chastised him a lot this season, he stepped up his game,  He hit a HUGE game winner against the Cardinals at the end of regulation.  That was his first-ever game-deciding kick, and he nailed it.  Then he hit a ginormous 55-yarder in frigid Buffalo to tie the game, and another to win it that same game.   Yesterday, in the swirling cold winds of that hole of a city they call Pittsburgh, he hit a 47-yarder.   All clutch.  The guy turned to money in December, and this is something to look forward to.

As much as I give Damien Williams credit for a nice touchdown reception, and as much praise as he seems to get, I can see this being his last game as a Dolphin.  His fumble against the Patriots last week wasn’t as damaging as the three Icy Matt giveaways, but they hurt.   Damien is a throwback to the 1990s when teams used a designated third-down back, but such a role isn’t needed on a team when you already have exciting backs like Kenyan Drake and Jay Ajayi.

On one of our many many 3rd-and-4’s yesterday, I noticed that Adam Gase FINALLY left Ajayi in the game.  He even called for a handoff to Ajayi.   It did not work, but I commend the effort for once.   If Gase keeps using Ajayi on third down, we’ll pick up a lot more conversions.

On the play where Icy Matt got his head taken off by a high, illegal, late hit, something that was lost was that the pass hit Jarvis Landry in the numbers, and Jarvis blew it.   Also lost was the huge mistake by Ajayi to commit a push that resulted in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike call, setting up a first-and-25 from the Steeler 30, instead of first-and-10 from the 15.   THAT was a huge penalty that sort of slipped by the announcers.  It seems that very week, some Dolphin commits a douchebag unsportsmanlike penalty, and Gase cannot get this cleaned up.  He must.  No late hits.  No ghetto dancing.   No throwing your equipment.

Speaking of the announcers, the game ran approximately 3 hours long.  Simms and Nance talked about yesterday’s game for about 10 minutes, and they talked about our previous Week 6 Steeler-Dolphin game for 2 hours and 50 minutes.   Seriously, did you guys know that we played the Steelers earlier in the year and that the Steelers had some injuries at the time?   I couldn’t tell, because the announcers hardly ever mentioned it.   Uhhh, yeah, right.

The Dolphins lost by 18, and yet their score was closer than either NFC score, where the point differentials were 20 and 25.    If only the seedings were skewed just a little more, we could have gotten easy wins vs. either Oakland or Houston.   Just the luck of the draw that we got stuck in Pittsburgh.   In 1972, the Dolphinsn were undefeated, but he had to travel to Pittsburgh to play the AFC Championship there.  In 2017, we won the head-to-head matchup with Pittsburgh, but had to travel to Pittsburgh as well.


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    1. @Admin

      You should post a screenshot!

    2. Author

      Crotch grabbing and similar antics that cost us 15 yards.

      1. So, you, Admin, hung around ghettos and that is how you know what “ghetto dancing” is?

        And what is “similar antic” to crotch grabbing?

        1. Author

          Doing the sliced-neck gangsta motion, fake shooting gunshot motions….even something Brian Hartline did a few years ago that cost us 15 yards: he pretended to putt a golf ball in the middle of the endzone instead of just going to the sideline. It’s all low-class and costs us dearly.
          “Act like you’ve been there before.”

          1. Gee Admin, you sound like an NFL official.

            1. Author

              I know, I am a prude with this stuff. I got it from admiring Barry Sanders. He’d make about 50 different moves and burn guys left and right for highlight reel TDs, and then politely hand the ball to the ref. And those were the days when he would have been allowed to celebrate any way he chose.

  1. @Admin

    One thing that you didn’t mention was that Moore, who usually has really good placement on his passes, was wildly inconstant yesterday. Passes were rarely hitting receivers in stride or on the numbers. So many 3rd down passes were behind, above or to far out in front of receivers. On a few slant patterns he led the receivers right into defenders where the receiver got leveled.

    He just wasn’t there.

    The pass that Landry dropped (I’m not excusing it because it hit his hands so he should have hauled that in) was thrown so far behind him it was tremendous work to get back in position. It wasn’t because Moore was hit because as you rightfully pointed out DuPree took a full step and one half before launching his helmet into Moore’s helmet and drawing the roughing the passer penalty and being ejected from the game.

    Oh ya that didn’t happen did it?

    Well ya Dupree did take almost two steps before the illegal hit. The part that didn’t happen was the Ref standing there watching didn’t throw the flag.

    However did that surprise anyone after Heyward-Bey started a scuffle during which he pushed and hit at lest three Dolphins players and one ref and wasn’t flagged? The Bumm should have been ejected from the game!

    After the hit on Moore two of Pittsburgh players should have been ejected from the game.

    To add insult to injury on the offensive series for the Steelers after Moore got leveled the refs called a phantom PI on us to put the ball at the Steelers 20 yard line on a 3rd down play.

    There was no way the refs were going to give Miami anything.

    Holding on our DL – Ya Suh was handled by one DLman alright. Do you know what the magic sauce was? Chop block with the TE and Center when they pulled and holding when they didn’t.

    But if they aren’t going to call the much more obvious and egregious penalties why bother talking about small things like holding and low hits?

    Damien Williams has turned into a nice situational football player. I think that he would make a great slot receiver somewhere. He is a restricted free agent but I don’t see the value in keeping him as we already have a few great slot receivers. I would rather draft a RB in the late rounds who could amount to something and see if we hit. Although with how many LB we need I think we just draft all LB and keep Ajayi and Drake in the backfield.

    You know what I would really really really LOVE? (Other then Snowflake Jay to disappear?)

    I would love to have Bruce Miller (Don’t laugh just because the guy beat up so 70 year old dudes) or a real bruising fullback who could line up in the I behind Tannehill and open lanes for Ajayi and allow us to play some power football. COACHING TIP – He is an unrestricted free agent! He is fast and big runs a 4.8 40y and weighs 250+ someone like that could give our running game another dimension. Williams can’t do that and when Williams comes in the defense knows they just got a much easier out. With a real FB especially one who is fast and can catch (Like Miller who converted to TE as well) you have the threat of two more receivers out of that backfield in Ajayi and Miller (or whoever you put back there). Defenses would not count that as an easy out!

    100% Agree with you about the Nonsense penalties but I would imagine Gase will clean that up.

    As far as the announcers man it was driving me nuts. Not only is Pit a different team then the one in game six did you hear them go on and on about how Miami was ALSO a different team since they were basically starting a completely different group of guys because everyone who played in week six for the Dolphins is eather dead or on their death bed (ok maybe a little sarcasm there!)


    The idiotic announcers seem to have forgoten that…….

    One last note

    “Dolphins at great risk of losing Joseph”

    This is an actual headline form a Miami Herald reporter. His name is Barry Jackson and he must be oblivious to how the game of football is played and what the term RISK means.

    Risk is – a situation involving exposure to danger

    thats the definition of the word. Looking at our Defense over the last half of the season let me ask you this barry. What danger would their be if we lost Joseph?

    Oh we might be the worst Defense in the NFL?

    I think we are!

    So therefor how in the hell could their be any danger?

    What is the risk?

    Then Barry goes on to say, “Dolphins linebackers coach Matt Burke would be among strong contenders to replace Joseph”

    Based on what?

    There will be much better Defensive coaches out there who will WANT to come and coach with Gase and the Dolphins after the year we just had.

    No one wanted to come down here into the mess we had before but Gase has changed that. If Vance wants to leave and absolutely ruin his NFL coaching career then I would happily help him pack his bags.

    I would consider that a wash at best but probably an upgrade!

  2. Author

    Good comments! I saw the Vance Joseph “at risk” headline too. It’s a headscratcher. To me, it falls on the players to execute, and many did not. But were they in the best position to make plays? That part falls on the coordinator, and Vance had them scattered all over, too far off the line, etc. For the past 2 months!
    Moore was indeed throwing poorly yesterday, but I didn’t mention that too much because I was too upset by his mental errors. Not protecting a ball in a cold playoff game? In excusable. It stings worse than when he fumbled a 15-point lead away to Tim Tebow after the 2-minute warning.,,,which was previously the worst thing Matty Iced ever did to us.

    1. @Admin

      You know what else excites me is knowing that Josh McDanials interviewed for the 49s job over the weekend and Matt Patricia interviewed with the Chargers.

      Could you imagine those two leaving the Patriots at the same time!

      Say what you will about bill belichick being a great coach…. losing those guys would be worthy of Berry jackass’s headline……

      “Patriots at great risk of losing both McDanials and Patricia”


      If that happens it would drop the mighty patriots down one peg at lest. That isn’t to say we would catch them next year but it would certainly help close the gap a little more. Both of those men are quality coaches.

      1. @Phil

        I completely agree with you. It just would have been nice to not have one guy give the ball away three times and twice within scoring range.

        That is kind of a sucker punch and the way he did it. I mean just so careless with the ball. Like admin said if he had just fallen to the ground both times he saw the blitz… no problem.

      2. Joseph, McDanials and Patricia

        Who doesn’t belong in this conversation?


        1. Author

          The Rooney Rule makes lists like that possible !

          Please, Mr. Elway. Hire Vance Joseph.

    2. Hey brian youve been on fire lately. Enjoying your comments more than writing my own. Hahha keep it up man.

  3. If anyone thought that the Dolphins would go into a frigid, windchill factor four degree Pittsburgh and win….you must’ve been smoking some good stuff. Do most of you people realize that counting the Pre-season and the Playoff game against the Steelers the Dolphins played a combined eleven (11) road games? I don’t care who you are, that’s a lot of miles on your team. We all gotta admit, Miami went into that Playoff game all busted up and weary. Matt Moore sat on the bench for four years and if anyone expected him to go into a Playoff game in a frozen stadium and win it with just four games played this year under his belt is amazingly delusional.

    Miami lost, and I can’t cry about it, because finally, we got there. All I want is for my team to get healthy this off season and go into next season on an up note.

    1. @Phil

      I completely agree with you. It just would have been nice to not have one guy give the ball away three times and twice within scoring range.

      That is kind of a sucker punch and the way he did it. I mean just so careless with the ball. Like admin said if he had just fallen to the ground both times he saw the blitz… no problem.

      1. I understand…but don’t forget how many times you’ve seen Tannehill fumble the ball after getting hit because he refused to just get rid of it. You must admit, Tannehill has stunk up a lot games! Tannehill has left network sports announcers shaking their heads because he has taken so many unnecessary sacks due to holding onto the ball too long instead of just throwing it away.

        1. Author

          True true true. Tannehill’s worst fumbles are always some big fat slow defensive tackle waddling up the middle of the line, in plain view of Tannehill, who then tries to run away, but gets hit anyway. He always sees the danger coming up the middle, and doesn’t protect the ball. Although he got much better under Gase.

        2. Tannehill lost three fumbles this year so I’m not sure that your comment applies to this season

          1. That’s because Tannehill finally learned how to sling the damn ball away instead of taking unnecessary loses.

            1. @Phil

              Remember that this is the first year that the training wheels have come off for Tannehill and he has been alowed to be a QB. Also the OL finially starting protecting him around week 5 and that is where his numbers really picked up.

              Snowflake Jay likes to talk about Tannehills 96.something QBR and Matt Moores 100.something QBR but if you void the first 5 games Tannehill is well above Moores rating. I think Tannehill is around 106 QBR so thats what I would look forward to as the Bar for next year.

              You can win some games with a QB like that…… Jay wants to blow it all up because his Fantasy QB Moore turned out to be just that

              A Fantasy!

              Snowflake Jay……his Qb Moore couldn’t make the paly…. the play that would have saved the day…..

        3. Agree! TannePuke is a pathetic excuse for a NFL QB!!

    2. Author

      Yes, that’s definitely a lot of travel and wear and tear. Going to Seattle is just about as bad as going to London, which we have to do next year for a “home” game.
      I’d like to see Gase and perhaps the players do what they can to get more embraced by the community to get more fans into Hard Rock stadium for our 7 home games next year. No one cares about Ross saying “Come to the games because I have celebrity owners and I built you an awning.” The Week 17 game I was at was disgusting to see so many Pat fans buying tickets that Dolfans should have had.

      1. You know what’s F’d up Admin? Out of thirty two teams in the NFL, the state of Florida has to provide two of it’s teams to go play in London.

        That is outrageous!

        1. Author

          Even more outrageous is Stephen Ross thinking that it’s a GOOD thing and an advantage. Gase needs to simply sit him down and explain the concept of home field advantage, and demand that Ross not give away said advantage.

          1. Hopefully we’re through overpaying for hosting a Super Bowl with London games.

          2. In defense of Ross,the reason we’re playing in London next season is because we were awarded a Super Bowl in our stadium.Not Ross’s call

            1. Yeah but Mike, as the Admin of this site always points out, “we” were not rewarded a Super Bowl. The owner of the stadium reap those rewards, not the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins lose a home game so that Ross can have a Super Bowl.

            2. Author

              LOL, thanks for remember my posts, Floridan. The best owners in this league devote 100% of their body, soul, and money to their team’s success. With Mr. Ross, the Dolphins are only his third-favorite team. You only get eight precious home games per year, and to give them away is a sin.

  4. Ok i saw the pic of matt more and the dlineman coming his way. Not what im about to say is based soley on the pic. I havent rewatched the game so thats all i have to go on. And i think i have some expertise to bear on this. I played sports for 10 years in which vision was very very important and i would say as important as vision to an nfl qb.

    This equates to mechanics and how vision is being applied. In my opinion Matt moore is looking up over the line and down field. This takes peripheral vision and narrows it. Especially with adrenaline pumping a lot of what i call noise is filtered out. Also the dline man is low and moving further outside of matts side vision. Many times in my experiences ive been looking with my face right in the direction but missed an obvious detail because my eyes were focused down field. And even if matt saw him did he have enough time to know if he was picked up or not? I dunno but he rode the pine for 4 years hes not superman or a super qb. He didnt screw the pooch like oaklands mcgloin and cook did. Hes probably the best backup in the league but without 1st team reps what exactly more did you guys expect?

    1. Not to mention PHINSUP, in very cold weather like what the Dolphins endured, the football is very slippery. Not making any excuses, but it is.

    2. @PhinsUp

      Sorry to disapoint althouh I agree with you that this is porbably what happened. It shouldn’t have happened and not twice in two series for sure especially with halftime in between!

      Also everyone lest please dispense with, “Moore is probably the best backup in the NFL” because that isn’t true by any stretch.

      Who here wouldn’t have rather had Jimmy Garoppolo backing up Ryan Tannehill?

      1. Hell I would have rather had Tannehill backing up Garoppolo!

        I’d probably take Brissett over Moore to be honest at lest he has more upside!

  5. Author

    Okay, he could be looking over him, I suppose. But pre-snap, Harrison moved from right in front of Albert to way way left of Albert. Moore totally missed that I think. Inexcusable. And then when Moore decided to run, he took off with one hand on the ball and kind of jogged away with a waddle. He has to know better. He has to throw it away at that point. No one else played well either, but they didn’t earn my wrath because they didn’t give the ball away like Moore did. Poor guy is gonna have a long off season.

    1. Ms. Albert had her worst game of the season up there. Those folks who grade the players said that but I didn’t need their evaluation to see it. I figure 1 more year for her and The Tonsil moves outside.
      Don’t get me started on DoorMatt………I used to think The “Bust had tunnel vision but the ‘Matt set the bar even lower. And talk about slow to react. AND-slow,period!

    2. @Admin I just watched the post game press conference with Gase stating moore said he saw the guy coming . Now I’m not sure which fumble he was talking about but its very likely the one in the pic you mentioned. So you were right. But I think many strip sacks happen like how I described because of where the qb is focusing his vision.

      1. Author

        Agreed that strip sacks always occur, even to the best QBs. Even Tom Brady. Although when Brady gets strip sacked, they invoke something called the Tuck Rule, and hand the deflated ball right back to him.

  6. “The NFL Players Association announced Monday afternoon that it is launching an investigation into whether protocol was followed on the Dolphins’ sidelines after Moore missed just one play.

    Whenever a player is suspected of suffering a concussion, he is to be examined by an independent monitor to determine if he is fit to play, according to NFL protocol. ”


    I just saw this priceless gem of an article. Now I thought part of the new Snowflake revolution of Jay and his friends was that anytime a Player got hit he would meander over to the sideline where each team would have a completely independent concussion protocol specialist evaluate him independent of team coaches and doctors and clear him through the concision protocol before the player was allowed to go over and discuses anything with coaches and team doctors.

    So isn’t that what the hell happened?

    The artical continued….. “….CBS’ cameras showed him on the sideline 2:45 after impact with a man appearing to ask him questions while a second person stood nearby, appearing to take notes. ”

    Well I would assume the investigation would be pretty quick,

    Players Association: Who was the man asking Moore questions on the sideline?

    Coach Gase: Your stupid concussion protocol guy we have to cart all over the place with us

    Players Association: What was he asking Moore on the sideline there?

    Coach Gase: I don’t know I’m not allowed to talk to him. Hes your guy you call and ask him. Goodbye!

    So thats like 18 seconds…….

    Investigation over!

    1. Of course you can’t fine a single article about an investigation into the dirty hit that sent Moore to the sidelines!

      Believe me if any other NFL QB not on the Dolphins roster got hit like that they would have called the game right there and arrested the player for the illegal hit!

      1. I have no idea how he was cleared that quickly…. I honestly thought that Matt Moore was dead on that played…

        1. If he was indeed dead,we’d have an instant QB upgrade! Sorry,I couldn’t resist.

      2. @Brian You beat me to it. Ivestigation? On us but not on the hit. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the class separation between the NFL darlings and us nothing will. Blatant facemask on Wake during a replay. We barely touch a receiver on a route and instant PI. And I bet admin with his attention for detail can mention about 20 more instances of non calls.

  7. Author

    Well the NFL has a chance to investigate 3 separate aspects of Bud Dupreee’s hit: 1) the fact that it was a blow to Moore’s head; 2) That it was late; and 3) That he led with his helmet into Moore’s chin (which is worse than #1 above because it’s not just a cheap head shot, but a head shot using a weapon.
    Instead, the NFL wants to punish Miami because Matt Moore is not a pussy and got right back out there. He can’t pass and fumbled the game away, but he only missed one single play, and I commend him for that. He got beat up all day long and kept getting up. Meanwhile, Big Rapist got hit once and hurt her ankle.
    Personally, I was ecstatic that Miami threw him right back out there. Teams like New England and Pitt and others have, for many years, skirted the little unseen injury rules, while Joe Philbin played by the book. I assume that by rule, Moore should have been on the bench getting a thorough exam. But Adam Gase said, Nope. Not today Mr. Goodell. I like that. Take the fine. Take a memory or two away from Moore when he’s 80 years old. But for the time being? Game on !!

  8. Will TannePuke ever win ONE playoff game? NO

    Will TannePuke ever have a winning record? NO

  9. Author

    By the way, I was following all week that Mike Pouncey was telling everyone is he healthy and could have played. THAT is why you don’t put guys on I.R. Same thing with JJ Watt in Houston. The Texans have nobody to stop Tom Brady because they gave up on Watt 10 weeks ago, and now he’s 100% healthy but ineligible.

    1. @Admin

      Hopefully this is a lesson Gase has written down in his notebook because we could have had at lest 3 starters back for this game and that would have been huge for us.

      Especially since we all KNOW that this pittsburgh team was not the same team we faced in week 6!

      1. Author

        And the NFL and players’ union can certainly help by relaxing the rules a little. There needs to be window for “maybe using a player if we make the playoffs” instead of the all-or-nothing way the IR is set up. Why they require/force you to be an injury fortune-teller in August is beyond me.

        1. @Admin

          That is a great idea. That all but guarantees the NFL wont even consider it!

  10. This was a fun year boys, first time in this sites history Miami made the playoffs I think. Beside Jay I actually really enjoyed the comments this year, all my friends are eagles fans so it’s nice to actually communicate with other dolphin fans on here, hopefully the team continues to build on this season and next year we have more good things to talk about.

    1. @Zach

      I totally agree with you 100% especially about the

      “Beside Jay I actually really enjoyed the comments this year…..”

      Snowflake Jay just can’t handle the truth that he was soooo wrong about Moore for two years and everyone here was right!

  11. Author

    Former Dolphin and current Steeler coach Joey Porter continues Pittsburgh’s typical no-class ways by allegedly assaulting an off-duty cop and getting arrested.

  12. Lots of good stuff here guys although I’m not going to throw the DC under the bus. Injuries and shit LB’s to start. No faith in the safeties don’t blame him first two TD’S are on them so how do you press coverage with no reliable help? When healthy they weren’t bad except LB’S all year screwed the pooch.

    Pitt DB grabs Parker by the collar no call. Howard touches WR on hand PI. You can see it coming a mile away…… All day.

  13. @Flyer Even the announcers mentioned the collar tackle. Awesome non call.

    1. His whole hand was inside his collar pulling him back. Moore led him and it looked like it was too far ahead with the throw which it wasn’t. Fine but to then call the one which was half as bad on Howard come on man thats ridiculous. I knew that they had no shot after that BS…plus the fumbles didn’t help.

      1. Author

        Yeah, a typical Steeler non-call.

  14. Well Guys looks like I need to go to Miami tonight and help Vance pack his crap…..

    NFL Network just announced that he is expected to be hired by Denver TONIGHT!

    I’m undecided on this honestly because he had such poor talent and he did do some good things but man the last six games were painful.

    @Admin – Let’s start talking about who we can realistically get down here to replace him!

    1. Author

      Word is that the Linebackers coach Matt Burke will be promoted. I can see Gase wanting to keep it in house.

      1. Author

        Although Mr. Rex Ryan is an intriguing name…

  15. Franks has real promise. He is just a young kid. Do not expect him to produce like a veteran. That said, he did quite well regardless, when the chips were down. But he needs still more time to reach his full potential. Give him that chance.

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