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Last week, Ryan Tannehill said the ball slipped out of his hand when he threw that terrible endzone interception to the Titans’ Malcolm Butler.   Yesterday, the ball slipped from his hand and the Jets recovered.   I don’t know how you correct sweaty hands, but it needs to be addressed.   These were both big turnovers near the goal lines, and the ball slipped while Tannehill wasn’t even hit.  Have you ever seen another QB with such slippery hands two weeks in a row?

The fumble yesterday was caused by Tannehill’s panic on a broken play.   That is something else to be addressed immediately.  We’ve run those QB bootlegs about 6 times this year, and it’s worked great 4 times.   The two other times, Tannehill didn’t adjust.   He fumbled yesterday and he threw a bad, late pass on the same play last week.  Practice practice practice.    You need to have a Plan B in place for times when the DE bursts through and disrupts your play.   Passing the ball backwards before he even hits you is not a wise option.    Panic comes from lack of preparation.

All that being said, our QB played a solid game.   His best pass was the TD to AJ Derby.   I’ll again give Derby credit for a nice route and catch.   After 2 years my saying that he has never contributed, he came through with a dagger to the Jets.

CBS analyzed how the Jets were double-teaming BOTH of our DEs yesterday in a max protection scheme.  But we were still able to bother Darnold throughout the day.   I didn’t see a lot of blitzes either.   That shows us that our D-line minus Suh isn’t as bad as we thought.

Finally (for now), let’s not get too excited.  We had some very lucky plays go our way yesterday.  Darnold overthrew a wide open WR in the endzone.  Their TE dropped an easy 30-yard gainer with no Dolphin near him.  We got the benefit of two defensive holding calls that were both iffy.   We got the call on Xavien’s interception.  He was probably in bounds, but we never get those calls our way!  And let’s never forget the boneheaed Jets call with 10 seconds left an no time outs.  Reshad Jones made a brilliant play on that, but the Jets handed it to us on a silver platter.

Oh, and thank goodness we signed frank Gore, eh?

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  1. Tannelhill has small hands! this will always be a problem

    1. It hasn’t hurt Cheeto for 19 months-LOL!

  2. Darnold also missed a wide open receiver BEHIND All-World player Minkah Fitzsimmons for an easy TD.

    1. Author

      Yes, I forgot that early play. You are correct.

  3. All the hype and bullshit about Gesicki (or GoFundMe or whatever his name is) in training camp and preseason and he rarely played in preseason games and he rarely plays now and contributes nothing when he does. On a team with crap TEs and he can’t even get on the field.

    1. 2nd round pick too…he better pan out! Gase seems to ease players in but Minkah is playing a lot so who knows?

    2. Apparently Gesicki was on the field a lot but the Jets were focusing on him according to Gase. Maybe Gase is just protecting him but he said that Tanny didn’t want to force the ball into coverage. Could mean that he was covered well or he couldn’t get open? He’s such a huge target that you only have to throw it high and he’s open!!!

  4. How about Vontrelle Davis QUITTING at halftime.

      1. I wonder how much of his guarantee and signing bonus he will have to repay.

    1. He had to go call his grandma!

        1. Author

          I remember watching this a few years ago, and almost laughing at Vontae. I mean, who tries to call their grandma in the middle of a business meeting??
          Now that i see the full video again, I feel terrible for him. He’s so close to crying, and I don’t blame him. Calling grandma was because he was in shock, and it shows on the poor guy’s face.
          The truly sad part is earlier in that same video, when genius Joe Philbin gives up on Vontae. A year later, Vontae is a Pro Bowler for the Colts. Shows you what Philbin knew, that idiot.

  5. One more player deserves their props, and no one on this site has mentioned his name (yet) . As little regard we give to kickers, I thought our punter Matt Haack had an excellent game – 4 punts inside the jests 20, and I think 3 of those were inside their 10 yard line.

    Field position plays a very big part in games, especially in the close ones, which this game really was (just not the final score) – indeed we got most of the calls and some lucky breaks – and I can’t remember the last time we got those in a game, it’s been that long ….

    1. You are right AJ about being lucky. The Jets running out of time just inches from crossing the goal line who would have been a giant momentum boost for them had they scored right before halftime.

      1. It was actually a bad call by the Jets Phil as they had no timeouts. They were lucky that they even came that close to scoring! Either way good play by the D.

        1. Author

          It was a bad call, but it still almost worked for the Jets. it took 3 Dolphins to put that guy down. Jones, McDonald, and McCain. I give McCain a lot of credit. McCain was 20 yards away and didn’t sit there and simply watch Jones try to tackle the guy one on one. He sprinted over and ended up making the play.

          1. We should definitely give McCain some credit then! Even bad calls can sometimes work although it was still dumb as the Jets gave up a sure 3 pts.

            1. Author

              Here’s the play. Watch when the guy catches it. Jones is right on top of him. McDonald is nearby and gets there next. But Bobby McCain is way up on the top of the screen, and has to race down cuz the receiver kept battling to his credit.

              1. Gang tackling at its finest…

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