Some Quick Notes on the Dolphins Loss to Oakland

I’ll have a lot more during the week, but here are my quick tidbits.

Funny how the refs never called any holding when we gained 4 or 5 yards.  Every single hold was when we had a long play for a first down.

Funny how Adam Gase is so tough about doing things his own way, and he won’t allow players to question his team rules.  But when it comes to players whining about their desire to disrespect the flag and country, Gase folded faster than the Falcons in the Super Bowl.  (If you missed it, Gase caved in on his rule about Stills, Thomas, and Thomas kneeling for the National Anthem).

First game in quite a while where the defense let us down.  Couldn’t stop Oakland on numerous third downs.

Speaking of Michael Thomas, he’s not an NFL-caliber player, and shame on the Dolphins for having no one to take his place.   No depth.

Dolphins cannot cover a tight end.

Jay Cutler looked really good out there.  Except for the holding, the O-line played well.  It’s something to build on.

Mike Pouncey had two holds, plus he hiked the worst snap in NFL history.   But Gase will praise him and never ever bench him.  Dolphins have a lot of bad players, but somehow, Mike Pouncey is the only one who fools people into saying he’s good.

On the Raiders’ first TD, Carr threw up an arching ball that was in the air for about three and a half minutes.  Reshad Jones STILL mis-played it, despite having all the time in the world to defend it.

The Dolphins lost their knack for winning close games.   Holding penalties and a crucial Kenyan Drake fumble sealed the deal.

Jay Ajay had a brilliant, long TD run today.  The guy we received in return for Jay?   He’s in a dorm room somewhere.


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  1. I hate whining about the refs but they were atrocious and the Fins got screwed way worse than the raiders.

    The field was also shit maybe consider not playing college the night before.

    Fins RB’S did a great job catching the ball created a lot of first downs when holding wasn’t called. I honestly don’t think that they missed Jay train who couldn’t catch a pair of breasts bouncing in his lap. This offence is built for that…

    1. Author

      Yes, it was a refreshing change of pace to see the RBs consistently catch the ball.

  2. Our offensive line killed the game for us. If you take into consideration the penalties and the hurries/sacks in the second half…..

    Gase is right they held the line a lot better rather then retreating at the snap of the ball all the way back to the QB but they got beat far to often.

    ….and that includes our PRO BOWL center!

    1. Our pro bowl center is terrible. I really think all the injuries over the years have taken away his consistency. Sometimes he plays well but he just can’t sustain it for a full game.

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