Stephen Ross gives us Yet Another new executive, but Refuses to give us a new Head Coach

Stephen Ross is like the weird old uncle who ignores your Christmas list and gives you a pair of socks as a gift.

What we desperately need is a new head coach, but instead Ross gives us a new executive, a new logo, a “home” game in Europe, celebrity co-owners like J-Lo, and much much more.

Which Dolphins co-owner knows more about football? J-Lo or Stephen Ross?

Today Ross announced that Mike Tannenbaum  would be our new Executive Vice President of Football Operations.  This further convolutes an already-confusing front office in which no one know who reports to whom.

It’s an office where a boss (Tannenbaum) cannot fire his employee (Philbin).  It’s an office where an accountant (Aponte) gets to make football decisions.  It’s a front office where the new GM, who recently had a very successful draft and free-agency (Ju’Wuan James, Jarvis Landry, and Branden Albert) essentially gets demoted in favor of Tannenbaum.  It’s a front office where Dolphin greats like Dan Marino and Don Shula are advisers, but no one know what they advise.  it’s a mess, and Ross just made it messier.
“I am excited that Mike Tannenbaum has joined the organization full time,” Ross said. “He is an experienced executive and leader that understands all facets of the sports landscape. During his time as a consultant this past season, I was able to see his impact first hand through his commitment and passion for innovation and using every possible avenue to find competitive edges.”

That’s a nice statement, and Tannenbaum definitely has experience and some smart decisions under his belt.  You have to assume that he’s bright enough to understand that Philbin is a terrible coach.  And maybe…just maybe…there is a glimmer of hope that he can get Ross to change his mind about retaining Clueless Joe in 2015.


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  1. So Hickey has an outstanding draft, and he is demoted. But Philbin has a terrible awful season, and he is rewarded? What is Ross’s logic?

  2. This is yet another prime example of why quality NFL coaches and GM’s won’t touch Miami with a 10 foot pole. This move only undermines his current GM and coach, and shows his insane loyalty to Dawn Aponte.

    Tom Gamble, who was just released by PHI, wouldn’t even listen to what the Fins had to say. Neither would several other candidates. How does this do anything to remedy that situation?

    I think Hickey is a nice enough guy, but TB didn’t even offer him an interview, even though he had been there for years. It’s not like we had tons of personnel guys beating down our doors. It was only Hickey and Brian Gaine, our Asst GM at the time.

    I guess Ross is reading the writing on the wall that Philbin will be gone after next year, and most likely so will Hickey, if Ross is to get any halfway decent coach to even listen to what we have to say.

    Another prime example of why the Dolphins are now the laughing stock of pro sports and the epitome of how a single owner can undermine an entire organization….

    Happy New Year,
    BIG J

  3. I actually somewhat like this. Before philbin and hickey had to report to Ross himself about football operations. Which makes no sense since philbin and hickey at least have more football knowledge than Ross. With Tannebaum as vp at least philbin and hickey will report to him now, and maybe he can make some corrections that can make this a better team.

    1. Author

      Yeah, it is not a bad move. But it’s far from the more dramatic move that we need. Tannenbaum has a lot of Jet fans hating him, but he was instrumental in getting Rex Ryan hired. Then he stepped back and allowed Rex to lead them to two straight AFC Title Games. The man knows how to get the proper personnel, and he’s proven it. The problem we foresee is that Ross won’t let him have that much freedom in South Florida. We already have to assume that Ross won’t let MH fire Philbin and bring in Rex Ryan, even though that is the wise move. Tannenbaum will eventually get tired of Ross’s nonsense and move on. Hope we’re wrong, but I can see that occurring.

  4. Hi all – I was away for the whole new year’s week. Was driving through Florida on the 28th, and kept checking in with the Dolphins game….painful.

    I basically agree with Zach and Admin that it’s better to have somebody else making football decisions than Ross, but I also agree this makes everything really confusing.

    So I’m not really adding anything new to the discussion, so much as saying “WTF?”.

    And yes, they should simply dump Philbin and get anybody. A passionate high school coach is probably better; and I’m not exaggerating.

    1. Author

      A high school coach would call a QB sneak on 4th and inches once in a while, instead of ALWAYS going for long field goals instead.
      I’ll take someone without passion, as long as they have basic football IQ.

  5. Author

    Interesting morning for articles about the Tannenbaum situation. Armando Salguero from the Miami Herald “borrowed” my exact assessment of this situation by calling the Dolphins front office “convoluted,” just like I did. I’m not saying that the Herald writers “borrow” from my blog regularly, but I do keep track of how many times I write an evening article, and then the very next morning, they point out the same exact things…using the same language as I did!
    Anyway, pretty much every journalist, football expert, and NFL Insider all agree that this is a terrible situation. Stephen Ross has about 15 different bosses on his staff, all reporting to him or to each other in a criss-cross of confusing power structure.
    Still waiting for Ross to explain what Dennis Hickey did wrong. You don’t hire someone to oversee an employee unless that employee did something drastically wrong and needs supervision. What did Hickey do?

    1. Doesn’t surprise me about the Herald coincidence(s); especially concerning concerning Salguero. A lot of his stuff is either derivative or brown-nosing. I can see why he’d want/need to draw from other places for a fresh perspective.

      As for what Hickey did wrong – we may never know. By the same token, if he did something that bad what doesn’t Ross just fire him, rather than hire someone else to oversee him? Weird!

      1. Author

        Now they are saying that Hickey will continue to report to Ross, and Hickey does not report to Tannenbaum. Ross just keeps bringing in more and more people without letting anyone go. I’ll cut the media some slack here because we ALL thought Hickey would report to Tannenbaum, but I guess not.

  6. Hello guys,

    So I didn’t dislike this hire at lest we have someone with some real knowledge and experience. The way it was done is a joke but we should expect that. I hope this means that that Ross will will take a back seat and let Tannenbaum and Hickey run things and hopefully if Joe keeps he win / loss even they will can him halfway through the year and let Lazor step in and coach the team. Unfortunately I just saw that they are offering Joe a contract extension.

  7. “….offering Joe a contract extension.” All I can say at this point is I wish Joe would buy me a powerball ticket. Got to be the luckiest guy in the world.

  8. Oh Jesus. It gets worse.

    Apparently, the Dolphins may be in violation of the NFL’s “Rooney Rule”, which requires that teams interview minority candidates for coaching and senior positions.

    And in true form, they’ve been doing a fair amount of back-peddling.

    What a horribly-run front office ~ as if we didn’t know that already.

    1. Author

      That was just a rumor. The NFL has already stated–officially–that the Dolphins did nothing wrong.

      1. Well – not exactly. The Dolphins had to restate the new power structure to the NFL. But in so doing, they contradicted the power structure that Tannenbaum laid out.

        So either they simply paid lip service to the rules, or they didn’t have a grasp on what the new position is all about; and also the guy they hired didn’t understand that either.

        I guess the reality is a combo of both, but it’s still pretty cheesy.

        1. Author

          The guy they hired didn’t understand. The guy who did the hiring didn’t understand either. That’s why it’s so hard to be a Dolfan. The alleged “brains” of our organization can’t even do a job offer correctly.

          1. Amazing. Simply amazing.

            In any case, my bad for spreading the rumor here.

    1. Author

      Yes, stick around for the Dolphins Truth article about our biggest needs. Apparently we’re the only Dolphins writers who see a STRONG need to upgrade our kicker. We need a weapon. A true weapon who reliably gives us three points when needed. We have a cowardly coach who tries for 3 way too often. The least he can do is give us a reliable chance to get those 3 points. People laughed at Al Davis for taking Janikowski in Round One. But he’s proven to be a reliable weapon for well over a decade.

    1. Author

      Shula started saying that during New England’s 18-1 season, when the Spygate stuff was going on. I think deep down, Shula has to respect Belichick, but still it’s fun to hear him say that stuff.

  9. I defer to your knowledge and memory, Admin!

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