Stephen Ross’s Latest Venture

As we often mention here at Dolphins Truth, owner Stephen Ross does too many things unrelated to helping the Miami Dolphins win.  Mr. Ross is extremely active, but he is not productive.  What does that mean?

The latest example is the anti-bullying legislation/task force that Mr. Ross initiated with some law professors and NY University.  In a recent conference call, Mr. Ross explained his involvement.

After listening to the entire call, it is (once again) very apparent that this endeavor will not help the Miami Dolphins whatsoever.  And should THAT be Mr. Ross’s prime concern.

Here are a few of the highlights of Mr. Ross’s speech:

  • He went to Detroit to take a tour.
  • He (wrongly) believes that all of America is appalled over the locker room teasing that occurred.
  • He discussed his own education in New York.
  • He gave his views on Americana.

As you can see, none of the items he covered has anything to do with improving his team.

But the most damaging part of the conference call was when it was revealed that Mr. Ross reached out to NYU in December, to look into the anti-bulling campaign,

December.  Think back to December.

In December, the Dolphins were in the midst of a serious playoff push.  The playoffs were in sight.  The team was focused.  Joe Philbin was making the right calls.  It was clearly the most important time in years for everyone in the Dolphins organization to be focused on football.  But instead, Mr. Ross was focused on the stigma of bullying and how he could work with some New York City guys about spreading the word.

Sad but true…In the midst of a dramatic playoff chase demanding everyone’s resources and attention, Mr. Ross was concerned with other things.  Granted, his heart is in the right place and we should all be focused on being better people to one another.  But couldn’t Mr.  Ross have waited?


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