Tannehill gets huge new contract. Is he worth it?

Ryan Tannehill has agreed to a whopping new contract extension, which should keep him in Miami for the rest of his career.

We think this is good news.

Ryan Tannehill's Wife
Imagine having $90 million AND the girl above.   Ryan gets them both!

Tannehill’s stats might not be superb, but at least he’s progressing.  He has been limited and hampered by a head coach who thinks it’s 1925 and an offensive line & WR corps  that keeps changing on him constantly.  Despite all that, Tannehill has proven to be tough as nails.

He shut us up earlier in 2014, after a few poor games, when he finally started to play.  He did well.  He needs to do better, and that means giving him some freedom.  Audibles would be a good start.   Allowing him to run a QB sneak on 4th and inches would be another positive, instead of asking him to take a seven-step drop and try to “trick” the defense with a draw play.  Joe Philbin needs to stop that nonsense immediately and let this kid lead.

Tannehill isn’t Tom Brady, but he’s still the 2nd-best QB in the AFC East, ahead of whatever bozo QBs that Buffalo and the Jets decide to go with.

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  1. Congrats to young T-Hill! He most definitely deserves the front offices vote of confidence.

  2. Definataly think this is a great thing especially as Admin states, when you look around the league even in the afc east there are so many teams with much bigger question marks at QB this was a no brainier but with this owner there is no confidence that it wouldn’t get screwed up so its nice to see it done!

  3. T-hill is our best QB since Marino and has potential to be the 2nd best QB in Dolphin history. It’s hard to imagine in the 50 years of Dolphin history that we’re only on our 3rd “franchise” QB….. Marino & Griese being the others. It feels good to not have to worry about QB anymore after all these years. I just hope Tanny improves on his deep balls this year.

    1. A franchise QB that has never had a winning season?? TOO FUNNY! Tannehill is a loser. Wake up and smell the coffee!!

      1. Author

        Mike, you’re obviously not a Tannehill fan, and you make some interesting points about what woulda happened if we went with Matt Moore. However, T-hill is way better than Chad Henne. Believe me, I didn’t like T-hill too much at first, but his progress is really noticeable, and the losses in our most important games are not his fault. He may not be THE franchise QB, but he is our franchise QB now, and with a better defense and a smarter offensive playcaller, he could really excel.

        1. Yeah, if you have a great defense any QB might win But that isnt the reason to be satisfied with an accuracy challenged QB with no pocket presence. Like Tannehill, Chad Henne had some good games and he had the same W-L record. And with the playoffs on the line in the final games the last 2 years (vs Jets) Tannehill was pathetic. I think he’s a below average QB that the Fins seem to be satisfied with.

          1. Author

            Again, you make good points about his pocket presence. Everyone always talks about the LEFT tackle and the QB’s blind side. With Tannehill, it seems to be his right side (which he can see) and right up the middle. He actually SEES these giant rushing right at him, and he still doesn’t get out of the way. That is a problem, and I do not dispute you.

  4. Way too much money for not even a playoff game. Sorry, but I’m for proving himself worthy of that much money.

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
  5. Football is the ultimate team sport. If it was all about the qb then a Brees, Rodgers, Brady, or Manning led team would win the Super Bowl or at least make the play-offs every year. Neither has happened or will happen because many more factors affect winning or losing. This deal makes sense for the immediate future and the long term. As long as the front office continues to build around their young qb he won’t be a problem or undeserving.

    1. “If it was all about the qb then a Brees, Rodgers, Brady, or Manning led team would at least make the play-offs every year.”

      Uhh they pretty much do! Its rare they dont! The QB is like the pitcher in baseball the position that has the most influence in W’s and L’s.

  6. I agree with Bryan that his long ball accuracy should improve over time. The good news that comes with this is now he can put the whole fiasco about Philbin not having confidence in him totally behind. I’d like to see us sign Matt Moore to a 3 year extension for insurance against injury.

    1. I think we would’ve been in the playoffs the last 2 years if Matt Moore had been starting. Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did leaving Matt Moore on the bench.

  7. on a side note Tannehill’s wife sure had those Miami tan legs 🙂

  8. Tannehill is no better than Chad Henne. In fact his accuracy is WORSE! His yards per pass attempt is the worst in the NFL. Dont think the team will ever win with Tannehill playing QB. Big mistake not drafting another QB and giving this loser a raise.

    1. Yes,though 2020. I agree we should have traded up and drafted Mariota, who can make every throw. 6 more years of this guy=mediocrity.

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