Ted Wells Reports Again

For some reason, the NFL likes to give Ted Wells millions and millions of dollars.

There are thousands (millions?) of attorneys and impartial investigators out there, yet the NFL keeps hiring the same guy:  Ted Wells.  Why?

Whether you agree with Wells’ findings or not is irrelevant.  What is important to understand is why the NFL keeps hiring him again and again.  It makes little sense.  Certainly Dolphins Truth has no idea why.

Is Wells the only attorney in the United States who’s capable of looking into a case?  Absolutely not.  So then Why does Roger Goodell turn to Wells all the time?

Jonathan Judas Martin and Ted Wells are the only two people to ever benefit from a Wells Report.

This is just a hunch, but we think it’s because Wells gives the NFL the answers it wants to hear.   Did New England cheat?  Yes!   Is Richie incognito a bully and poor wittle Jonathan Martin an innocent victim?  Yes.   Did aliens build the Great Pyramids?  Yes!   Give Ted Wells millions and millions of dollars, and you get a report that says anything you want him to say.

The league HAD to find some wrongdoing on the Patriots’ part.  They had to.  Could you imagine if Ted took millions of dollars and came back with, “New England did nothing wrong.”   Sports fans everywhere (except highly “impartial” Boston) would go ballistic.

Same thing last year.  If Ted Wells took millions of dollars to find that “Jonathan Martin dished out the teasing as well as taking it.,” then the p.c. media and girly fans everywhere would be outraged.  “Ted Wells allowed bully Richie to get away with it.  Oh, the horror!”   The NFL couldn’t afford that, so they paid Wells millions to make Richie a bullying scapegoat.

As you can tell, the content of Wells’ reports each year isn’t the issue.   The issue is why the league gives him millions of dollars to write such reports.

Both Wells reports (Brady and Incognito) are filled with assertions, innuendo, guessing, and 99% opinions.  Our readers know what we think of the Incognito report:  it is garbage.  Ted Wells acted as judge, jury, and executioner in the way he tossed Richie under a bus.   Wells believed every single thing that Jonathan Martin claimed as if it were fact.  When Martin teased Incognito, Wells “knew” that wittle Johnny was just kidding around.  But when Richie teased back, suddenly he was a bully.

When players and coaches couldn’t remember text messages from 7 months prior, Wells “knew” they were lying.  But when Martin couldn’t remember similar messages, it was understandable to Wells.   It would have been comical if we hadn’t lost a Pro Bowl guard out of the deal.

The same opinions and assertions are found in Wells’ new Patriots report.   The main difference I see here is that Wells’ assumptions are fairly well founded.

Tom Brady worked with the ball guys for many many years.  Tom claims he didn’t even know their names. Wells didn’t believe him, and we side with Wells.  Of course Brady knew their names after all that time together.  It cannot be proven, but the assumption works for me.

The guy who deflated footballs for Brady had a nickname of the “deflator.”  Ted Wells alleged that nickname was because he deflated the balls.  Of course it was, and we agree with Wells’ assumption again.  New England’s claim is that the guy was on a diet, and thus called himself “Deflator” because he was losing weight.  We’ve all known someone who was on a diet.   Has ANYONE ever heard someone say “I’ll have water and a small salad only.  I’m trying to deflate.”  Of course not!

Tom Brady is on record stating that he likes footballs to be under-inflated a little.  His ball boys knew it.

Tom Brady refused to turn over his text messages and phone.

In the Deflategate case, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence to condemn Brady.  Brady’s own lack of cooperation and the Pats’ ludicrous defenses (We call him deflator because he was dieting) make them seem more guilty than ever.   Not a single Patriot said that the ball boys operated on their own.  No Patriot defended their actions.

Compare that to Incognito, where 50+ Dolphins told Wells that Jonathan Martin was a willing participant in the teasing and hazing, and Wells simply chose to ignore this.

Another interesting factor in all of this is how the two teams reacted to the two Wells reports.   The Dolphins last year reacted as if Wells’ Report was the factual word of God himself.   The Dolphins challenged NOTHING!   The Dolphins fired anyone named in the report and severed all ties with the innocent Richie Incognito.   As a matter of fact, the Dolphins suspended Richie while the investigation was going on.   They punished their best lineman for being guilty before being found innocent.  Typical Dolphin management.

The Patriots (smartly) did NOT suspend Tom Brady.   They issued a retort to Ted Wells.  They protested and appealed.  Yes, it was largely grandstanding and showing off, but at least they did SOMETHING.   They did not put their heads down like Joe Philbin and Stephen Ross and say “Okay, we believe every single opinion of yours is fully correct.   We will do whatever you say.”

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  1. This my friend is one of the best written blogs you have to date (imo) and perfectly articulates everything I believe and fell

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s always nice to hear people agreeing with us, although it’s more dramatic and fun when there are disagreements and arguments!

  2. When the results of the Patriots’ “Wells Report” were released, happy as I was as a Dolphins fan, I had a nagging feeling that perhaps it contained similar nonsense to the Dolphins’ report.

    Even if the report and investigation were on a slightly higher level now, I agree with Admin’s assertions that it was basically a witch hunt.

    Incidentally, this story came out a week ago about how Jonathan Martin told then-Dolphins’ O-line coach Jim Turner that he was suicidal, which Turner explained to Wells in detail. Apparently those details were conveniently left of out the report. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25185246/ex-dolphins-coach-bashes-ted-wells-says-jonathan-martin-was-suicidal

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