In case you missed it, Stephen Ross’s illegal tampering cost the Dolphins a FIRST-round draft pick. That’s first, in case Mr. Ross reads this and needs a reminder as to the extreme severity of what he cost us.

So we picked in Rounds two and three and six instead, where the Dolphins promptly went out and drafted a shortstop, a goalie, and a shooting forward. Oh, I mean, a DB, a RB, and a WR.

Either way, those are 3 positions where we did NOT NOT NOT need help.

The WR played mostly WR in college, although the consensus is that he can be used as a TE.

The DB is a friend of Chris Grier’s son, so lets see if he turns out well like X Howard or Jevon Holland, or was it a charity pick like Noah Ingheno-gone?

Needless to say, I am not thrilled with the quantity nor the quality of these picks.

But the good news is that we have a great lineup already. The first year in my life where I was pretty content with the team already before the draft. The off-season additions have been superb, so I give Grier credit there.

Very curious on your thoughts on the 4 draft picks…

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