The Ryan Tannehill Debate

Since we’re in yet another discussion about the merits of Tannehill, or lack thereof, I thought I’d give this argument its own forum.

I still say his weakness is in reading a pass rush and avoiding the defenders who are coming right at him.   The intangible weakness is a lack of leadership and a lack of fire.   I want to see RYAN TANNEHILL screaming at his men to fire them up, not Jarvis Landry and Marqueis Gray.  If you think about the players with the hearts and souls of Dolphins, you think Landry, Cameron Wake, Reshad Jones.   I cannot add Tannehill on the list, but he should be.

The strength is his durability and willingness to take a shot.  His arm and accuracy have improved.  Not enough, perhaps, the the improvement shows.

I don’t think he’s good enough to call him elite or anything like that, but he’s not bad enough to discard.   I hate making excuses for him or anyone, but most of his career was learning a new offense for a new offensive coordinator every other month it seemed.   Now that he’s in a decent system with consistency, let’s see how he does this year.

Oh, and he brings this to the table:


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  1. Any NFL team winning or losing solely based on qb play isn’t very good in the 1st place.

  2. Tannehill’s ole’lady is too bone-knee for my taste.

    Last season, most of the success we saw with the Dolphins can be attributed to a potent running attack. Jay Ajayi was a beast last season running the ball, something that stamped down on Tannehill’s propensity to do dumb shit at the wrong time on the field. I’ll say this, if Gase repeat the same formula as last year, the Dolphins stand a good chance of making the playoffs again.

    1. Author

      Jay, what happened to Tannehill < Henne? Did you actually upgrade Tannehill from "less than" to "equals" ? 🙂

  3. In my mind there is no debate because there is no one better that we can realistically go out there and get.

    If anyone has an opinion on that (Other then Jay) I’d love to hear it.

    I would love to grab a QB at some point in the draft but this year we may not because of all the needs on defense.

    1. There is no greater need than a franchise QB!!! Prolly NEVER smell a SB without one!!!!

      1. Jay your so obtuse its incredible!

        WHO? WHO? WHO?

        Contribute something to the conversation or shut up!

  4. (This post is for Jay as an example on how to contribute to a conversation!)

    Here is a QB that I really like.

    Nathan Peterman

    Can we get him? We can but 1. QB is not a priority but the Patriots have proved again and again and again how beneficial drafting and developing QB can be not just starting for your team but by being cheap backups and huge trading chips.

    Most teams have Kaaya rated higher then Peterman but in Tennessee he playing in a pro style offense and although he needs to develop better footwork he is a true pocket passer and is a true full field reader!

    Read that last part of the sentence again because it’s really important in my opinion.

    This is something we don’t talk alot about with Tannehill but he just started to see the whole field the end of last season. The greats like Montana, Brady, Manning, Marino just had that natural ability to see the whole field.

    I’m not saying that ablity MAKES a great QB but starting with it has to be a huge plus!

    Kaaya certainly doesn’t have that nor the accuracy that Petterman has.

    He isn’t super fast or athletically superior to many of the other QB in the draft but he hits the NFL with the advantage of running a pro offence and he has terrific accuracy and fast set up.

    He reminds me alot of Pennington.

    Here’s the problem – We would probably need to grab him at the end of the second round beginning of the 3rd round!

    Here’s the other problem – there arn’t many good QB options in this draft and there are a lot of teams with much bigger needs then the Dolphins at QB that will be fighting for all the decent QBs.

    Here’s an advantage / problem – Any other year you could draft a kid like this in the 3rd round and probably cut your backup and save some cash but with Tannehill’s knee you can’t do that so although you could let Moore walk at the end of the year that probably the soonest you make that move.

    Here’s hoping! – I would love to see the Dolphins pick Peterman up the end of the 3rd begining of the 4th round.

    He could end up being a steal at that spot.

    1. Your standards are sooo low! That’s only part of the reason you’re a LOSER!!!

      1. @Jay

        For three years your guy was Moore! That’s all we heard from you. But in the end your guy turned out to be the loser we all told you he was so I guess your the real loser here Jay!

        Your the one that keeps picking the losers. Moore, Philbin the guys you referred to thousands of times as pro bowlers and coach of the year candidates!

        You have so discredeted yourself that there is hardly anyone who takes you seriously.

        You still haven’t contributed a single meaningful thought to this discussion.

        I’m sure I’m not the first person to say that to you!

        1. TannePuke is a lifetime loser!! I’ve been saying that for 6 years. Many argued with me about that.

          Now, 6 years later they agree! !

  5. Author

    Draft is in 24+ hours, and I’m still hearing too much talk about picking offensive linemen and defensive ends. Linebackers linebacker linebackers. Big Linebackers that can step up and play DE when needed. Fast linebackers that can drop back into coverage like a safety, like when they used to line up Louis Oliver next to John Offerdahl.

  6. Well we need help at the DE and on the OL too so that’s why you keep hearing about those positions.

  7. On Draft Day, Laremy Tunsil is reminding everyone: “Protect your password, kids.” 🙂

    1. Author

      Yah, really. No one says “Don’t do drugs” anymore. They don’t even say, “Don’t let your buddies film you taking drugs.”
      Instead, thanks to the world of social media, the warning is, “hide your password”

  8. @ Brian M




    1. No thanks I don’t want to live in your miserable, lonely pathetic world!

  9. LB should be our first pick it’s a money position more than OG and a huge need. Trade back if the good ones are gone so that they can fill more needs. I’m praying for a great one to fall or trade between and pick up the next tier.

    QB has to wait until next year as you still have a decent back up in Moore it’s not a need and a weak class. Next year grab a young guy to groom. Focus on fixing the D this year and they will be set to win for a long time. Draft a OG by round 3 too so it never breaks down again.

    Tanny will be fine this year if they fix the D and run the ball. Ravens won a SB with dilfer for fucks sake and he was horrible could only pass the ball under 20 times a game…

    1. Author

      I hate trading back, as it seems to kill the excitement that we’ve been waiting months for. However, in this particular draft, I agree that there is depth and trading back won’t be a bad idea.
      Trading UP might actually be bad. There’s just no one in the Top 10 who is infinitely superior to anyone in the Top 25.
      Even if we traded and got the number one overall pick, who would we go with? No one stands out.

    2. @Flyerfinfan

      I agree with you 100%

      Thanks for the great post what a break from Jay’s dribble!

  10. “Tanny will be fine this year if they fix the D and run the ball.”

    Heck, my grandma would be fine with a great D and a great RB!

    Dilfer was a fluke he had near 11 pro bowlers on D and a great RB. And he went far one year!

    We need a QB like a Brady, Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, Drew Brees,Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson……..a guy that puts his team near the top EVERY YEAR!!!

    1. Ok Jay your such an imbecile I will try and educate you just a little more.

      Right now in the NFL there are exactly 6 QB that fit your definition of QBs who can take a team no matter how flawed and win

      Tom Brady
      Aaron Rodgers
      Ben Roethlisberger
      Russell Wilson
      Drew Brees
      Cam Newton

      Right now in the NFL there are exactly 5 QB who are proven winners but can’t win consistently with a flawed team

      Ryan, Eli Manning, Rivers, Carr, Stafford

      Thats 11 guys unarguably better then Tannehill!

      In case you don’t know this there are 32 teams in the NFL

      For someone who is a complete idiot that means that our QB is better then more then half the other QB in the NFL and probably close to the top 1/3rd

      Also if you look at Tannehills scouting report and rankings everything is inching him closer and closer to that second teir of QBs!

      Now lets say that we wanted to get rid of Tannehill which of the above mentioned QB that are unarguably better then Tannehill CAN THE DOLPHINS GO OUT AND SIGN?

      The answer is – NONE!


      1. Author

        That’s a pretty fair assessment. Although, I would say Matt Ryan’s stock plummeted badly after the Super Bowl. It’s the type of loss you just don’t recover from. Watch, you’ll see this year. Plus, he was extremely instrumental in his team’s late demise (sacks, fumbles, snapping the ball with 24 seconds left on the play clock instead of milking the play clock….ALL things that he himself did wrong).

        1. @Admin

          Thank you.

          As a note I didn’t include the too early to tell guys like Prescott and Mariota or Garoppolo because there just isnt enough tape on some of them or because in Prescotts case he had a great team around him!

          Hell Tannehill could have gone to the SB with that team!

          I think Prescott will be in the top teir but we might have said that about RG3 after his first year too!

          1. Author

            Prescott could be a one-year wonder, and we’ll know pretty early on in 2017. Cowboy fans may be begging for Romo back !

            1. @Admin

              That is exactly what I thought when i heard Romo was going to retire. I thought BS he is keeping himself available!

          2. TannePuke will never go to the SB unless he BUYS TICKETS!!

        2. Rest assure however that Jay will completely disagree and remind us all that Tannehill sucks!

  11. @ Brian M



    1. @Jay

      Actually I was thinking that if I countiune to be on the same form as you my standereds may be to low.

      On another note.

      If Tannehill sucks and my wanting him to be the starter is a reflection that I have low standereds what does that say about your insistence for years that you wanted Moore as a starter?

      I mean Moore is unarguably a worse QB then Tannehill!

  12. Heck, Henne was a better QB than TannePuke!

    And now look for a lot more sacks as TannePuke wont be running like he used to since the injury.

  13. On to more important things can we have the chatroom open tonight for the draft?

    1. Author

      I’ll do my best Axel. As you guys know, the chat feature on this server is 50-50, with a lot of problems. 🙁

      I hope to have a new one all set for the season, but for tonight, I think I can open the regular one.

  14. TannePuke was 31st in converting 3rd downs, 31st in total 1st downs, and 27th in time of possession!


  15. I gotta side with the Admin always harping on this one issue, because every single time we faced a third and one, Adam Gase called for a pass play. The defense was never fooled, and they rocked tannehill all the time. We were terrible on 3rd down conversions and I bet part was Tannehill’s fault. But I blame the playcalling mostly

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