Time for the Dolphins to Experiment (i.e., Tank)

Now that we have a victory out of the the way, it saddens me to say that the Dolphins should start losing.  With no hope of the playoffs, we might as well experiment and let’s see what some different players can do.  Starting with Josh Rosen.  We can’t lose on purpose.  We can’t ask players to drop the ball or miss tackles on purpose.   But we can play some of the guys who otherwise might not be playing.  Let’s see what they have.

There is a huge difference between picking 1st or 2nd in the draft and picking 5th or 6th, which is exactly where the Dolphins will be if they win a few more games.  And today’s game is very winnable, as the Colts come at us with a 3rd-string QB and an ancient kicker who blew a game last week.

It’s painful to root against the Dolphins.  It hurts me.  But I know it’s for the best.

That’s why the 3rd-and-20 blitz vs. the Steelers didn’t bother me as much as it bothered some others.  It’s a risky call and probably cost us the game…but did we really want to win that game?  Flores knows his job isn’t on the line, so why not call it?   I think we’ll see more and more plays like that as the season progresses…the old “we got nothing to lose plays.”

So the second half of our season starts at Indy, and let’s see where that takes us.  Come join the chat.


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  1. Good Call. Start Rosen going forward, otherwise today is a winnable game with Fitz at QB, and Bisset & Hilton out

    1. Rosen should definitely be starting been preaching that before the win and moreso now. I thought that a win against the steelers may have unraveled them giving the Fins a better pick. Better to beat them than cinci or the much hated jets. At this point play well but I’d be happy losing every game by 1 point here on out.

      Either way they are in a far better position than the other bottom feeders. They have picks and cap plus to be honest they actually look better than some of them!

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