Too Much Blame to Spread as the Dolphins’ Season Ends

First of all, right off the bat, we need to point out that 2 of Jay Cutler’s 2 interceptions were DeVante Parker’s fault.  He fell down on one and dropped a ball right in his hands on the other.   Od all the Dolphin underperformers who receive sooo much praise (e.g., Mike Pouncey) I’ve had it with Parker most of all.

The next time he breaks a tackle will be his first.

It’s infuriating to hear each year how much improved Parker is.   And then he comes out and does nothing week after week after week.  Meanwhile, Jakeem Grant and Leonte Caroo get to ride the bench.  So we’re gonna hear a lot about Cutler’s 3 picks this week, but just remember that only one was his fault.

Now onto the refs.  In a baffling call, the refs said that Ryan Fitzpatrick was down as soon as he made contact with his own teammate.  And yet there was no whistle.  No signal at all.   They let the play go on.  Then after it ended, the refs ruled that it really had ended sooner.  The announcers (who were dreadful, but the way…there were FIVE different penalties that Dick Stockton missed calling.   He was in the middle of praising a Dolphins first down while the ref was calling the holding penalty for example) and even the on-air rules expert all said it was a safety.

But it wasn’t.   Because this was two last-place teams, nothing much will come of it.  It won’t make the news.   The Dolphins will not demand an explanation nor get one.  But all of that SHOULD happen.

Not to mention the phantom pass interference on Anthony Fasano’s touchdown.   That’s the 5th time this year the Dolphins have been called for offensive PI on that same similar play, where the WRs cross each other.  Even if it IS legal, Gase needs to design it better so the refs have nothing at all to call.   A horrible call; it really was.

On Tampa’s final drive, the Dolphins drove the WR out of bounds, and the clock should have stopped.  But instead, that same ref who blew Fasano’s TD claimed that the Wr was tackled in bounds.  A brutally incorrect call that cost us a valuable timeout.

On our second-to-last drive, the Dolphins faced a third and inches inside Bucs territory.  Wishing for a simple QB sneak was too good to be true, and of course, Adam Gase did not disappoint.  He ran a bootleg and Matt Moore showed no hustle at all.  That resulted in a 4th and 1.  Another QB sneak, right?  Well, you know Gase’s view on QB sneaks, so you know the answer to that.  Bucs’ ball.

I’ll give Gase some credit.  We saw a lot of bootlegs and play actions today.  And they worked!!   The problem was that Gase, as usual, does not stick to successful plays.  Instead, he goes back to those running plays up the middle…especially when the D is expecting it.   Play actions worked well.  Bootlegs worked well.   So of course Gase stopped calling them.

And Damien Williams was red hot early on, so of course Gase benched him and went to Kenyan Drake too much.

There was a play ran Tampa drilled out punter (no replays by the way).  Somehow, the refs called it only a 5-yard penalty.  Horrible call.  You could hear Gase ask “Why isn’t it 15?”  The ref just said “It’s 5” and walked away.  You see, that’s a senior NFL official not giving a shit about a legitimate question from an angry young coach.  Bill Belichick gets that question answered (and the call changed).  Mike Tomlin?  Same thing.  But Adam Gase?  It’s not his fault really, because he hasn’t earned any stature yet and probably never will.  But to not even be given an explanation?  That’s just bad all around.

The defense?  Well they played great all day, and it’s DeVante Parker’s faults that Tampa got 14 points on us.  But when we needed the D most–against journeyman bum Ryan Fitzpatrick no less– the defense caved like an avalanche.

The penalties.   There were some awful calls out there, but most of the penalties were just bad plays by the Dolphins.  Cutler throws a pick and we get a 15-yard penalty on… Reshad Jones!??   Who wasn’t even on the field!!    Jones ran onto the field to play defense, and cheap shotted a guy who was on his way off the field.  Undisciplined nonsense like that from a team fighting for their lives?

There was a play when Tampa had 12 men on defense, and Matt Moore just watched him try to jog off.   No urgency to snap the ball.  No fire.

What do you guys think??   What did I miss?


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  1. AND,pay more for tickets next season. The Dolphins say they have a waiting list of 2k. That’s a Cheeto-worthy lie. I passed up an amazing finish at the CME for that debacle. Should have made the 40 minute drive. It was a beautiful day outside to see the ladies play.On top of everything you mentioned.

  2. Admin,you’ve finally turned the corner. Kudos. A long post w/o once mentioning your boy. I know the withdrawal was painful but I think you’re better off concentrating on the laundry list of negatives for this team.

  3. Yea Parker makes mistakes no doubt but there’s not many wide outs with his size, and speed, and he runs routes above average. I really think he just needs a firey quaterback who will get on his ass and make him work (Kirk cousins). So much potential I would hate to see another team take advantage of that. Otherwise I hate jay cutler, the dude is a disease lol he literally makes the rest of the team not care. Gase will get a third year I think making the playoffs last year earned that but his play calling needs to be taken away. And don’t let him dictate the players we bring in, Thomas sucks even tho we did gey him for someone who retired lol. If there’s someone on this team Miami can trade to get a round 3 pick or better they should. It’s time to tank and draft as many olinemen as possible.

    1. Parker sucks ass and there have been plenty of WRs before him that were drafted high based on the size/speed combo of his prototype. For every Megatron there have been several Devante Parker, Cordarelle Patterson, Darius Heyward-Bey and others that failed miserably to deliver in the pros.
      Sadly knowing Parker’s history, he likely bounces back with 80 yards and a TD next week with one incredible catch. The kind only he could make. Of course he will also get hurt again and struggle for another 2-3 games before resurfacing afterwards.

      Parker is as big of a problem as anyone else on this offense, including Cutler.

      1. Parker has the gifts but doesn’t use it

  4. Author

    Remember the famous butt fumble? It never occurred. Because the moment Mark Sanchez ran into the guy’s ass, the play was over. That is what the refs did today to the Dolphins. Play over when two teammates touch. How will the NFL defend that call?

  5. Author

    By the way, the Dolphins remain ONE game behind a playoff spot.

    1. The Dolphins are done Admin…..

      The Dolphins were done when they signed Jay Cutler!

      1. Author

        Agreed. But no one else in the AFC wants to run away with the wild cards spots. No one at all wants to win the AFC West.
        Just watched New England destroy Oakland in Mexico. Dolphins get 7 home games. New England gets an “away” game in a foreign country where Oakland has no fan base. Real fair, NFL, real fair.

  6. Still don’t know why Blindman Gase prefers Cutler over Moore. Totally different offense when Moore’s in there.

    1. I bet Moore starts next week in New England. If cutler were smart, he will beg to stay benched !!!

      1. LOL,yes with 5 turnstiles for a line.

        1. Author

          The line’s physicality was great today. Their boneheaded mental mistakes were awful.

  7. Author

    Forgot to mention the time the refs “forgot” to look at the guy hit Cutler in the head and caused his concussion.

    1. @Admin

      Our QBs always get hit late and taken down after every other play and the refs never call it. It’s been that way for years that’s why after almost every play they are picking the,selfs off the ground. If the refs don’t call it teams will game plan it in and that is on the sheet when teams look at the dolphins….. hit there qbs all day

  8. Spot on post admin! Everything you said is accurate.

    17 penalties isnt even a surprise to me. It says something about the intelligence of the players on this team when 1 guy would throw away over 500k a year over a $40 bar tab. But we expect these guys to be smart enough to know the playbook or remember the snap count?

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