Trivia Answer: Fulton Walker

Fulton Walker, the first man to ever return a kickoff for a touchdown in a Super Bow, has passed away at 58.

For those too young to remember, Walker was an average defensive back for the Dolphins, but his claim to fame was spectacular kickoff return vs. the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVII.   At the time, the Dolphins were tied with Washington, and Walker’s return got us right back in the lead.


Unfortunately, two other plays defined that game and overshadowed Walker’s stunning achievement.  One was when Kim Bokamper had an easy Pick 6 right in his arms, but he refused to reach up or jump up.  Instead, he lazily waited for the ball to float down to him.   Meanwhile, Joe Thiesmann came out of nowhere and outjumped Bokamper to bat the ball away.   Even though Bokamper is nearly a foot taller.   Actually, “outjumped” implies that both men jumped and that both men made an effort for the ball.   Theismann was the only one who jumped and made the effort.

The other play, of course, was John Riggins, and we don’t have to go into that one.    In a perfect world, Fulton Walker’s kickoff return would have come in a victory.  But alas, it wasn’t to be thanks to Kim Bokamper and the Killer Bees all getting fooled on a simple, routine handoff.

RIP, Fulton.

Meanwhile, Laremy Tunsil answered questions about his injury the other day.   As was already reported, Tunsil admitted to tripping in the shower.  Oh brother.



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  1. So sad too early for him to pass. I was a child and watched that game live when I lived in West Palm Beach. Even as a child I rooted for the Dolphins and my father hated it he wanted the Reskins to win. Guess he got the last laugh that day. Good article Admin I heard about this first here and have been on the news sites all day.

  2. Fulton Walker, William Judson, Jim Jensen, Don Shula and others…. Oh how I long for the glory days….

    1. Author

      Yep, Jensen was a ferocious player who was all over the ball whenever he was involved. Kinda like Zach Thomas. Give up their bodies to make a play. The current Dolphins have no one close.

      1. Not to brag, but, I got to meet Jensen at the Orange Bowl during team warmups. It was easy back then. Also met Duper, Clayton, the Blackwood brothers, AJ Duhe, and THE Don Shula. Ok I may be bragging but damn I sure miss those days.

        1. Omg i thought i was the lone and only fan of Jensen. Next to Marino hes my all time favorite. He would do anything to contribute. He was known as Mr 3rd down. Oh how I long for the glory days.

          1. Yeah Jensen was awesome. I was always a fan of Nat Moore. He was a pillar of class on and off the field. Basically, to me, the teams of the 80’s when I used to see them almost every Sunday in the Orange Bowl we the greatest. If we could just somehow become a winning organization again…

  3. Author

    I love when Walker is about at his own 40. The Washington kicker trips all by himself and the Jensen has to hurdle him. And Walker sprinted the entire time. Didn’t stop to showboat and waltz into the end zone.

  4. Can we bring those uniforms back?

  5. Admin, since we know we ate going to lose tomorrow, can you just post videos from our glory days? 🙂

    1. Losing to the Jets and pickin his nose…..

      1. Yeah…picking his nose on the sideline is more interesting to him than studying what he and the defense he’s facing are doing on a tablet.

    2. At least he’s not using his throwing hand.

    1. The worst owner in sports. Its not luck that has him never having ONE winning season in 9 years. Pray for new ownership!

    2. If Ross had hired Todd Bowles as the Dolphins head coach, they would’ve been in much better shape than what we’ve seen for the past four years.

    3. Ross keeps hiring experiments for HC’s. Guys that have never been an NFL HC before. Their chance of failure is over 90% and in this case 100%.

    4. Thanks for that Sean. Another example of why Barry Jackson and Dolphins Truth are the only sources telling it like it is. I didn’t see the NBC footage of Suh dogging it like they claim, but I’m sure it exists !

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