Three times in a row, all in the 4th quarter, our quarterback threw the ball Tua defender.

Yes, I should trademark that one, but I don’t have the legal acumen.

And while the Tua was the main culprit–again–in a winnable game vs. an inferior opponent, others share the blame. Namely our rookie hipster coach and our atrocious special teams.

Final Interception

Look at the shot above from Tua’s third interception of the quarter. Look at the 31 yardline. Can Jeff Wilson (orange circle) possibly be more open? Look at the Pack defenders running from top to bottom. If Tua hits Wilson (who’s running bottom to top), he’s gone. At least for an easy 1st down.

Now look at the aqua square Tyreek Hill at the 35. Another guy WIDE open. 3 yards away from an easy first down. And we know Hill No way on earth he’s tackled at the 38. He would have run laterally around the defenders for a huge gain.

But, unfortunately, Tua decided to throw the ball to a guy who’s barely had any catches this year. A guy who isn’t even in the picture at this point. A guy with 2 defenders running near him. As bad as Tua’s pass was, he is still young. He NEEDS his head coach in his ear to “remind” him that Tyreek Hill is as clutch as they come late in a game. Throw the ball to him any and every time he is open. And in the shot above, you see just HOW open he was.

The only thing worse than Tua’s pass was his decision to throw to Gesicki in the first place. I love Tua and support him more than most people, but I call him out when it’s deserved. And he blew this one badly.

The defense shined and we can be proud there. But that’s where it stops.

Failing to challenge a dropped pass that would have been an easy overturn is just ONE of McDaniel’s continuous, ongoing streak of incorrect decisions. Instead, he chose to give Aaron Rodgers and the Pack a 40-yard gain, and thus the game itself. Well done, McDaniel.

That lack of wisdom was nothing compared to calling for an onside kick….right after a gigantic TD that gave us all the momentum in the world. But with yet another poor decision, McD gave the Packers the ball back at midfield, and all the excitement from Waddle’s TD was gone in less than an instant. The rocking stadium turned to a morgue. Well done, McDaniel.

Tua throwing the ball to the wrong team three straight times must make our defense hate him, no matter what us they say to the media. But I hope they also hate guys like McDaniel and Jason Shankders too after this loss.

And I hope that same D takes out their frustrations own Mac Jones next week…

The sky is gray, but it has not fallen. We still own a playoff seat for now…


  1. Let’s not forget about Howard dropping that wide open interception. I am disgusted with this game. It should’ve been a blowout by 20+ points.

    1. Author

      Jimbo, I was busy with an In-laws Xmas day and missed most of the game. Now I’ll be too depressed to go watch the replay, knowing that X dropped an easy one ?

      1. I would call that drop a “gimme” interception. A very catchable INT.

  2. Even if they Back into the playoffs, which they Totally DO NOT DESERVE – whether it’s @ K.C. or @ Cincy – they are going to get Smoked – and that they WILL deserve. I just hope it’s enough to demand the MANY changes that will be needed – and isn’t that ALWAYS their perpetual situation year after year ….

    1. Author

      The goal is to at least get into the playoffs. Our guys are mostly 23-25 years old with tons of future and zero experience. Baby steps is getting one playoff appearance under their belts.

  3. Admin – I don’t think McDaniel was trying for an onside kick. He cowardly had the kicker squib the kick so that the guy that almost ran back the first kick couldn’t do it again. That’s actually worse than calling for an onside kick. Brought me back to the Cam Cameron days when he used that fine strategy. Looks like McDaniel is now trying to emulate Cam Cameron and Joe Philbin.

  4. I honestly thought that 40 yard catch was legitimate and it did not occur to me to challenge it. It was not until the alternate angle replay (after the TD scored) that it was more obvious. That being said, I would expect somebody on the Phins staff has the job of looking out for these replay opportunities??? 🙁

  5. Admin, In your still frame of the last Tua interception, it’s a shame – Tyreek and Wilson are WIDE open!

    It’s as if short Tua did not see them because he can’t seem them. They are both in the ‘shadow’ of the O-Lineand D-line, where line of sight for short Tua is not very good.

    How else do you explain it?

    1. Author

      Honestly, I don’t think it’s his height or vision. I think it’s a case where they practice it to Gesicki all week long. Our DBs (in practice or in real games) cannot cover a tight end, so he’s always open in practice. Habit makes him throw to Gesicki, thinking he’ll be open in a real game just like in practice. Nope.
      Again, coaching and experience can help Tua. Someone, even Hill himself in the huddle, needs to simply say, “If Hill is open, give him the ball. All other receivers are secondary. Hill is the biggest game-changer in the entire NFL. Toss him the ball if he is wide open instead of going for 40 yards to a guy we barely used all year.” Ignoring Hill in the 4th quarter of all these games is on McDaniel as well.

      1. That is the one-trick pony of the McD offense – timing plays. The play are successful once and awhile but when defenses learn how to defend consistently, we end-up with what we are seeing.

        i have been trying to chew on what I saw yesterday, three interceptions on last three possessions – hoping to find some silver lining, and no matter how the wad turns in my mouth, it leaves a bad taste.

  6. I hope he is okay. We now have plausible explanation for his 2nd half performance.

    I have read that the hit occurred on the play before the Mostert fumble in 2nd Qtr, got thrown to ground on completed pass to Smythe. Incidentally, that fumble was the turning point in the game, in retrospect.

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