Xavien Gets an Interception

Xavien Howard had a great-looking interception against Dak Prescott today as the AFC rolled to an easy Pro Bowl win.   Good job, X

Now let’s hope the Dolphins lock you up with a great contract deal.

He’s one of our more talented defenders, and one we need to keep.  Of course, in the Gase era, as soon as a Dolphin made the Pro Bowl, they were sent packing.   Hopefully those days are behind us…

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  1. Besides money,what incentive does he have to stay? On a rebuilding team for 3-5 years? He could go elsewhere for the money and have a chance to play for a winner or even a ring. At a certain point,when they feel financially secure, they want a ring.

  2. It’s ALWAYS about money. I’ll give you a million to play for New England or 15 million for the Cardinals. Easy choice

  3. I’d try to keep him I’m not buying 3-5 year rebuild this team was close to the playoffs with imbecile Gase holding the reigns. They’ll need to obviously settle QB and the lines but if they hit on those who knows…

    1. Author

      I agree. No need to dismantle everyone like some teams do. The Raiders tossed aside their two best players and have a lot of draft picks coming up. So they gave away established, experienced All Pros in exchange for the possibility of maybe getting a potential future All Pro. That’s like handing a guy a dollar in exchange for a lotto ticket that has a grand prize of a dollar. AT BEST, you get another All Pro in exchange for an All Pro you cut.

      1. If he was old I get it but good luck finding another shut down corner in a few years when you need him. I’ve seen teams turn their fortunes around quite fast so I’d only give up the old guys…

  4. On another note what about James? It’s not like he’s that old but he’s turning into a decent RT. I guess it comes down to cash but he needs to realize that he doesn’t have LT upside so hopefully he doesn’t want mega cash.

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