2014 NFL Schedule

In the 1970s and 80s, it used to matter if your team got scheduled to play in a prime time game.  But with the advent of cable tv, it’s not so important any more.  For example, NBC now has the right to choose whatever game it wishes for its Sunday Night slot.

So if you see that the Dolphins are scheduled to play on SNF in late December, take it with a grain of salt; NBC can change its mind.

Also, with the NFL Network and CBS showing Thursday night games, that guarantees that all 32 teams will have at least one prime time game.  So when a horrendous team like Jacksonville or Cleveland plays, the whole nation is forced to be subjected to this.

Monday Night Football used to be seeped in tradition, but now it’s a showy spectacle, complete with country-western singers (a terrible idea to begin with…so God knows why NBC copied this for SNF) and un-entertaining announcers.

Plus, they take themselves too seriously.  People tune in for the game itself, and not for ESPN’s production of the game.   A huge difference that ESPN doesn’t seem to grasp.

So as we all await the schedule, let’s look at the important stuff.  It doesn’t matter if we play on Sunday night or Thanksgiving Day.   What does matter is that we get a few home games in December, no 3-game road trips to start the season, and stuff like that.



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