Dolphin Great Earl Morrall Passes Away

One of the most unsung heroes in the history of sports has passed away.  Earl Morrall, who stepped in at QB in 1972 and won the majority of the games in the Dolphins’ perfect season, has passed away.

Miami Dolphin Perfect Quarterback Earl Morrall
Earl Morrall, Greatest backup quarterback ever. Only QB in history to lead his team to a perfect season.

Morrall seems to never get his due, but his accomplishments in 1972 are staggeringly underrated, not to mention that he was the NFL MVP in 1968.

When the Patriots went 18-1 a few years ago, imagine how bad they would have been if Tom Brady broke his ankle early in the season.

When Michael Jordan left the Chicago Bulls, how many championships did they win with Michael’s replacement?  Zero.

Professional sports teams simply do not succeed without their leaders…except in 1972.   Earl was a gift of a quarterback who never lost a game that year.

He was never athletic looking.  He looked like the players’ father in 1972, not their teammate.  He wore a buzzcut when it wasn’t cool to do so.  And he never lost a single game…did we mention that.

R.I.P Earl.   We at Dolphins Truth want your family to know how much you’re appreciated.

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  1. One hell of a football player and a great person on top of that!!

    1. He was a great QB and I got my love of watching football from sitting with my dad and watching him play.
      His mom, my aunt Helen had sent me pictures of Earl but they were destroyed by a broken pipe.
      RIP to a great sportsman. Know that some remember your unchallenged accomplishments.

  2. Yes. Of course most of us fans never knew Earl personally, but every single article we ever read about him emphasizes what a great and classy man he was away from the NFL. When Coach Shula benched Earl in the 1972 playoffs, he accepted it and went on to become a champion. He didn’t whine about it or demand a trade like guys do nowadays.

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