2017 Schedule: First Leaks trickling Through and it’s Not Good

As I predicted, the NFL has forced Miami to go on the road for its Thursday Night Game.  That means the Dolphins will get two days of rest before having to travel.  New year, same nonsense.  To make matters worse, the opponent is Baltimore, who pretty much owns us.

We already know that the London game is week 4, depriving us of a home game.  Thanks a lot, Stephen Ross.

It appears the Dolphins bye week will NOT come after the London trip.

Looks like we close the season on December 31, with a home game vs. the Bills.  I don’t like the how league crams so many division games late in the season.

The Dolphins might have as many as 4 prime time games.  Again, I don’t think is is wise, as it throws the schedule way off.  The Dolphins played their best football once they got into a rhythm, and playing on a Sunday one week, and then a Thursday, and then a Monday, and then Europe….you get the idea.

More to come as the evening unfolds…

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  1. @Admin

    I don’t like how so many of our home games against division opponents are in the mild months in south Florida rather then September heat!

    We get the crappy Jets that’s it then play the Patriots and bills down here in beautiful winter weather.

    What nonsense!

    When was the last Thursday night home game we had?

    1. Author

      3 years ago we beat the Bengals at home in O.T.

      And I fully agree about the heat. The Patriots and Bills coming here in December gives THEM an advantage, not us.

      1. I’m gonna disagree with that the pats and bills coming to Miami in December means Miami won’t have to play in freezing buffalo or New England during December. Otherwise it is a brutal schedule

        1. Ummm we play the bills in buffalo in the freezing cold the third to last game of the year and we play the patriots in NE nov 26th so we do play them in the frezing temps but they come down here for a game played in 74 degree weather

          That is not fair or even remotely even

        2. If the NFL wanted to even out the elements we would play buffalo and NE away the beginning of the season and they would come here the end of the season but to have us both play away and at home the last five weeks of the season is outrageous.

          Let’s not mention we get to play the SB champs twice now let’s tilt the home field advantage drastically in favor of NE that is BS

          We also get to play the other team who played in the Super Bowl this year!

          So that three games against Super Bowl leans from last year for a wildcard team

  2. Geez lots of air miles weeks 2, 3, and 4. And yes I agree it would be better to play the patsies and bills in September when the heat and humidity will wear down a a northern state team. It’s been suggested that we might fly directly from New York to London after the jests game. I believe it that would be wise.

  3. Shit schedule no doubt but predictable. Also predictable that the patsies have one of the best schedules…fucking typical. When will this BS end? Either way if they draft well tighten up the run D they should be competitive every week.

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