Mystery Surrounds the Death of Aaron Hernandez; Patriots sign Mike Gillislee

One-time dolphin foe Aaron Hernandez is dead.   The prison says it was suicide.   His lawyers say No Way!

Seems like a cowardly way to go out, if it were suicide.   But it smells fishy, given how combative and violent he was.  The Dolphins have had their share of violent and non-violent felons too, from Mercury Morris to Cecil Collins to Lawrence Phillips.   What makes millionaires turn so silly?

Your thoughts?

Meanwhile, the Patriot have signed former Dolphins RB Mike Gillislee, although the Bills still have the right to match the offer.   I was really high on Gillislee when we had him, and it was a huge mistake to cut him.  It adds insult to injury when you realize that people in the Dolphins organization still think that Damien Williams was a better option.   Williams has 8 CAREER touchdowns, and Gillislee had 8 last year alone.

Plus, Gillislee did not forget to run out of bounds and nearly cost his team a game, nor did he follow it up the next week with a game-costing fumble.   THAT was Williams, not Gillislee.

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  1. Well, given how violent and compative he was it would be near impossible to murder him without a MAJOR rucus being heard by everyone… the door was reinforced FROM THE INSIDE!

    1. Author

      Jay is right. Numerous sources inside the prison say that his cell door was jammed shut from the inside.

  2. Mike Pouncey just wrote a tribute to his friend, Hernandez, saying that they will see each other again some day.

  3. @Admin

    On another note NO OTHER TEAM is interested in Damien Williams!

    Is this a surprise? NOT AT ALL!

    Why the hell the Dolphins are so interested in him is beyond me and in 2 days when the clock runs out on all the teams trying to sign him (Thats a joke Jay) the Dophins will pay him 1.4 mil!


    1. For all Williams shortcomings as an in between the tackles runner, he is a good pass protector and decent receiver out of the backfield. A lot of his value to the Dolphins come in his contributions of special teams

  4. Author

    Phil Sims has been added to the studio for CBS’s pre-game and halftime shows. I think that makes a total of 175 people crowded around a desk talking nonsense. Coming up at halftime, JB, Howie, Jimmy Johnson, Bart, Shannon, Phil, Tony, Coach Cowher, Jimmy the Greek, and many others will talk at you.
    How many freakin guys do they need?

  5. Author

    As I figured out a few weeks ago, the schedule is released tonight. As always, it will feel like Dallas and New England get 14 home games. Meanwhile, the Dolphins get only 7 only games. For real. Not just “seems” that way.
    Thanks, Mr. Ross.

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