News from OTAs, Workouts, and Practices

Here’s the big news: ____________________

Nothing.  That’s right.   And it’s always better that way.  Nothing good can come from the first few days of Organized Team Activities and the initial rookie camps.  ACLs can happen.  Major contract disputes can happen.   Drug revelations can happen.  But nothing good.

So no news is definitely good news.

You know it’s a slow month for news when the most newsworthy item is a third-string substitute player signing his deal.   Thanks, Damien W.

First-round pick Charles Harris is holding out on signing his contract, but apparently it’s just a matter of time, and all reports indicate that Dolphin executives are not worried.

Ryan Tanneill’s knee is doing fine, according to everyone.

So, it’s been very slow.  It’s a good time for Adam Gase to fine tune his offense and his philosophies.  As you all know, I feel Gase was far too pass-happy last season, and he absolutely must correct that about himself.  We blew huge leads against the Bills, Cardinals, and 49ers because Gase kept passing the ball in the 4th quarter when we led by 17+ points.   If he didn’t learn his lesson from those mistakes, all he has to do is watch a replay of the Super Bowl.   There is no need whatsoever to pass the ball when you have an enormous lead.  No need to pass the ball on third-and-inches.  No need to bench Jay Ajayi every single time it’s a third down.  THOSE are the minor strategic adjustments that Gase must make.   There was no influx of outstanding offensive talent this off-season.  If the offense is to be better, they cannot rely on new kids coming in.  Instead, they must rely on improved play calling.

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  1. Even with some of the horrible play calls and bad formations they apparently were putting up some decent points after the first four games. So there’s hope that they can be better this year with more experience. The oline should be better. RB more experienced now. WR same. Better TE. QB more time to learn the offence. I think that they’ll be fine.

  2. It might be wishful thinking but I really think Julius Thomas is gonna make a big mark on this offense this year. Another red zone threat and someone the defense always has to worry about over the middle of the field. Fasanos run blocking might lead to a better year for ajayi as well.

    1. I can’t see the offence being worse than last year should be better in all phases. Possibly only OG play worse but not by much.

      Doesn’t matter patsie fans already believe that the super bowl is theirs…luck will run out soon most likely injuries will hit brady is no spring chicken he’s due. I’d come hard at him on every sneak situation cripple the fucker.

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