Damien Williams still hasn’t signed

After failing to get more money from any other team while trying his hand at free agency, Damien Williams was offered a restricted deal from the Dolphins, but Damien has not yet accepted it.

There are many reasons why he won’t sign.   Well, let’s face it:  there’s only ONE reason.   He wants more money.

The Dolphins wisely will not give him more, perhaps realizing finally that role players are a dime a dozen.   If I were Williams, I’d sign for anything Miami offered, knowing my days are numbered.

he doesn’t seem to see the writing on the wall.   He didn’t notice that Kenyan Drake had a sweet kickoff return touchdown last year as a rookie.  Williams returned kicks for several years and never came close.   Instead, Williams is known for catching a kickoff in the end zone, running it out, jumping BACK INTO the end zone, and diving out to escape a safety.   And he wonders why he can’t get anyone from 31 other teams to show interest?

Let’s not forget the Bills game he nearly cost us by staying in bounds when we had no time outs left. Or the Patriots game he did cost us a week later when he fumbled deep in Pats territory.

Sorry, Damien   But the liabilities you bring to the table far outweigh any benefit that you offer as a 4th-string RB and special teams role player

Hopefully Adam Gase wisens up and will not bench Jay Ajayi on third down anymore, and then the need for Damien will be even less.  We’ll have to see.


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  1. It is no secret to any of you guys here how I feel about Williams. I personally can’t believe that Miami offered him 1.2mil or whatever it is but even crazier I can’t believe that he didn’t sign it!

    I think this shows why he catches kickoff returns and then looks like he has no idea what to do with it…. he’s an idiot!

    I do like the fact that at lest this one time Miami took a play from the Patriots. They let the market set the price for their free agent. They didn’t get into a bidding war with themselves for a players service they put an offer out that they were comfortable and then let him go out to the market.

    All in all I wish Williams would just go away!

  2. I have to diagree with both you guys. Williams really stepped his game up last year and in my opinion was one of the most improved players on the team. He made more plays last year than drake did and is a more dependable third down back. I hope he re signs for whatever Miami offered him. By no means am I saying he’s perfect but he’s no scrub anymore.

    1. Honestly I agree with you, this season he has pulled his weight and deserved his spot on the roster. He isnt as good as the other backs but he helped out when he played fullback in goalline packages.

      1. I challenge You guys to recall ONE play where Damian Williams did something spectaculare. Or a clutch play to win a game.

  3. The Dolphins should’ve listened when Jason Taylor said they should trade their entire team for Tom Brady!!

    1. @Jay

      I didn’t know that was an offer the Patriots would have taken! Weren’t they winning SB when he said it?

      1. Yean, the Pats might not have taken it. But it shows u how valuable a top QB is.

  4. My 2 cents…..I’m not convinced Damien Williams belongs in the NFL, period.

  5. The efforts there as he’ll go through a brick wall for the team but he’s dumb as a pea when it comes to game recognition. I like him in short yardage and the occasional spell but Drake should be getting most of the secondary carries. They’ll eventually find someone else so not a big concern…

  6. Just thought I would pass on this little gem for any who didn’t see it in the herald this weekend.

    Gase said this about Harris

    The Dolphins love how he gets off the ball — coach Adam Gase called it “a pretty unique trait” — and can’t wait to pair him with Cameron Wake on passing downs

    This is what we talked about being a dream Senerio with Wake and Harris last week and it looks like we will be seeing it sooner rather then latter!

    1. Makes sense as the other two guys are better run stoppers. Seems like they have a plan which bodes well!

      Also hearing that Parker is healthy and starting to understand how to better take care of himself so he’s ready to roll this year. Need him to take it to the next level!

  7. From ESPN:

    “Last season was big for the Dolphins, as first-year coach Adam Gase seemed to figure out how to minimize Ryan Tannehill’s weaknesses.”


    1. @Jay

      That’s like posting this

      Just in from CNN “Donald Trump is brain dead”

      ESPN hates the Dolphins and craps on them every chance they get. For every Dolphins story on the etc east blog expect 371 NE stories 83 Jets stories and 37 Bills stories

  8. @ Brian

    “ESPN hates the Dolphins”

    Prolly cause they haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years!!

  9. The good vibes keep coming for the New England Patriots, the only NFL team favored in every game in the lines released by sportsbook operator CG Technology on Tuesday.

    Lines for every game next season, except for Week 17, came out. And with a Week 17 home game against the New York Jets, it’s likely New England will be favored once that line comes out as well.

    The Patriots have been on quite a run. They are coming off another Super Bowl win in February, got an “A” from Mel Kiper for their 2017 draft and are the overwhelming Super Bowl favorites in Las Vegas (3-1 at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook


      1. You never heard of Mel Kiper?? Google him.

        1. Obviously you’ve never heard of Bill Tobin. Google him.

      2. Ya don’t know who Mel Kiper is? GEEZ!! LMAO!!!

        1. Yes I know who Mel Kiper is dumbass!! It was former Colts GM Bill Tobin who posed the now infamous question of “Who the Hell is Mel Kiper anyway?” Thus my comment which was meant as a joke. Funny thing is that I’m in a sports blog and apparently recognized that quote. Very telling in regards to the sports knowledge of the average poster here.

    2. If Derek Carr hadn’t been hurt last season, the Raiders would have been in the Super Bowl. Patsies got very lucky.

      1. Do you honestly believe that? Cause the raiders defense was terrible.

        1. Yeah, I see what you’re saying about the defense. Before Carr got hurt the offense, at least, was hot. At any rate, I was trying to take a stab at the patsies troll.

          1. Patsies would have lost if shanahan didn’t showboat in the second half all he had to do was run kill clock. He probably had money on the line….

  10. The Patriots have become the most successful dynasty in NFL history, winning 14 AFC East titles in 16 seasons since 2001, and winning 5 SB ‘s without a losing season in that period.

    1. This is a Dolphins page no one here fucking cares.

    2. @ Anonymous What you’re saying is true, but, the patsies also have a well known history of cheating as well. Please go troll someplace else. Thank you.

    3. You forgot all of the * beside those records….bunch of cheaters.

      1. Author

        I think the “cheating” label is debatable, to be fair. What is NOT debatable, however, is the fact that the last 2 Super Bowls were simply handed to them because of incredibly awful coaching by the opponent. I don’t care what anyone says or what justification you hear from Patriot fans, the fact remains that if Pete Carroll and Kyle Shanahan had simply called a handoff, then the Patriots would have only 3 titles, not 5. Brady would be 3-4 in Super Bowls, instead of 5-2. They’d be considered a good team, but nothing historical about them.
        Filming the Jets practice in 2005 did not help them becomes a dynasty. Pete and Kyle certainly helped more.

        1. I agree the pats should have lost the last 2 Super Bowls, but going 3-4 in the super bowl is still legendary stuff. Lebron is 3-4 in the finals and at the point if you don’t think he’s top 3 all time your kidding yourself. So the pats would still be cosnidered one of the best teams of all time, just not the best team. Which right now since they won both they are.

      2. Everyone cheats. If you aint cheatin you aint tryin

        1. Spoken like a true patsie fan. It’s one thing to bend the rules but the patsies don’t bend anything they push them over the limits even after being warned. I’m glad that the Fins don’t have to stoop to those levels…

          1. Oh. the Fins cheat! Don’t make them out to be angels! They’ve used PED’s, circulated draft lies, and remember when Saban stole those Brady films and shut him out?

            1. No comparison to the patsies… not even close and we don’t even know the half of it as the NFL issued a gag order to keep league integrity under damage control.

  11. The Dolphins continue to not run their team to ESPN analyst Bill Barnwell’s liking.

    After crushing them in free agency, Barnwell handed the team a D+ in his offseason grades this week. He had them by far the worst in the AFC East.

      1. Thanks for the article I was thinking the same thing when I read this clowns article. Overall I see progress the team is slowly getting better. Now I’m not expecting anything crazy this year due to the tough schedule but the team will be better hopefully enough to overcome this. Next season I predict them to take the next step as every hole should be filled and the depth will be even better.

  12. ESPN on Thursday ranked the Dolphins’ quarterback situation a lowly 24th in a “QB Confidence Index” by writer Dan Graziano. That’s third in the division, predictably behind Tom Brady’s Patriots — ranked first overall — but also behind Tyrod Taylor’s Bills, ranked 22nd.

    Frankly, I don’t think TannePuke rates that high.

    1. Ridiculous as the bills weren’t even going to sign him almost released him.

      1. Author

        Matt Ryan was previously a Top 5 QB, but after he choked away a championship, I put him around #17. He showed a lack of mental toughness that was unprecedented in Super Bowl history. Mark my words: he will not recover. Just like Cam Newton, who owned the league in 2015. He lost a Super Bowl, ruined his ego, and he became a very average QB in 2016.

        1. Disagree…….Ryan made one mistake albeit a big one.

          Think he’s the #2 QB and will come back strong.

          1. Author

            Jay, don’t worry. I still place Ryan ahead of Tannehill !!

            1. I would hope so……Ryan is a certain HOF QB barring injury.

              1. I’m not sure that he’s done enough in his career to warrant this. Even though his OC is to blame for the super bowl calls he still didn’t get rid of the ball and took a sack is that what HoF players do?

                1. Sure has done enough!

                  Awards and honors[edit]

                  4× Pro Bowl selection (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016)
                  AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (2008)
                  PFWA Offensive Player of the Year (2016)
                  PFWA Offensive Rookie of the Year (2008)
                  NFL completion percentage co-leader (2012)
                  3× Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week winner
                  Most consecutive NFL games with 200 plus passing yards [69]
                  Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week winner (2008)
                  NFC Rookie of the Month (October 2008)
                  Sporting News All-Rookie Team (2008)
                  NFC Offensive Player of the Month (November 2010, September 2012, September 2016)
                  Rookie of the Year by Sporting News[70] (2008)
                  ESPY Award: Best Breakthrough Athlete[71] (2009)
                  NEXT Athlete Award (ESPN the Magazine) (2009)
                  NFC Player of the Month (November 2010)[72]
                  Most regular season wins by a quarterback in his first five seasons: 56 (tied with Russell Wilson)[73]

                  Falcons franchise records[edit]

                  Ryan with the Falcons in 2009.Only Falcons quarterback to lead the team to an 8-0 start [74]
                  Most wins in a regular season by a starting quarterback: 13 (2010 and 2012)[75]
                  Most passing touchdowns in a single season: 38 (2016)[75]
                  Most passing yards in a single season: 4,944 (2016)[75]
                  Fewest interceptions in a regular season by starting quarterback — 7 (2016) (16 starts)[75]
                  Best career quarterback rating for starting quarterback: 93.6[75]
                  Most 4th quarter comeback wins in a single season: 5 (2010) (tied with Steve Bartkowski)[75]
                  Most career wins: 85
                  Most career pass attempts: 5,064
                  Most career pass completions: 3,288
                  Most career passing yards: 37,701
                  Most career passing touchdowns: 240

                  1. Also league MVP last year….and counting

      2. Yeah, well he’s better than TannePuke and the Bills wanted BETTER! Just shows the madness of the Fins in settling for a below average QB!!

        1. Relaaaaaaaax they will find out for sure this season and if not they can cut him with little penalty.

          Either way there’s no way you put buffalo ahead of the Fins as they don’t even have a backup no where near Moore. At least Moore can play and is a proven commodity. Tanny also has way more experience than Taylor although I don’t think that either get enough credit and do lots well. Just shows espns bias especially barnwell what a tool he’s clueless.

          I don’t fully blame Ryan so I’m on Jay’s side can’t believe it haha…it was atrocious play calling. If they run they win shanahan should have been fired for those calls.

          1. Ryan was in definite FG range and took a 3rd down sack. That was his huge mistake.

            1. As I mentioned before if the OC doesn’t call a pass play Ryan isn’t even put in the position to fail so it’s on the OC. Also HC for not overriding the stupid call and firing the OC after. 49ers should be fired for hiring a retarded OC after seeing all of this haha!

              1. Maybe they’re both to blame but Ryan SHOULD KNOW not to take a sack EVER in that situation.

                1. Yes agreed ultimately it’s up to the player to do the right thing.

  13. I only partially blame the OC for calling pass plays in the 2nd half. I mean they didn’t get to the SB by going conservative……… and you know that often backfires too….

    1. Not when you have a lead as big as they did. Just running the ball alone would have taken enough time off the clock to prevent a comeback. Situations like that you run the ball and close the game out especially when they were in FG range. No excuse.

  14. In the history of the NFL, only two quarterbacks have ever strung together (3) or more consecutive seasons with 4,500+ passing yards, 25+ touchdown passes, while maintaining a completion percentage above 66.0. The first was Peyton Manning, whose streak has continued for (5) consecutive seasons (2009-10, 2012-14). The other is Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

  15. Ryan holds the NFL record for most completions in the first (7) years of any quarterback’s career.

    1. Possibly linked to todays wide open NFL? Not saying he’s bad but he just doesn’t stand out.

      1. Well, its wide open for every QB then. I think Matt Ryan is a top 2-3 QB in the league behind Brady.

        1. I think that it is it was a lot more difficult to put up those numbers in the past. Every era is different.

    2. Author

      I cannot and won’t dispute Jay’s facts concerning Matt Ryan, as he proved himself to be in the elite class. However, and this is just my predication, that last Super Bowl will stick in his head forever, and he will not recover.
      It wasn’t just one play that did it. When they still led 28-3 and the clock was running, Ryan was snapping the ball with 22 or 23 secondsd left on the play clock each snap. If he ran that down to 1 second, that would have added up to several less minutes for Brady to work with. That’s a leadership/strategic flaw in Ryan that has nothing to do with his arm.
      On the strip-sack-fumble with about 7 minutes left and Atlanta still comfortably ahead by 16 points, Ryan choked in several different ways. He looked left and deep the ENTIRE time, easily telegraphing the play. He never bothered to look right, not even a peek. If he peeked to his right, he woulda seen the blitzer coming. AND he woulda seen the wide open running back sitting there, awaiting a screen pass. It was 3rd and inches, and that play sealed the ball game. The coaches take some blame too for atrocious play calling, but Ryan proved he had no common sense nor leadership. He won’t recover.

      1. This is exactly why he’s not HoF…

        1. He’s definite HOF. The records are objective and overwhelming. The mistakes are just opinions and don’t reach the record books.

          Marino’s playoff INT’s never hurt him for HOF consideration.

          1. No comparison to Marino. You may end up being right but at this point his career is incomplete in my opinion. Marino didn’t even have a running game but still got it done year after year…

            1. I think Ryan and Marino are very similar.

              Marino had a running game. Tony Nathan was an excellent back!

              1. Similar??? Why bother talking to you that’s insanity. Nathan was ok but Marino never had a consistent running game and D. He also did it in a tougher passing era. Ryan has been gifted with every advantage….

                1. Very similar. Both have great stats but haven’t gotten the ultimate prize…the SB.

                  And BTW, Brady won one SB with no RB’s
                  And another one with no WR’s

                  Manning won a SB with no D

                  But keep making excuses for Marino.

                  1. You are nuts comparing Ryan to Marino. Marino is recognized as one of the best pure passers in the history of the league. He was simply on bad teams no running game and very little D.

                    Give him NE D and he wins a super bowl. Even Manning had help with James and a good D in Denver. It’s a team game QB’s can’t do it all themselves no matter how good.

          2. All QB’s throw interceptions and make mistakes. But not mental errors the way Matt Ryan did, What a sad organization…between the head coach, offensive coordinator, and All Pro quarterback, you’d think at least one of them would say “Lets be careful here, the game is ours”

            1. Most interceptions are mental mistakes…

  16. @FlyerFinFan

    Ryan and Marino both piled up meaningless stats without getting the big prize albeit Ryan still has a decent chance. You may disagree but I think Ryan is better than Marino. Time will tell.

    Again, Peyton Manning’s 1st SB he won with the Colts he had NO D! Brady won one SB with no RB’s and another with no WR’s. Marino could never get it done he kept choking on the biggest stage. But keep making excuses for him!

    1. Marino took average teams to the playoffs with no running game and limited help from the D. If he had Brady’s D he probably wins a bowl or two. The key is that Brady has always had a decent defence in his bowl wins.

      Why are you bringing in the argument with Manning sounds like deflection? Never said he wasn’t just as good or better than Manning you did. Either way Manning had a complete offence in Indy and one of the best defences in Denver.

      As per Ryan he’s also been given a complete offence and decent D. Overall very good teams in a pass happy era. Stick him on those Fins teams and we’d most likely see more of the ints and fuck ups that he showed in the bowl game…

      1. Matt Ryan had pathetic D’s until last year. And I’m bringing up P Manning as an example because he won a SB in Indiana with a horrible D. There were no excuses. Great QB’s don’t need every aspect of the game to win. They win no matter what aka Brady and Manning.

        Marino could never do that. Just sayin’.

        1. Again Manning had a complete offence with edge as RB. The D wasn’t as bad as you make it they had Freeney in his prime too.

          Marino didn’t have as much around him on offence or D yet still made the playoffs. Has Ryan made the playoffs through the years with a better overall supporting cast? Of course not….

          1. P. Manning’s D was ranked 27th and he won the SB!

  17. People always make excuses for Dan Marino not winning a title. Hogwash. He wasn’t good enough. How many Super Bowls did he get to?
    — Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly) July 12, 2015

    1. It’s a team game bro! To blame one guy is ridiculous…

      1. That was Omar not me.

        But it is a QB league!

        1. Omar is an idiot I wouldn’t take his advice on toilet paper…

  18. Matt Ryan currently ranks 21st in all-time passing yards, there are only seven active quarterbacks who have more yardage then Ryan. Tom Brady (39), Drew Brees (38), Phillip Rivers (35), Ben Roethlisberger (34),Eli Manning (36) and Carson Palmer (37) five of the six should be first ballot Hall of Famers and all are on the back end of their careers while Matt Ryan seems to be entering his prime.

    Ryan should continue to move up the charts and while it is unlikely that he will top Tom Brady or Peyton Manning’s records it is very probable he will end his career in the top five or ten passers of all-time. This alone helps Ryan’s case. Add in an MVP award and Ryan will have an airtight case as a Hall-of-Fame quarterback.

    1. All done during a pass happy era… Marino set his mark when this wasn’t the case and without a running game. You need to get a grip on reality…

      1. The reality is that Matt Ryan is a lock for the HOF barring injury!!

        1. He may get there but to say that he’s better than Marino is laughable….I guess in your mind he’s better than Montana, Manning, Brady, etc…. Why? Because the Fins should have drafted him?

          1. Clearly the Fins should’ve drafted him but there’s no way he’s better than Brady or Montana…..

            1. At least you haven’t completely lost your mind! I wouldn’t have been upset if they drafted Ryan but they had no oline and I’m sure he would have struggled in that situation. Hard for any QB….

  19. Last season, TannePukel posted a passer rating of 49.1 when under pressure, which ranked 26th of all 33 quarterbacks with at least 200 pass attempts.


  20. According to ESPN’s sports analytics team, it is more likely that the Miami Dolphins end next season as one of the five worst teams in the NFL than make the playoffs.

    Yes, according to ESPN metrics, there is an 18.5 percent chance that Miami lands one of the Top 5 picks in the 2018 draft.

    1. And espn is dead on every year. They also have a history of loving the Fins. Of course bubble teams can be in or out of the playoffs that’s parity. Either way I believe most fans can see progress the team filled most of the holes this year. Is it perfect of course not as they are still building and injuries can still derail their hopes but they are making strides which is nice to see.

      I’m sure Tanny’s stats coincide with oline injuries as he played well when they were healthy same with Ajayi. I just hope that they did enough this year personally I would have drafted another OT later on for depth.

  21. “And espn is dead on every year. They also have a history of loving the Fins”

    Why should anyone neutral love the Fins…. they’ve had one winning season in the last 8-9 years?

    1. Not saying that they have to but if you are then going to use their words as nothing but the truth then you shouldn’t be on Dolphins Truth as they are mostly biased to certain teams and cities. This site is supposed to break through the BS not rest your hat on it….

      1. Sorry, but I think they ARE NOT bias at all and clearly belong here. You may not like it that they aren’t kool aid homers like most on here but they certainly are neutral with no dog in the fight!!

  22. I must admit it appears the Fins are drafting much better than in the Ireland era not that that’s saying much. LOL.

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