Stephen Ross Continues to Kill the Dolphins

Stephen Ross’ handiwork continued to backfire today as the Buffalo Bills,…who have greatly improved over the past two years and who recently suplanted us from second place in the  AFC East…just got a whole lot better.  Rex Ryan remains in the AFC East.

Slow Joe Philbin lacks the coaching skills to catch one superior AFC East team in the standings each year (the New England Patriots).   And now Stephen Ross is asking him to overtake TWO superior teams.  Yes, the Bills have become THAT formidable overnight, and that kills me to say it.

Imagine a coach who gets angry when his team loses instead of making excuses and lies like Joe Philbin.

The Bills have a new owner in Mr. Terry Pegula.   Pegula just went out and made an incredible addition to his team:  a tough, fiesty coach with a track record of bringing his teams to championship games.

Stephen Ross, on the other hand, has been an NFL owner for much longer than Pegula, and all Ross has given us is a new logo that no one wanted and a “home” game to be played in Europe.

How can a brand new owner like Pegula be so infinitely smarter than a man who’s owned the Dolphins for years?   How can Ross’s judgment be wrong year after year after year?   The difference in judgment is absolutely astounding.  And to all Dolfans, it stings.  It hurts real bad.

It’s bad enough you didn’t get the new toy you wanted for Christmas.  But now it’s worse, because you have to face the reality that your nextdoor neighbor DID get that toy.  And you have to watch him play with it all year long.

Your dad and the neighbor’s dad are both multi-billionaires, and both could afford to buy you the things you need.  But instead, you got handed a piece of coal while the neighbor got a much better life.

It stings today, it really does.

Ross spit at us by re-hiring Philbin, and today that spit landed in our faces.

Ross has given us the unwanted gift that just keeps on giving.  Year after painful year.

We coulda had Rex Ryan coaching the Dolphins.   We shoulda had Rex Ryan coaching the Dolphins.

Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these:
‘It might have been

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  1. And now the NFL announced that the London game will begin in prime time FOR LONDON. That means the game starts at 9:30 am for you Miami folks, and an ungodly 6:30 am for us out west. Why are Goodell and Stephen Ross bending over backwards for the soccer hooligans in England, and inconveniencing millions and millions of loyal US fans?
    Ross is the worst owner is sports history.

    1. No offense, Cali, but I like that starting time.

      I was in California in September, and LOVED that the Dolphins game started at 10am! Then the west coast games started at 1:30, and the Sunday night game at 5pm – amazing.

      My point is that you can suffer through 1 early game once a year, while we still have to give up our entire afternoons and nights every week. 🙂

      Have a coffee and breakfast tailgate party!

      But yes I agree that Ross sucks as an owner.

  2. I can understand your point of view but I don’t think Rex Ryan is all that. Yes he went to 2 AFC champioships but his Mark Sanchez teams never had a chance. He will inherit about an equally talented Bills defense and a slightly better offense with Sammy Watkins. … he won’t have a stud RB and as of now Kyle Orton has retired and Manuel hasn’t proved himself. I think he just made a lateral move and will continuebto get bitch slapped by Brady & Belichek and split games with the Dolphins per usual. He would have been smart to get out of the AFC East.

    1. Rex is overrated. But he is so much better leader than Philbin

      1. Author

        Anyone who comments on this message board is a better leader than Philbin.

    2. Author

      Yeah, we dont’ think he is the next Don Shula or anything, but the way he inspires his men is unquestioned. He woulda been either a breath of fresh air for the Dolphins…or at the very least, he’d be another coach we could hate. He would either improve the Dolphins or keep us at 8-8, but he couldn’t really make things worse. No one could.
      He would add excitement and hope though, and we have neither of that now.

    3. I don’t completely agree with your assessment but here is why. Rex won those 2 years on the back of the defense. Arguably Buffalo’s Def line will be better then he ever had in NY and I think minus Revis he walks into a better defense then he ever had in NY.

      With Rex coaching the Bill no team including the Pats will play them without a fight and Miami will be lucky to beat them next year. Remember what they did to our OL this year? What type of OL will we have next year? I bet it isn’t much better and I base that off of the last 3 years of historical data! We suck!

      All Rex has to do in Buff is find a guy that can chuck the ball and they will be ready to roll.

  3. I’d take Rex over Philbin too, anyday. If anything, he has two talents:
    1. He can utilize the personnel he has truly at best, sometimes giving a run for their money to opponents even with a 4-12 team.
    2. Which is partly the cause of point 1, he knows how to fire up players to fight for him and the team. Old school kind of guy, which is what we would desperately need in Miami, instaed of being stuck with goody-goody politically correct, 8-8 at best kind of coaches.

  4. In the final game of the year, Ryan knew it was a meaningless game. He opened up his offense, faked punts, and won the game.
    Joe Philbin also faced a meaningless game, but he called for a field goal on 4th and inches. Then on 4th and one, he punted. Finally, when he was down 17 points, he decided to go for it. And failed of course.
    Rex is a superior coach.

  5. I have to disagree with your last line “…it could have been.”

    No it would have never happened for so many reasons it would take all night to write them so I will sum it up with just a few big ones.

    1 – Ross believes in Philbin

    2 – Ross thinks we lack the talent to win he doesn’t think the coaching is the issue (Maybe he thinks Def coach is an issue but were not even sure of that right now! Think about that a minute and you should be very worried)

    3 – Were an 8-8 team and there is no sense of urgency anywhere on this team.

    I would have loved to have Rex here. I was envious of the Jets when he showed up there trash talking the rest of the AFC East, hell that’s what I want out of my coach.

    Belichck does it (in a different way) – Rex has done it and we get Sparano and Philbin which is like watching C-Span at 2 in the morning.

    We are so screwed at lest we have this fourm to wollow together and spew our sorrows for the next decade.

    Hit it……….. “Miami has the Dolphins the GREATEST football team……………………………”

    1. HAHA – I love that C-SPAN reference to Sparano and Philbin! Perfect!

  6. Just sidetracking…
    Anyone remembering the televised coaches meeting during Hard Knocks 2012 where Joe basically sentenced Vontae out of the team on a “pass interference” during a meaningless pre season game? I do.
    next question is: anyone saw Vontae’s game vs The Broncos?
    Anyone recalls us to be so deep at CB’S To jettison a first round pick who might go to the Superbowl in three weeks ?

  7. and last but not least….
    the caption of Rex picture in the article is slightly off.
    Joe doesn’t make excuses or lies, he simply opens all the times saying “I think the other team played better and deserved to win”, as a spectator with no dog in the fight would. Say, an NFC team fan watching a clash of AFC rivals.
    Which is even more unacceptable. I hardly help a smirk in thinking what Mike Ditka would have thought of this…

    1. Author

      Nicola, you are right that Philbin ALWAYS says “the opponent was better and deserved to win”
      But he certainly does make excuses and lies too.
      For example, when he calls timeouts and lets the other team take a rest, Philbin says stuff like “It was the right call given the down and distance and where we were at on the field.” When he refuses to go for it on 4th-and-inches, he says, “It was the right call to try a field goal given the situation.” He tries to justify all his incorrect decisions with excuses excuses excuses. And then he lies and says that Bill Lazor will make all the offensive play calls…only to find out that Philbin over-rules Lazor because Philbin feels queasy.
      But all in all, we’re both right and we both agree that Rex’s tenacity would really whip the Dolphins into shape.

  8. This is bad news for us Dol-fans. Ryan has his bad points, but he IS one of the great defensive minds in the NFL, and now he has a team with more defensive talent than he did in New York. Meanwhile, Miami keeps one of the worst defensive coordinators in the league around, while many far more talented leaders are available. No wonder we have a 12-4 team that will remain mired at 8-8 or less. It’s really frustrating.

  9. Author

    I was not convinced that Kevin Coyle needed to go, but I am slowly starting to agree. The players seem to question Coyle’s decisions, and that is always bad news. And the more Philbin defends Coyle, the more I realize that Coyle isn’t that great. Philbin also defended Mike Sherman to the end. Philbin is simply the worst judge of talent in the league.

  10. I was disappointed to see that LeBeau wasn’t hired to replace Coyle…but then again, why would a smart guy like Lebeau want to come here anyway?

  11. Author

    LeBueau is good, but I wouldn’t want a 77-year-old coming in to give us new life. I do not doubt his credentials, but we need someone–anyone–on our coaching staff to be loud and inspiration. The emotionless teachers like Philbin and Coyle don’t get results.

  12. We had Todd Bowles as Interim HC just before the hiring of Joe, for one.
    Least he is an ex NFL veteran. He can gel with players.
    And being a defensive chess player, one to leave an OC to do his job and call the shots, without wasting defensive timeouts when opponents are running a hurry-up offense to give em time to confer on the next play and unmistakably score (while meantime we come all bizarre with some Cam Wake or OV playing man to man on a speedster back or Philip Wheeler playing CB).

  13. Here’s the kind of man Stephen Ross is: a slum lord. According to a story published today, he refuses to sell a decrepit inner-city apartment complex that HE owns to the city of Spartanburg, SC, so the city can then build a community center. He won’t sell unless they offer him a million dollars more than their current offer; which is in itself higher than the latest estimates, and seems like more than a fair market value.

    I know this is NOT Dolphins news, but a) just shows the kind of a-hole Stephen Ross is, and b) the news story popped up because it has the words “Miami Dolphins” in the title; thus dragging the team’s name through the dirt.


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