Thoughts and Notes on the Weekend’s Dolphinless Playoff Games

So the famous Dez Bryant non-catch shouldn’t be so controversial.   Everyone knows that if the ball hits the ground and bounces up, it’s an incomplete pass.  I don’t understand the argument that Cowboy fans are making.  Can someone please explain that?

The rule itself is atrocious, but it’s a rule and it was properly called.  They need to go back to the olden days…if the ball hits the ground, it’s incomplete.  Period.  You should not be allowed to use the ground as a third arm to catch a ball.

Having to maintain possession throughout the entire process is another ridiculous part of the same rule.   Let’s say a guy is wide open and standing still.  He catches the ball with both feet in bounds and no one near him.  He secures the ball and doesn’t move.  Technically, it’s not a catch yet.

Even though a wide open man caught the ball with no one around him, the rule says you must also make a football move after you catch the ball.  So he can be standing in the field motionless with the ball in his hands for  ten minutes, but if he drops the ball when he’s eventually tackled, it will be ruled incomplete. Ridiculous.

Former Dolphin and current All Pro cornerback Vontae Davis had another great game against the Broncos.  You remember Davis, right?  He’s the guy that Joe Philbin traded because Davis committed a penalty in a meaningless summertime scrimmage game.   We point this out all the time here at Dolphins Truth, and our reader Nicola recently mentioned it too.

We can’t over-emphasize the importance of talent recognition from a head coach.   Joe Philbin thought that Nolan Carroll and Jamar Taylor were better options that All-Pros Vontae Davis and Sean Smith.   We can’t make that up folks.  Joe Philbin got rid of two Pro Bowl cornerbacks when we desperately needed cornerbacks.  And yet Stephen Ross rewards him.

Bronco fans were started counting their Lombardi trophies when Peyton Manning came to town.  Now, three years later he’s getting booed off the field.  He might as well have chosen the Dolphins three years ago.

New England proves year after year how important a good solid QB is.    They give up 31 points in a HOME playoff game, and they still win.  Bill Belichick doesn’t even care about his defense.   He just plugs in whoever he has:   rookies, big fat lineman, journeyman castoffs from other teams….it doesn’t matter.  He lets Tom Brady play, and they win.   It’s a lesson Joe Philbin refuses to learn.  Just let the offense players play, and good things can happen.  When he interjects himself into games and when he wastes timeouts on defense, his offense suffers.

Carolina had a losing record and still made the playoffs.   It just shows you how luck plays into the NFL.  Carolina first got lucky because it plays in the weakest division in sports history.  Then it got lucky because the Cardinals were forced to play with a 4th-string quarterback.  But their luck ran out Saturday against the Champion Seahawks.  Although, I give Carolina credit for keeping it close for a while.

Rex Ryan is now the Bills coach.  Todd Bowles could be coaching the Jets.  Bill Belichick isn’t going anywhere.  Without doing anything, the Dolphins are suddenly weaker than they were yesterday.   Joe Philbin is by far the worst coach in this division.   He was before this weekend, and now he remains there.   And Stephen Ross allows him to remain there.




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  1. It’s comforting to know the last time the Dolphins won a Super Bowl I was ONE YEAR OLD!!!

    Was the last Dolphins playoff victory when Lamar Smith had that helluva game against the Colts? Wasn’t the Colts QB that day some guy named Jim Harbaugh?

  2. Just checked. … it was Peyton Manning

    1. Author

      We remember that game well. I think VanDerJagt missed a field goal that gave us life, and then Lamar Smith did the rest.
      After the game, Jason Taylor said something like “Lamar was so quiet and shy all year quiet in the locker room, we barely knew he was on the team.”

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