A Few Random Thoughts About the Dolphins, our Playoff Chances, and other NFL Notes

The last time the Detroit Lions scored a touchdown was the game winner against the Dolphins.   Two teams in a row held Detroit to nothing but field goals, but we couldn’t.

The Bills and the Ravens both won on Monday night, which is even more bad new for Miami.  Not a single good thing happened this weekend to give us a break.

Every game yesterday went against the Dolphins.  The teams we needed to win lost.  And the teams we needed to lose won.  It’s bizarre how that could happen, but it did.  It just goes to show you that when you need help from other teams, it rarely comes.  Yesterday it never came.

The Dolphins are currently seeded 10th in the AFC.  The top 6 make the playoffs.  So we need to overcome 4 other teams.  One of those teams will be KC or Denver, both of which hold tiebreakers over us and we won’t catch them.   That only leaves ONE available playoff spot.  Hard to imagine there are 9 teams seeded higher than us and only 6 below.

We are lumped together with also-ran teams like Jacksonville, Tennessee, and the NY Jets rather than the upper-tier teams.  And this is Miami’s own fault.

Caleb Strugis‘s onside kick was horrible.  Kicked it right to Anderson, who easily covered it.   Can’t we come up with a more creative attempt?

I’ll give Kevin Coyle credit for taking responsibility for the Broncos loss.  The D hasn’t played that bad in a long time, and I don’t expect them to play that bad again.  Especially with 4 of our next 5 games against teams with terrible offenses.

Sometimes you lose to superior teams.  Hats off to the Broncos, and let’s move on.

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  1. The only reason Denver was superior was the fact that our number two defense took a nap in the forth quarter. No idea what happened, but it was ugly, the ugliest performance I have ever witnessed by a Dolphins squad since the Monday Night meltdown http://espn.go.com/abcsports/mnf/s/greatestgames/miaminewyorkjets2000.html over a decade ago and that defense was far more talented than our current squad in my opinion.

  2. Yeah, the playoff picture looks rather bleak. For us to make it to 11-5, we have to win all of 5 our remaining games. Yet for a lot of other teams they only have to win 2-4 games to get that record.

    But as Admin said – who knows? Maybe we’ll have enough wins to get in. Assuming we actually win games; not ALMOST win games lol.

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      Houston, thanks for the test picture. I guess it works now! Nice selection.

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