Some Positive Signs and Hope for the Dolphins

Some of this site’s critics often say that we are too negative and too critical of the Dolphins.  We usually defend ourselves by saying that we merely speak the truth.  We try to leave opinions out of it.

Today, we’re here to go over some scenarios that could be very favorable to the Dolphins.  This time, our critics will say we’re being too positive, which is something we don’t hear at Dolphins Truth too much.  But here we go.

First of all, we might as well start with the bombshell that nobody else will be brave enough to state:  The Miami Dolphins can still win the AFC East.  There we said it.  We believe it.   The Phins can make it happen.

We are three games behind New England, with five to play.   The Patriots face two difficult road games coming up.  At Green Bay and then at San Diego.    They will lose at least one.  But they could lose both.

Meanwhile, Miami’s two next games are a road game against the Jets and then home vs. the Ravens.

The Jets will play tough in a prime time home game, and the crowd will be there to loudly hate the Dolphins.  But this year, the Jets don’t measure up in any facet against us.  Vick isn’t what he used to be.  Their defense is not good.  We have been playing great ball as of late, except for that blip in Denver.

Then comes the overrated Baltimore Ravens, who have built their 7-4 record mostly on an easy schedule, including easy victories over the nonexistent teams from the NFC like Carolina, Tampa Bay and Atlanta, and the perennial AFC losers like the Titans and Browns.  When the Ravens face good offenses, they lose. Period.

So it’s possible that in two weeks, we sit at 8-5 and go into New England, who could be 9-4.  And guess what?  Game of the year with first place on the line.  It could happen.  If we beat New England (I know,,,there’s a lot of IFs, but you have to admit that our scenario is possible), then we own the tiebreaker over them.  We’d both be at 9-5, and we had the tiebreaking edge.  This scenario is not impossible.

I think we might have lost our last game of the season in Denver.  The Defense is ready to be furious and take it out on the next few teams we face.  And our offense just keeps getting better and better.  This is a very realistic scenario.

As far as wild cards, I think we have a great chance here.  We examined all the teams ahead of us, and there are plenty of tough games for them all, while we have a few easier games.  Take nothing for granted, but you have to like our chances, at home, against lowly Minnesota, for example.  Compare that to the Steelers, who have the Bengals TWICE, and Kansas City, and New Orleans.  I like our chances.

It’s been a long time since I felt positive after a loss, but this Denver game might have been just what the doctor ordered.  Last year, we played poorly in the last 2 games.  This year–I have a great feeling–that all of this year’s poor games are behind us…

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  1. Seems too optimistic, but I guess it’s possible. Do you really think we’re better than all those 7-4 teams ahead of us?

  2. Several weeks before the game in Denver we unanimously counted that game as a loss period. Now a few days later we are all upset we didn’t win. Is there anybody out there that would like to argue with me about calling that progress? Sure a close loss is not the progress any of us want but progress it is. And If my memory serves me correct even D-Truth said Tannehill is the future. Hmmmmn progress?

    Stay the course my fellow Dolphin fans. Don’t be blinded by disappointment , these losses we are all upset about are different in many ways than our collapses vs KC and Buffalo. And I honestly think the altitude and cold effected our Defense as well as playing against a very angry offensive line that was taking a beating in the media.

    When a sword is forged its pounded out of steel and the more strikes the stronger and more pure it becomes. After its completion ,polishing and sharpening are needed to make it deadly. We are in the sharpening stages and an extremely close loss to Denver team that needed a lucky interception to avoid another touchdown drive by our offense is a far cry from the pounding we expected to take . This is the same team that embarrassed San Diego and as we all know should as hell right beat Detroit and Green Bay. The latter two are still wiping the sweat from their faces from those ultra slim victories. Who predicted this at the start of our season? Progress folks, progress! Now lets move on to New York and let the season and our playoff chances sort themselves out. There is no doubt left in anybody’s mind we are a real and feared team. And we just keep getting better.

    Finally D-Truth has posted something from the philosophical side of things and I cant agree more. Significant losses are sometimes more valuable than easy wins. This is a true statement and can only come from a positive point of view. Hats off to you D-Truth for making this statement which I feel cant be any more ahem ahem…truthful.
    “this Denver game might have been just what the doctor ordered”
    Yes it is and you will see the benefit in the games going forward.

    One game at a time .

  3. Love the optimism, but I just can’t get past our defense getting run over by Denver in the 4th. Playoff bound teams find a way to win close games, we just ran out of gas, not a good sign going into December. I guess we’ll just have to see how the team reacts this weekend.

    1. Fairly…our D got ran over all day long. It wasn’t like we had a shutout going until 4Q. We just got beat by a dominant offense, and we don’t have to worry about them again until the playoffs

      1. Yes it did, but we had the lead four different times in that game and the fourth quarter was a complete meltdown by our defense. Simply not excusable by a team looking to make a playoff run.

  4. I watched interviews. Some.of our players were sniffling and had some respiratory issues. Our team will never admit it but i feel the cold.and.altitude had do with our play on D. Plus Mannings ability to get the ball out in short passed causes the D to get worn out because many of those plays invlove more members for longer time. I was worried about our 2nd half.performance. Once the body settles and then re enters.that enviroment the effects are felt even more. While its not a.complete excuse for.our late game losses for.atleast the Denver game it is part of the.problem on that day. Watch the game footage how early in yhe firts quarter many of our D players were with hands on their waists. A sure sign of fatigue. Especially with our larger players whos bodies need more.oxygen to.maintain themselves.

  5. You think the Dolphins will get by the Jets and make a run for the playoffs? Well sorry to say it was the Jets that spoiled their hunt last year and will do so this year as Rex Ryan laughs at the Miami Dolphins once again Jets! Jets! Jets! Get it in your head Dolphin fans.

    1. Author

      Are the Jets still in the NFL?

      1. LOL! Tell the Truth you know Dolphin fans was on the edge but the Jets will settle the score down in Miami that is if the Ravens or Patriots do them in before the Jets makes their landing in Miami but poor Dolphin fans I’ll be rooting for ya, so the rematch will have some importance to get knock out of the playoffs and Rex Ryan will get his laugh of the Dolphins as he did last year. Here we go ???? Here we go ????

  6. Soooo @ THEJETS

    Got anything to say?

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