A new QB in the AFC East

Sam Darnold is out as Jets quarterback, in a move that was expected some time ago…but Jets’ management did a good job of playing it coy and not really revealing their plans.  Darnold has been a gift to the Dolphins, and he became as bad as Josh Allen became good.   Opposite paths for these two young men.

So the draft just got a bit clearer.  The Jets MUST select a QB now.  There was some talk of them taking a non-QB if they kept Darnold.  But that is a non-issue now.

I am against the Dolphins taking a WR with the #6 pick.  I’m even MORE against them choosing a tight end.  But if they do decide to take a WR, do you go with Ja’Marr Chase from LSU or DeVonta Smith from Alabama?

I don’t buy Tua’s familiarity with Smith as a plus.  It’s been 2 or 3 years since these guys were on the same page, under an entirely different scheme and regime.  Most (not all, but most) pundits rate Chase higher than Smith.  So unless there are some intangibles, perhaps we stick with Chase.

Also, the reason I’m against Kyle Pitts at TE is simply because Smythe and Gesicki have slowly been blossoming.  I think Tua needs some time to make Gesicki his #1 target, and that will come.  For years, we needed a couple of good tight ends, and we were teased with medicocrity (Nick O’Leary) or nothingness (Michael Egnew).  We finally developed a good TW tandem, and I wouldn’t not mess with it at all.

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  1. Check this out WR bust rate is the highest:


    I’m ok with Pitts as he can play inside or outside multi-dimensional kind of a hybrid so he can fit in anywhere. Otherwise I agree they can find a WR later. I think they may go Parsons and could have maybe traded back but now I think they’ll stick and it will be one or the other.

    Only other option may end up being Slater as he can play anywhere on the line so maybe they figure they’ll cover themselves at oline moving forward by going that way? Nothing would really shock me at this point.

    1. Author

      Thanks, FFF. That was VERY interesting reading. While I never really studied the specifics or knew that WRs were last on the retention list, it sort of ties into what I’ve been preaching. And I feel a little vindicated, LOL. It comes down to my concept that a speedy receiver with great hands is useless if his QB is running for his life and doesn’t have time to find him. I think Year 2 for our three rookie O linemen could be much better for them.

      I will NOT be upset if we take a WR at #6, as long as we grab the best available DE or LB at 18. If we draft TWO offensive guys in the first round, then I’ll be throwing things!!

      1. I think we have to trust the team as we don’t know how the oline is shaping up and if they feel that they need a top ten pick to solidify it. Most fans seem to want to give last years group a chance to grow. If anything pick someone later on.

        If they go WR/TE or Parsons then it means they like the oline which is good news. I view it as Pitts/Chase/Parsons in this scenario and one should be there but trading back is risky according to the mocks. Last one I saw had Parsons going to Detroit with Pitts/Chase picked at 5/6. I think they are positioned right in the sweet spot they will get one for sure or oline if they feel that they have no choice.

        18 is a complete wildcard they can go in multiple directions and could trade up or down if they want. This will be a blast!

  2. ADMIN, like you, I don’t have any sympathy for the Jets either. But, unlike you, I have to look at the Jets situation through another lens. To tell the truth, I was a little afraid of Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. True, Josh Allen did appear to be the better quarterback. But, I can’t put all Sam Darnold’s ills on just his lack of ability, especially with a laughing stock of a head coach like Adam Gase. Maybe in an attempt to write your article about Darnold getting traded, you forgot about Gase. Todd Boles was let go and got a SuperBowl ring. The Jets reached into the Dolphins garbage can and pulled out Gase who did nothing but make them regret their decision. Anyway, Darnold isn’t a quarterback the Dolphins have to think about anymore. As the 2021 draft gets closer, I know all us of Dolfans get more and more anxious. Can’t wait!

  3. Let’s do a Zoom meeting again for the draft admin!

    1. Author

      Yes, if anyone is interested in a zoom room, we can try to set that up. Last year, Justin invited me to a friend’s zoom draft party and it was fun. I logged in just in time to see Mr. Tua drafted. I may have to work on a project that night and only be available via chat, but I’ll know as draft day gets closer.
      Does anyone have a zoom account to create a DolphinsTruth warroom for that night?

  4. Author

    I’ve been studying Kyle Pitts more and more, and he certainly has me thinking. He’d come in cheap (as a rookie contract), and Gesicki and Smythe are still on their rookies deals. So we CAN afford 3 tight ends. It’s not a position of need, however, so that makes me pause.
    I suppose a TE like Pitts could play outside, and thus we’d be getting the receiver that all the pundits say we should get. A new receiver who can also be a beast blocker as a TE? I am intrigued…

    1. I think that’s the key with Pitts they can move him all over and he’s not a horrible blocker either. Would be better than a regular WR. Hard to game plan against that! If he’s gone I think I go Parsons and pick a WR later on if they feel the need.

      At 18 you could then pick a RB or another edge rusher. Personally I try to trade back as most of those guys would still be around and snag another pick. 2nd round fill in what’s left RB, Edge, C…etc…

      Can’t wait!

  5. I think it’s going to be incredibly interesting what they do… And for sure they already have their eye on one or maybe two players that they think will still be there or they wouldn’t have traded up to get there. Other than the Tua pick though I really never know what Grier is going to do. They invested heavily on OL in last year’s draft… Do you double down in it again? Austin Jackson wasn’t outstanding but I think he was good enough that you need to give him more time to develop and I think the same can be said for the other two rookie OL that played significant time there. So assuming that’s the case receiver is the only thing that makes sense whether that’s Pitts (albeit TE/WR hybrid), Chase, or Smith. I don’t “love” any of them at that spot for various reasons but there’s no doubt they need more weapons around Tua to properly determine if he’s really the man at QB or not. Would have LOVED Micah Parsons but I just don’t see them taking him there. They could have stayed at 12 and still had a shot at him, so it seems they have their eyes elsewhere. Assuming Parsons is gone by 18 I would be okay going offense again if it means Najee Harris. Again, surround Tua with talent and let’s see what he can really do in year two. If Harris is off the board though, I agree we need LB’s with pass rushing skills and there should be some there at that spot. Which all of course means Grier will probably take two more corners. 😂

    1. I think Detroit may take Parsons, Pitts or Chase so that’s why they jumped up there. At 12 you wouldn’t sniff any of those guys you would be looking at possibly Waddle, Smith or an early edge rusher. Then get your LB at 18 or a bit later leaving you with lesser odds of hitting.

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