Draft Day in 2 Weeks and Counting…

Not a lot of draft news or rumors circulating around…except more of the same.   Pretty much everyone thinks that WR is the Dolphins’ main need, and virtually all “experts” have us taking LSU’s Chase at #4.  As you all know, I hope we choose defense instead, but I understand the offense get use some help too.

As I’ve said, I don’t remember Tua throwing the ball to wide open WRs last year, and they all dropped the ball.  No, our WRs were fine.  Our kid QB no time to throw all season, and that was the problem.  Fitz didn’t have any time either, but veterans know how to compensate.  Tua will learn.   A rookie WR cannot help him learn pocket presence.  I won’t be angry if we select Chase, but I wouldn’t mind a big shocking, surprise pick or another trade to really liven things up.

The Deshaun Watson trade talks have all but stopped, and it’s a very troubling situation.   The facts are not in yet, but I’m tending to believe the women who have all said that Watson went too far during their massages.  That’s just my opinion based on what they’ve said so far.  The troubling part for me is that Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s case went far further than Watson’s.  Where Watson is simply being accused in civil actions, Kraft was truly arrested and booked for a crime.  Although it would be gross to see, there is a video of the incident and everything.  The evidence for Kraft is there, yet the authorities decided to drop all charges.   In Watson’s case, they are not dropping anything.   Whether it’s race or money/power or influence is unclear.  It just seems odd that everyone is piling on Watson now, before any proof is given, while Kraft and Big Ben get to move on.


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  1. This is why public opinion has leaned towards Pitts over Chase it’s easier for a young QB to get the ball to the TE than WR. Even if the two were equal the TE helps him more right now. I think if Pitts is gone I’d go Parsons but won’t be pissed if its Chase either as he looks like a solid player.

    Kraft is a dirty slime ball I won’t even get into how I really feel…unfortunately money gets you out of jail.

    1. Author

      Interesting theories about the Dolphins moving up from #6 to 4. It won’t cost a lost to move up two spots. But the gist of it is that no one knows what positions the Falcons and Cincy will draft. If they take Chase and Pitts, then we’re “stuck” with a less dynamic player. So in order to remove that mystery, we move up to 4 and take whoever we want (a safe assumption is that 1-2-3 will all be QBs).

      1. This would be stupid. At 6 they can get either Pitts or any of the 3 WR there (Chase, Smith, Waddle) or Sewell (if they chose to go with OL). Then at 18 one of the LB shoulder be there (Parsons or Owusu-Koramoah) or edge guys (Rousseau, Ojilari, Phillips etc). Then RB will be there at 18 as well. Dolphis are in great shape regardless of direction they choose.

        1. Author

          I tend to agree that it’s unwise. HOWEVER…if the Dolphins really crave Kyle Pitts, above everyone else, they need an insurance policy. You cannot assume that Atlanta is going to take a QB at 4 and then Cincy will take OT Sewell at 5. And then Pitts falls into our lap at 6. If Grier and Flores are intrigued by Pitts, then you wait and hope he comes to you at 6. But if they REALLY want him badly, you have to spend a little to ensure you get your man. ATL is a mess of a team right now and need help everywhere. I’ve never been a Matt “Regular Season” Ryan fan, and I think the new ATL management might tend to agree with me this time around.

          1. You are right, if they really want him, then they make that move. But as we both stated, very unwise with Chase out there.

  2. I’d stay put and either take Parsons and if they aren’t high on him trade back as it means QB’s slid to you. You may get another kings ransom in that scenario. I think they are in a win/win situation.

    1. Looks like the Fins are floating trade back rumors already as I thought they would do. Taunting the teams ahead and below them. If you are Atlanta you would be stupid not to see what you can get which would promote a QB pick at 4. If they don’t take advantage then QB’s slide to Miami where they can trade back if one of their guys isn’t there. We are seeing it unfold before our eyes it’s beautiful to see. Good job Grier!

    2. Author

      Funny how Parsons’ stock is so up and down. A few months ago, they had him in the top 3. Now he may fall to us at 18 LOL

      1. I will personally do a back flip (high probability of severe injury) if Parsons falls to us at 18.

        1. Author

          I’ e mentioned before that I secretly have my eye on Patrick Surtain Jr. He may possibly be around at 18. We hardly NEED another defensive back in a crowded room already, but he could make that group even more elite. We have Jones and X, and a bunch of so-so other guys. One more star to replace one of the so-so’s, and we could be a lights-out secondary.

  3. Author

    I am also leery of the Dolphins jinx when it comes to taking WRs in the first round.
    I still remember Randall Thrill Hill. Marino was elated to get an elite receiver like Hill, but then Hill decided to skip camp, held out, refused to sign his contract, and practiced half-ass after the deal was signed. Shula had to cut the bum.
    Next up was Yatil Green. First day of camp, very very first practice, he tears his ACL in a non-contact warmup! He rehabbed for a year, and came back the next year. Who remembers what happened next? Yep, he immediately blew out the same ACL !

    1. Don’t give us nightmares Admin it’s not like any of the other receivers haven’t had any injuries…Parker, Wilson, Williams, etc…the list doesn’t end. At the same time anyone can get injured so you can’t be gun shy. It wouldn’t shock me though if they went D or another position other than a pass catcher…who the hell knows.

  4. Author

    I wouldn’t mind trading up, or down. BUT…I would not do it yet. Wait until draft day and wait until Atlanta is on the clock at 4. Or, if we don’t trade up, wait until we are on the clock at 6, and see who offers what.
    If we make a move right now, other teams have a week to make their counter-moves.
    Also…and folks think I am nuts…look for the Jets to trade out of the #2 position. They will still get a decent QB later in the draft, but they could command a gigantic haul for the #2 overall pick. And if any team has a history of unexpected draft decisions, it’s the Jets !

    1. Agreed best to wait at this point as they have no idea where things will be at until Atlanta makes their move. Either their players fall to them or QB’s so they win either way.

      I’ve heard that da bears may even make a play for 6 that would be crazy. They could do that and move up to NYG with some of the loot if that happened and still get Parsons/Smith/Waddle or oline. Something to think about it that’s for sure.

      The jets are too stupid to move and I think the Fins stole their thunder trading out of 3 there are only so many teams willing to do that kind of thing. Atlanta has a better shot as it wouldn’t be that crazy of a move.

  5. If the WR jinx is real, and there is a lot of past evidence showing that, then (if he’s still available) the TE Pitts at #6 – makes the most sense. He’s actually more of a receiving threat (like a WR) than anything else.
    The pundits all agree that he is an absolute matchup nightmare for any D – and the NFL is all about getting mismatches. He’s as fast as most of the WR’s in this draft, and he had 0 drops in his senior season, and he’s already accustomed to the Florida heat.

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