A quick Non-Dolphin post about our World Series Predictions

Who do you guys like?

I’m going with Cleveland in five.   Joe Maddon is one of those managers who gets his team to the playoffs seemingly every year, but he can’t get the job done.   I liked him at first when we was up in Tampa, but he could never ever get his teams over the hump, and I don’t think it starts now. The glasses and little-league mentality were cute at first, but it got the Rays nowhere.

Terry Francona will own Maddon with savvy, strategic moves, watch and see.  And I hate the Red Sox but respect Terry’s accomplishments in Boston.   He’ll continue it in Cleveland.

Your thoughts and predictions please…?

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  1. My best friend is going for the Cubs . His favorite NFL team is the Raiders but he supports the Dolphins as his backup team. I do the same for him. Im so not a baseball fan I have no other choice to make. And to make this all sound just a tad more weird, his fav baseball team is the Whitesox, hes rooting for the Cubs b/c that’s his mother’s favorite team. So we’re both going for the cubs even though neither of us is a real fan. Gotta do something during the bye week so here goes …. something!

  2. Growing up six blocks from Wrigley Field all of my childhood makes me a homer there is no doubt about that. My Great – Great Grandparents immigrated to the USA in the early 1900’s and settled in Chicago so we’re many generations invested in the Cubs!

    It’s been a long time since Cubs fans have had this feeling and it’s hard to understand unless you have been in a sports market like Chicago, NY or LA (The only cities with two MLB rival teams) it’s hard when your cross town rivals (The Sox) are playing well and winning and your Cubs suck decade after decade after…… well your whole life and family lineage! My grandparents grew up when the Cubs were great and knew the owners of the apartment buildings across from Wrigley (Now the Bleachers) and as kids after school we would watch the games from there and away and night games we listened to Jim West and then Harry Carey on the AM radio.

    I LOVE the Cubs way more then I love the Dolphins. I have much more invested in the Cubs then the Dolphins. I’ve had so many family members who I used to watch the games with, including my older and closest brother die not being able to see this moment we all grew up dreaming about.

    So for my selfish reasons I will keep DREAMING of a Cubs win in 6 or 7.

    @Admin thank you so much for this post and letting me express myself!

    1. Author

      CONGRATS BRIAN! Now sober up !

  3. Actually Admin, I could care less who wins.

  4. I want to see Maddon lose more than the Cubbies themselves. Im a huge Pittsburgh Pirates fan and I lost all respect for him when he had Coghlan take out the Pirates second basemen breaking his knee and then had the nerve to say he thought that he was suffering from Planter Fasciitis when he had to be carried off the field.

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