Arian Foster Retires, i.e., Quits on his Team in the Middle of a Season

Arian Foster has retired.   A day after dropping a wide-open 5-yard pass with no one near him, and a week after refusing to fight for an extra yard to earn a much-needed first down, the man who refused to stand for the National Anthem has quit the team.

Obviously, this is not a major blow to the Dolphins, since Foster has contributed virtually nothing but distraction during his tenure here.   His me-first attitude contributed to Houston not wanting him any more, and I thought that was behind him.  But nope.

I suspect that Miami will bring Isaiah Peade off the practice squad now, and I also suspect a heavier workload for Damien Williams and for Kenyan Drake.   Adios, Arian.   Thanks for all the clutch plays.

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  1. I know Arian Foster never delivered for Miami but cut him some slack. For an injury prone guy who went completely undrafted, he had some good years which might not happen for people who go in the first round (Dion Jordan).
    Anyway I’m excited to see more Damien Williams who is starting to really take shape!

  2. Cut him some slack? Seriously? He came here for a paycheck because nobody else wanted hm. He’s a quitter,period. Admin is right.

  3. @Axel

    I could cut him some slack if he had figured another way to make his political point then to shove it down my throat. Of course if not for an NFL game no one would have seen what he had to say just like now…. he’s gone and no one will have to listen to him again.

  4. Miami is a better team now that he’s gone.

  5. Foster was a piece of shit. Kneeling for the National Anthem and playing like crap. Thrilled he’s gone!

  6. Author

    I didn’t his whole long-winded statement that he wrote on his social media, but I’n sure it’s the same old stuff about it “being time” to walk away.
    I wonder if Daniel Thomas will get a call. He did last until the final cuts this year, so maybe he has something left in the tank, although he wasn’t very productive here.

    1. I’ve never seen a worse RB than D Thomas. He cant make an Arena League practice squad.

  7. Foster saw his star fade and retires. Didn’t Ajayi feel the same and sulk too? But atleast AJ righted his ship and fought through the disappointment of not being named starter. Im only going by what gase has said about Foster which makes me feel this was more of a vanity retiring then an injury related one. Gase has said that even when Foster wasn’t running for chuncks he was contributing in leadership and run blocking and said he was still contributing. If that is all true then Foster just couldn’t handle playing 2nd fiddle to AJ’s rising star. I say screw him . This is so Dolphins for this to happen. What other teams have this type of shit happen. Im hapy though he did it instead of riding the pine and taking up a roster spot for the rest of the season. Now another player with a better attitude and one that is hungry will step up. Lots of praise about Peade in preseason. I say lets give him another chance or get a tightend that can stay healthy , block, and pass catch.

    1. Fins were too cheap to pay Charles Clay despite plenty of cap room.

      1. Jay if you remember Clay had injury problems when with the Phins and isn’t exactly having a breakout season so far. Yes hes good but the bills way overpaid him. Now Im going on memory here but didn’t he get a better contract than Gronk or Jimmy Graham? All we could have done is franchise tag him for one more year. That was last year BTW. He would probably have been gone for this year anyways or priced out of our cap.

        While I miss him and would love to have him back . I don’t think we could have made it happen especially with his injury history. And yes it does suck it worked out that way.

        1. Definitely a cap poison pill for an injury riddled player liked Clay but that was the right move.

          1. Injury riddled?? Not so . The guy averaged 14.5 games a year the last 6 years.

            He was a great blocker too.

            The Fins replaced him with scrubs

            1. Thats better than expected as he was always questionable. I’m guessing that he dresses but is never 100% and IMO isn’t worth that contract. The Fins got the most out of him and the bills are paying for it. I do agree that they haven’t found anyone better but does that justify overspending?

  8. I wish the Dolphins had used that roster spot on DE Greg Hardy instead of Arian Foster. I don’t care about domestic abuse claims. Now before anybody jump on me for saying that, the guy is a monster on defense and would look good in the Dolphins defense.

    1. Political nightmare not worth it thats why no one wants him.

      Fins took a shot that he had one season left and he didn’t so move onto the younger guys. Gives Drake a shot to find his way. At least he left now and didn’t sink the team any longer… missing that five yard catch I knew something was up.

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