Adam Gase can be impressive

Like many of you, we at Dolphins Truth were hesitant at first when the Dolphins hired Adam Gase.  He was not on our radar for head coach, and we definitely wanted to hire a coach with experience and a championship under his belt.

And while he’s still never coached his first game yet, we’re seeing things in him that are starting to win us over and give us a little confidence.

First of all, his youth and modern thinking could be an asset.  There was a time in the NFL when the shotgun formation was a new marvel.  When a cover-2 D or a zone blitz were innovative.  When the West Coast offense was unstoppable because no one knew how to defend it.   Joe Montana made a career out of dumping 3-yard screen passes to Roger Craig because no one but no one threw to the RBs consistently at that time.

The point is that the game evolves.  And too often (attention, Mr. Philbin), coaches with 20-30 years of experience in one method can’t catch up to what others are doing.

Gase does not have to change his ways from his old-school past to the modern game.  Because he has no old-school past to overcome.    He could be an innovator, rather than a reactor to others’ innovations.

This head coach will be running his own offense, and that is a good thing.  Gase will be calling the plays, and (apparently) Tannehill will have the chance to check off to a better play.   These aren’t major changes to some teams, but to a Dolphins team that’s had very little offensive excitement in the past decade, it could prove very beneficial.

When he gives an interview, there are subtleties in the way he talks that indicate how honest and forthcoming he is.   He will admit it when the offense stinks or when a player needs to get tougher or what specifics he wants changed.  Under our previous coaches, all we ever heard was “We have to get better” or “We will get that corrected.”

I think the players are intereacting with him in the right way.  Even more, I think they want to interact with him.  If Peyton Manning consistently sought Gase’s advice, then he must know something, right?   I can’t recall a single player in the last three years saying anything like “I didn’t understand that formation, so I went to Philbin for advice.”  But we are hearing such things about Gase.

Time will tell.   He’s accomplished zilch so far.  All we’re saying is that he is starting off on the right foot.


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  1. @Admin

    Who is “we”? Who is “our”?

    Ya mean you , yes? LOL

    1. Hey Jay! For real. Why don’t you stop the never ending heckling and dead horse beaten Tannehill comments and you know, actually contribute to the dialogue. I mean you come here a lot might as well ? I dont mean this disrespectfully but dude your comment style is as bad as your criticisms for Tannehill/Admin. And for all the humor your resilience has brought. Its starting to get old too. I honestly ask is there anything you have to offer that doesn’t digress to it being Tannehill’s fault or debating minutia with admin? And if your answer is yes then start posting it. And if the answer is no then why do you come here just to troll?

      1. Author

        Has Jay ever criticized Tannehill? Haven’t noticed. 😉

      2. @Phins Up

        I’ll stop when TannePuke is gone or proves me wrong and wins TWO playoff games(multi year). Until then I’ll continue to argue that he stinks worse than Henne did!

        So….get used to it or ……don’t read it!

        1. I respect your opinion. But for the sake of conversation can you please post something else? We already know you hate T-Hill and to be honest I respect your reasoning and share many of your beliefs there. But you are a Dolphin fan so can your posts also include some other subject matter since its a mute point to keep telling us Tannehill sux. We already know how you feel about that. I’m not saying don’t ever ever say Tannehill sucks again but can you scale it back a bit? Its very redundant and implies all of us are Tannehill homers. I think just a few articles back even Admin criticized Tannehill with pics showing he clearly missed wide open receivers. So we don’t need as much of that as you might feel. Any who enjoy the game we just scored . Daniel Thomas.

          1. Amusing….a commentator excoriating another commentator while pretending to speak for the rest of the commentators who post on this site.

            1. Yeah, that guy PhinsUp is delusional. If he wants to tell people what he wants them to say maybe he should get his own blog! LMAO!!

              1. Maybe PhinsUp is getting paid by Tannehill?…hmmmmm………….

  2. I think Gase’s personality is a better fit to the team. A head coach must know how to interact with a group of alpha males. Philbin didn’t relate well with his team and I think was a major cause of the teams lack of success. I just hope the fans won’t call for his head when games are lost this year. It will take some time for him to learn his craft.

  3. I’ve been reading comments on the DolphinsTruth for some time now and I have come to the point where I can’t take it any more and I must respond.

    “It will take some time for him to learn his craft.”


    If the Dolphins hired a head coach (Gase) who still has to “learn his craft” then this team is in trouble all over again.

    1. Yeah, there’s usually a 4-5 year learning curve for any new HC. What do you expect from a novice?

      1. If that’s the case Jay, then we might as well just salivate over the refurbishment of the stadium for the next three to four years. I mean, then, you couldn’t say Ross didn’t do SOMETHING right all these years!

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