UPDATES:–Dion Jordan not playing (yet again); Zach Vigil Mystery Continues; Chris McCain traded to Saints; Other injury notes


So the non-football injury list is a reserve list, meaning that Jordan and Vigil are not eligible to play until Week 7.    It looks like Vigil has a back injury, and Jordan has numerous injuries, including judgment, maturity, etc.    I’m not sure how the Dolphins are able to call these non-physical injuries, but it has to do with wanting to keep them on the roster without wanted to I.R. them for the entire season.   

The Dion Jordan saga continues…

Projected starters Kenny Still, DeVante Parker, and Laremy Tunsil were all injured at practice Monday, but as of now, the injuries are not considered serious.   Either that, or Adam Gase is keeping the extent of the injuries a secret.   This would have been a triple-headed devastating blow if all three were seriously injured.

In other news, Chris McCain was traded for a draft pick.   I thought this was an interesting move.   I suppose a trade is better than just cutting him, but still, it’s hard to envision what McCain did (or didn’t do) to warrant the trade.

He was an exciting player when given the chance.    He played both defensive end and linebacker.   Personally, I liked him the LB slot, where he did more damage.     Dion Jordan hasn’t even been healthy, but they’re keeping him.   I guess the Dolphins feel Dion deserves a second second chance, while loyal players like McCain are expendable.

The LB corps still needs some depth, which is another reason I was surprised at this trade.   Misi, Alonso, and Jenkins appear to be the starters.   But none of them scare an opposing offense.  If they get hurt, we’re down to guys like Spencer Paysinger, Tyler Gray,  and James Johnson, along with Mike Hull.

Zach Vigil is on the non-injury reserve list.    It’s a baffling mystery whatever’s going on with Vigil.

Speaking of the non-injury list, Dion Jordan is on it.  Again.   It’s amazing how this guy still has a job.




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  1. Well we’ll just have to wait a little longer until we see Dion Jordan 2.0. I’m on pins and needles with anticipation. I truly think he’s on this list for a psych evaluation- if he can be put on the list for such a thing. I don’t know. They keep giving him chance after chance to get it right. I’m thinking this is Ross calling the shots with him. I don’t think any coach , in his right mind, could tolerate a slug like Jordan.

  2. Author

    @Sean is right. Something has been weird with the whole Dion situation from Day One. Like the executives won’t admit they made a mistake, so they keep D around even when he can’t play. Then, after over a year of hearing him say how bad he wants to play, he gets elective surgery on his knee right before camp and “forgets” to tell the team about it.

  3. They keep TannePuke around and change all their players and coaches rather than admit their mistake too!

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