Adam Gase Continues to Tamper With Success

In listening to and reading all the reports over the past few days about the Dolphins’ loss to the lowly Buffalo Bills, the one word that keeps popping up is “inconsistent.”   As if it’s a big secret that the Dolphins play inconsistently.

Most of the time, the reporters simply point out that the Dolphins play inconsistently and point out that Miami defeated New England and Atlanta yet lost to Buffalo and Tampa.  Fine.  But what they’re missing is that the inconsistency starts and end with Adam Gase’s play calling.

  • On Monday night, when Adam Gase called a lot of bootleg plays and got Jay Cutler out of the pocket, the Dolphins had success and won.  A few days later, Adam Gase called zero bootleg plays, and the Dolphins lost.
  • Against the Patriots, Gase effectively used fake handoffs all night long to freeze the opponent.  Against Buffalo, he called one.
  • When Gase put Kenyan Drake on the outside and forced New England to cover him with a linebacker, Drake owned them.   Against the Bills, Gase didn’t use this formation.
  • In the Pats game, Gase used Jarvis Landry in motion a lot to create havoc on the defense, and Landry scored twice.  In the Bills game, Gase had Landry stand still.
  • When Kenyan Drake ran the ball nearly 50 times against Denver and New England, he got over 200 yards in each game and led the team to victories.  Against the Bills, Gase decided to run him only 16 times.

I could keep going and going and going.  It’s not rocket science.  The Dolphins have proven success when they use certain formations.   It’s a fact, and it’s been proven time after time.  But Adam Gase ignores facts.  He ignores success.  He ignores the plays that produce victories.  Instead, he tries new, unsuccessful plays that only benefit the opponent.

It’s one thing if Gase called plays for the Browns, where nothing ever works.  He would have no successful plays to study and re-use.   But we are not the Browns.  We have proven, successful plays.  But we also have a coach who refuses to use them.

If I were to say these things to Adam Gase’s face, you know he would retort with “You can’t use the same couple of plays over and over.  You have to mix it up and–”

I would interrupt him right then and there.  I would say, “No, you DON’T have to mix it up.  At least not until the defense is onto you.  THEN, and only then, do you need to try something new.”


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  1. I agree …you go back to what has worked for you before and keep doing this until the defense catches on to it …most teams do this but not Miami …Gase needs to give up his offensive coordinator job and be the coach instead of both ….during the buffalo game I seen Gase with his headset off and sitting down looking at plays on paper ,now if something happened during play that needed the red flag called gase wouldn’t be there to check it out.

    1. Author

      Good points, Larry. He thinks that a ball game is won on paper, instead of watching the action.

  2. We need to sign Radiator Taylor-it would guarantee 2 more wins for us each season.

  3. Kiffin just signed a 10 year contract at FAU. I think we can still get him as OC and simply let Gase stare at an empty clipboard and headphones that connect to nobody.Win-win.

  4. Cutler fumbled 4 times. Can’t blame Gase for that. However, you are right about everything else. We were all so excited and on a roll, wanting to see the kinds of plays that Gruden was praising last Monday. Instead, we got passes to J Thomas

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